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Interested in planning a wedding? Curious about party planning? Do special events intrigue you? Then The Celebration Advisor is the place for you! We are a community of people who enjoy sharing the ins and outs of planning a celebration. Party planners will find topics ranging from party themes to party ideas. Wedding planners will discover wedding tips including handy checklists, learn about wedding traditions and find the answers to issues of etiquette. In this party and wedding blog, we invite you to share your experiences while exploring the celebrations of others. Welcome, let's celebrate!

by Karole Risker

Dum, dum, dee, dum! The big day is finally here. You've met your perfect match, the dress is lovely and the flowers couldn't be more beautiful. You think you're ready, but have you ever considered staying hydrated, that last minute pantyhose hose run, or what to do if you are short an earring back? Creating an emergency checklist can help prepare you for those small details that might otherwise get overlooked.

Small Matters
Since you are most likely not getting married at your home, you will need to transfer many oh-so-important things to the wedding and reception site(s). And since going back home, or even stopping at the nearest pharmacy isn't ideal, try to think through every possible thing you might need that day. Things like extra earring backs, clear nail polish for panty hose runs, white chalk to hide smudges on the bride's gown, static-cling spray, extra corsage pins, headache tablets, and a handheld mirror in case one isn't near, are smart things to keep in tow.

Bottled Water
Keep hydrated on this important day by taking several water bottles to the venue. Water is the perfect drink to take because if you spill it, it doesn't leave a mark, it never goes flat, and it's ok to drink at room temperature. And remember to bring straws! Once your makeup is perfect, taking even a sip can smudge and smear your lipstick and even your foundation. It's easy to find fun and colorful straws that match the bridal party, ensuring that you stay hydrated and stay perfectly made up at the same time.

Contact Details
Sure, you know your Maid of Honor's number, but what if someone other than you needs to get in touch with her? Be sure to make available a comprehensive printed list of wedding supplier's names and contact numbers (both landline and mobile) and a printed list of mobile numbers for wedding party and family members on both sides. In that way, you know that everyone can contact each other while you focus on preparing for your special day.

Keeping an emergency checklist and preparing for things in advance can make your happy day as it should be: fun, meaningful, and without any stressful worries. For more great tips, visit the Wedding and Party Blog!

by Caitlin LaFarlette

Planning a wedding can mean taking advice from friends and family, but at the end of the day you deserve to make your own choices. Wendy Duncan Ministries is the way to go if you’re looking for someone to bring you what you want!

Minister Wendy Duncan’s career as a personal development coach and motivational speaker has helped her develop into a wedding minister that is guaranteed to bring customers a unique experience. Her training and background makes her the obvious choice to officiate your ceremony.

“Plus, I love weddings!” she added.

Are you still looking for a beautiful backdrop to host your wedding day? Duncan lives in a beautiful part of Central Oregon that features breathtaking snow-capped mountains, a rock park with a gorgeous skyline at sunset, and even rushing waterfalls surrounded by lush trees.

“I think I’m unique in that I am willing to climb up to, or down to, a scenic spot to perform a ceremony,” Duncan said.

In addition to a venue in nature that you’ll always remember, Duncan can provide special ceremonies to make your wedding even more personalized! Sand, stone, wine, and love letter ceremonies are all on Duncan’s list of available services. Plus there is no need to worry about photography, managing your stress, or even learning how to get your marriage license. Duncan’s various wedding packages ensure you won’t miss a single step of your planning.

Even more amazing, you can expect Duncan to bring a complete sense of peace to your ceremony.

“Because I am professionally trained, I think on my feet and will react with professionalism and grace if something out of the ordinary happens. It is also important to me that my couples know I am non-judgmental. I honor what, if any, religious affiliation they may or may not have. I'm also very willing to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies," said Duncan.

No matter what you are looking for when saying, “I do,” to your best friend, Duncan’s ministry services can make it happen. Relax knowing you are in the hands of someone who truly cares.

by Miroslava Casiano

Bars are a great way to add character to the reception of your wedding! They make the event a fun experience for guests and are definitely a conversation starter. From cigar to cheese bars, let these ideas awaken your creative side!

Cigar Bar
A cigar bar is perfect for all the male guests in your wedding! Set up a table in an area of the venue where smoking is permitted, display a variety of cigars and let your guests enjoy! Have other accessories like matches and cigar cutters to help guests have an even more amazing experience.

