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Interested in planning a wedding? Curious about party planning? Do special events intrigue you? Then The Celebration Advisor is the place for you! We are a community of people who enjoy sharing the ins and outs of planning a celebration. Party planners will find topics ranging from party themes to party ideas. Wedding planners will discover wedding tips including handy checklists, learn about wedding traditions and find the answers to issues of etiquette. In this party and wedding blog, we invite you to share your experiences while exploring the celebrations of others. Welcome, let's celebrate!

by Tanya Giraldo

There is nothing like a homecooked meal. From the taste of fresh ingredients to the delicious aroma that fills a home, Momma's cooking always made rainy days a little bit brighter.

But what if dinner is actually a wedding reception for 100 people? Can the essence of a homecooked meal still be achieved? With Angelfood Catering and Personal Chef Services, it can!

The Chef
Since the time she could get on a chair to reach the stove, Millie Wilson has been cooking and honing her culinary skills. She began her catering business in 1994 and it has evolved into a personalized food experience. From catering church events to cooking for busy singles, Wilson's versatility allowed her to continue creating innovative dishes while providing the touch of Sourthern hospitality.

Serving the Austin, Texas area, her love of cooking shows through her even catering and her personal chef services. Whether you need her to cater your rehearsal dinner or want to make a date night extra special, Wilson's delectable gourmet meals aren't just exquisite, they are made to your specifications.

Food For All
One of the most difficult parts of planning an event is deciding on a menu that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. From moussaka to beef and broccoli stir fry, Wilson has had formal culinary instruction from many regions (but her favorite has always been southern comfort food).

Need hors d'oeuvres for a cocktail party or a BBQ buffet for a summer wedding? No problem! How about a wedding cake? She can do that too!

Wilson's vast knowledge, attention to detail and experience makes Angelfood Catering and Personal Chef Services the answer to your catering prayers.


by Tanya Giraldo

 This week's wedding favor is in honor of the chilly wind and the turning of the leaves. Whether it's a fall wedding or you just love toasty drinks, an apple cider mix is a great favor to remind your guest of your special day.

There are plenty of ways to customize these favors. Put individual stickers on the packages with your last name and the date. You can even put them in small bags with a stick of cinnamon and a little spoon or butter cookie. When your guests curl up by the fire with their hot apple cider, they will remember the great time they had at your wedding. It's not just a wedding favor, but also a yummy treat!

Perfect for: Fall Themed Wedding, Rustic Wedding, Winter Wedding.

Check back with Wedding and Party Network for more favor ideas!

Wedding & Party Network Newsletter

by Ed Belly
by Tanya Giraldo

Whether it's a 10th birthday or a 21st birthday, you are never too old for a Star Wars themed party. Wedding and Party Network has your top tips for throwing a fun galactic bash!

Food and Drinks
Get creative with fun Star Wars puns. With Hans Rolos, Pincess Lays, and Vaderade, you can create a fun snack table that will crack lots of smiles. For the main course, make burgers with Leia's Buns or Jabba Hutt Dogs.

Here is a simple recipe for Yoda Soda:

  • Green Hawaiian Punch
  • Lime Soda
  • Lime Sorbet

For the little ones, create a Jedi training camp in your back yard. Put together an obstacle course and make each Padawan a Jedi certificate. For the older crowd, play Star Wars Bingo with any (or all) of the Star Wars movies. Really put your knowledege to the test with some Star Wars trivia.

Are your friends hardcore fans? Act out the movie instead of watching and record it. Your rendition of Star Wars Episode III could go viral!

For Adults
Have your guests choose their allegiance (Jedi or Sith) and make themed drinks for each team. Turn Star Wars bingo into a drinking game and spike the Yoda Soda.

Don't forget the cake! You can make two different flavors–chocolate for the Sith and vanilla for the Jedi.

No need to hide your love for this Sci-Fi favorite. Let your geekiness show through this fun themed party and prove to your friends that you are the ultimate Jedi master!

For more party themes, check out the Wedding and Party Network Celebrations Blog.

by Tanya Giraldo

Your Wedding Wednesday Question

My father can't walk me down the aisle, so who else do I ask?


You can choose anyone to walk you down the aisle on your big day. You can choose your mother, a sibling, or a close relative. You can even decide to go unaccompanied or walk down the aisle with your future spouse. The "giving away" of the bride is your choice and it should be someone you want by your side before you say I do!

by Tanya Giraldo

This do-it-yourself generation of brides aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. From meeting with vendors to designing the table decor, the DIY bride wants to call the shots and make their dream wedding a reality.

But some of the details can be daunting. Finding a reception area is sometimes easier than finding, for example, a cotton candy machine rental. So, is being a DIY bride really worth the effort of digging for everything you need?

It sure is when you team up with Rental Centers of America, who work with local DIY brides.

The Little Things
This Southern Missouri business specializes in equipment and party rentals of all types. Whether you need a popcorn machine to complete your carnival party or columns to achieve your romantic wedding theme, they understand that it’s the finishing touches that make your party a roaring success.