Beer Bar
This is the best way to surprise your guests and the groom! The great thing about this bar is that you can experiment and brew your own beer or get it from your local area. Rustic beer bars are most common but definitely find the style that best fits the theme of your wedding.

Cheese Bar
Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like cheese? Unless you are vegan or lactose intolerant, you will definitely find this ideal for your special day! An assortment of different cheeses, crackers and meats will make the perfect bar for cheese lovers.

Wine Bar
Want to add a touch of class and elegance to your wedding reception? Wine is definitely something that never fails to make us feel fancy as we take a sip from a delicate glass cup. Whether it be red or white wine, have a variety for guests to sample at the bar. This will definitely keep guests talking even after the actual wedding!

The options and possibilities are endless! These are just a couple of ideas to get you started. Are you looking for more inspiration, need tips or want to know the trends of today? Head to our Wedding and Party Network blog, we’ve got you covered!

1. Binge Watch Your Favorite Show
After a long work week, sometimes the most fulfilling way to celebrate is a comfortable evening at home. If you and your sweetie aren't in the mood to brave the Valentine's Day crowds, plan a no-fuss evening with your favorite show. This is fun because it is a little bit of a challenge to see how many episodes you can watch in one night! If you have kids, try to get a sitter for the night so you two can stay up as late as you want. Make sure you're both dressed in your most comfy lounge-wear, order take-out or just have both of your favorite snacks set out, and turn the living room or bedroom into a cozy space for some much deserved TV and snuggle time!

2. Cooking Contest (Heart-shaped food)
This is great for the competitive types! It's also another staying-in option and can be good if you're on a tight budget. Set aside an evening to split up at the grocery store and buy ingredients you will need to cook your meals. You may each have to cook separate, or if you have a big enough kitchen to cook at the same time that would be ideal. The kicker is your food has to be heart-shaped or any variation of a Valentine's Day theme! Be creative together and see who can cook and/or bake the most unique food! Then, of course, enjoy eating your creations.

3. Be a Tourist (In your own city)
Whether you just moved to a new place or have lived in the same town your entire life, chances are there are still places you haven't explored. It may be a park, a scenic drive, certain shops or restaurants, a city museum, etc. There's always more to learn about where you live and Valentine's Day is a good time to make it a date and learn together!

Of course Valentine's Day isn't just a holiday for couples. You can do any of this with your friends, family members, and even your pets (I don't recommend letting your pet cook, though!). Let these three ideas be a guide into how you celebrate the holiday of love with those you most care about!

by Caitlin LaFarlette

Fine Dining With Scott's Downtown

An all-in-one catering and venue business is just what anybody needs for the perfect event, and Scott's Downtown Casual Dining offers that and more!

The Gainesville, GA, restaurant, open since 2007, has also now expanded into The Loft at Scott’s, a special event facility that can seat up to 500 people. The spacious room with white columns and beautifully stained hardwood floors can be transformed into the perfect venue for your wedding, company meeting or party.

Owner Scott Dixon also noted The Loft is available for presentations, rehearsal dinners, receptions and fundraisers. In addition to being the key space for your event, Dixon has created a business that keeps the customer in charge.

“We have packages suited for every type of event,” he said. “Guests may choose from our a la carte menu items and design the exact type of menu for their perfect event.”

On that menu includes his award-winning food, such as bacon-wrapped pork loin, fresh salads, shrimp scampi and vegetable lasagna. The restaurant even offers beverage services to add a nice twist to any event. Having a wedding or party at another venue? Don’t worry, Scott’s Downtown also caters!

Maybe you’re looking for somewhere to go for an after-party. Scott’s Downtown provides fine dining with a full bar and various wines from around the world. Dixon has been in the restaurant business since he was 13 and his knowledge and dedication shines through the spectacular treatment guests will experience at Scott’s Downtown.

“Guests to The Loft can expect the highest level of service and professionalism,” Dixon added.

So let the professionals take care of your dining and venue needs the next time you’re planning an event. Scott's Downtown and The Loft are sure to please!

by Laken Watts

Brunch. The most versatile meal of the day. The time can be 11:00 in the morning and last till 3:00 in the afternoon. Relaxed, formal… You name it. We’ve got a few spins on the original brunch ideas on the blog today.