Are you putting together a candy buffet for your wedding reception, but don’t have the containers to hold the confectionary? No need to purchase glassware you’ll never use again. Rental Centers has a vast assortment of vases in an array of shapes and sizes that can be used for any decor arrangement.

Friendly and Local
Not everyone knows how to use a snow cone machine, so don’t hesitate to ask for help. This business goes above and beyond to help their customers, especially when those customers don’t know what exactly they are looking for.

Even customers that aren't in the area have had the help of this business when they needed it most. Patsy of Arkansas couldn’t find anyone to help her put together an event, until she called out of state. She had this to say about her experience:

“Thank you for helping us although you really didn't service this area. Our benefit we have scheduled would have been a disaster without you.”

With a local business like Rental Centers of America, you don’t have to look far to find what you need or a friendly hand either!

by Tanya Giraldo

When beginning to design your wedding reception, there are so many options, you may get confused as to where to start. How about starting from the basics? Wedding and Party Network has your guide to wedding reception table styles.

Rectangle/Square Tables

Short rectangular tables or square tables give the feeling of a family dinner. Square tables are quite modern and are slowly making their way to the spotlight due to their contemporary look.

Pros: Saves a lot of space, especially in a small reception area. Most linens you can find in stores are sized for these types of tables. Squares are great for guests to converse comfortably (while rectangle tables may be a little more difficult for guests sitting at opposite ends).

Cons: Corners will cause guest to bump legs under the tables and it’s better to go with minimalistic decor on these tables due to size.



Round Tables

The most popular reception table shape. Round tables allow people to interact without feeling left out.

Pros: Most tables are big enough for grand table decor. Your guests have plenty of leg room and most tables usually fit about 10-12 guests comfortably.

Cons: If you have a small reception space, multiple round tables will be difficult to fit together. So, if you end up having extra guests, it won't be easy adding another table.


Banquet Table

One long continuous rectangle table. This family style seating creates a nice, intimate family dinner feel to your wedding reception.

Pros: If a close family gathering is what you are going for, then this is the perfect setup for a small wedding. You also save on extra table linens and decor.

Cons: Some people will feel too far away from you. Depending on the size of your party, you may need to decide on served catering because buffet style would be a bit of a hassle.

Don't feel like you are tied to what everyone else has done in the past. You have endless options and you can even do a combination of all! Check back with Wedding and Party Network for more ideas and tips.


by Tanya Giraldo

As we enter autumn, we start to see hues of orange, yellow, and red arise for the season's wedding theme. Wedding and Party Network has the fall wedding inspiration to get you in the cider and pumpkin patch mood!

Your love of the fall season can show through your wedding theme. The vibrant colors of atumn allows for simple decor with a splash of color . Use pumpkins, sunflowers, and branches to bring the outdoors in your indoor wedding reception. Consider a location by a beautiful forest to use as a backdrop for pictures and even decide on a chocolate cake for your wedding cake to match the color scheme. Check back with Wedding and Party Network for more ideas and tips!

by Tanya Giraldo

The vintage style has been a wedding trend that has taken over weddings of all seasons. But what exactly is a vintage wedding and how do you put one together? Wedding and Party Network has the tips and tricks to make your wedding the vintage fantasy you have been dreaming of.

Defining Vintage
Vintage means something old-fashioned making a reappearance in the modern world–bringing back the elegance and daintiness of another era.

What's so great about this theme/style is the use of antiques with some DIY. This theme emphasizes use of thrift finds in decor and using mismatched dinnerware for the table setting.

Dressing up
Vintage is centered around bringing back the old-fashioned looks. For grooms, the use of suspenders and for brides, think lots of lace. Forego the long veils and consider a headband or a birdcage veil.

The goal is to look romantic and delicate–maybe even throwing in some wears from Grandma's wedding!

Unique and Elegant
The goal of the vintage look is to look outside the traditional decor and food to make something truly intimate. Many brides enjoy the use of pictures and old typewriters as pretty decor that tells a story rather than just look pretty.

A vintage wedding can be as simple or as extravagant as a bride wants. It takes a lot of flea marketing weekends and creativity to put together.

If you are an old soul that wants to bring a little flashback to your wedding, consider going vintage. For more ideas and tips, check back to Wedding and Party Network's Celebration Blog.



by Rachel Simpson

Want to send your guests home with a piece of that delicious wedding cake? They'll love these cake boxes as a wedding favor.

Having these moisture proof boxes are a wonderful way to say thank you to your guests once the ceremony is over. From monogrammed stickers to personalized stamps with the wedding date, there are many ways to create one-of-a-kind wedding favors for your guests.

Cake boxes can also be color coordinated  to fit your wedding theme for that special touch. So let your guests have their cake and eat it too with these cake boxes as your wedding favor.

Perfect for: Small/Intimate weddings, Unique Wedding Traditions, Personalized Wedding Favors


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