Bloody Mary Brunch
Nothing says brunch like a strong Bloody Mary. Currently trending on the DIY websites are Bloody Mary Bars. The idea is instead of having one signature Bloody Mary for your brunch, you give your guests the luxury of having all kinds of toppings, seasonings, alcohol and garnishes. To see this play out, we suggest getting ideas from a few different Bloody Mary recipes and laying it all out on the table (literally) for your guests. Make sure you have your BM mix ready and prepared and let the guests do the rest! Let the BM Bar be the star of the show while you offer light and simple brunch apps to enjoy. This is a super relaxed brunch, so feel free to send e-vites through email, social media or even texts. It’s a co-ed brunch too!

Champagne Brunch
Because just yes, we all need to feel a little fancy in our lives every once and a while. Champagne brunch is reserved for those very special occasions; bridal showers, baby celebrations, etc. This one’s for the girls, so leave the guys at home in bed and really do this thing up right. I’m envisioning glitter, gold and gorgeous flowers. Use light and airy florals along with white linens to give an elegant, timeless feel. Your invites should be formal, and include guest’s attire of “Sunday Best.” Menu should include decadent items such as chocolate covered strawberries, a thick crusted quiche, and big ol’ buttery croissants. Set the tone for your guests by having a frozen champagne cocktail when they arrive and meet and greet. For the actual meal, change it up to have a simple, classic champagne. Finally, top it off with a rose’ champagne to go with those delicious strawberries. Bringing different champagne drinks to your brunch really turns this party from a regular brunch to an actual champagne brunch! Your girls will feel honored and a bit bubbly by the end of the afternoon!

Love Brunch
Since we are quickly approaching the most celebrated day for love out of the whole year, we thought we’d do a special write up on a Valentine’s Day Brunch. Now, where most any other party you would invite your friends and family to come, this one is just for your and your love bird. Enjoy this meal at home. Could be served at the dinner table or hey, why not brunch in bed? You really need to know your audience for this kind of party. What is your sweetie’s favorite breakfast items? What is their favorite drink? Try incorporating their favorite into every element of the brunch. Do they love fresh flowers? What about bacon? (Can you ever go wrong with bacon?) Cater all the features to your one and only to make them feel special, loved and celebrated this Valentine’s Day.

There you have it. Fresh takes on brunch that you can use at your upcoming parties this spring. Happy planning!

For more great ideas and tips, visit the Wedding and Party Blog!


by Tanya Giraldo

Here is an article from our friends at! Here are their tips on choosing flower crowns for your wedding!

Wedding Trends: Flower Crowns

Looking for a different kind of bridesmaid bouquet, flower girl accessory, or something a little extra floral for your wedding day outfit? Here are some trending flower crowns!

Tiny Blooms
A variety of greens, baby’s breath, and small florals matching your bouquet could make the perfect look as an alternative to a bridesmaid bouquet. Consider accents like small pinecones or even wheat for the winter look…

To read the full article click the link below! Make sure to check back with Wedding and Party Network for more great ideas and tips!

Read More

by Caitlin LaFarlette

The art of natural beauty

Every bride wants to look stunning on her wedding day and makeup artist Candee Caldwell uses her artistry and skill to bring out the natural beauty of her clients.

Forget about doing your own makeup for your wedding and risking the possibility of streaking mascara or melting foundation. Caldwell has more than 20 years of makeup artistry under her belt and was nominated as the second best makeup artist in the world! She will ensure you look gorgeous throughout the entire day of your wedding.

Even for big life events such as prom, Caldwell is there to assist. Or maybe your needs are more directed for print or television. Caldwell has worked on multiple photo shoots and films to provide her naturally beautiful applications.

That experience with film and print is what makes Caldwell the perfect choice for your makeup needs. She can provide full coverage makeup that will last all day and show up magnificently in photos, forever capturing your beauty.

Although there is ease in having your makeup done by somebody else, sometimes it’s exciting to learn new application techniques to try yourself. Caldwell is also available for makeup tutorials and can show you how to perfectly apply blush, create dazzling eyeshadow looks and find that just-right shade of lipstick. Learning from such a skilled artist is sure to take your makeup finesse to the next level!

Take some of the work out of your next and let Caldwell transform your look into one that is sure to turn heads. Working with a world-recognized makeup artist, what do you have to lose?


by Hannah Jackson

Possibly one of the most beautiful things you can do when planning  your wedding is to plan a gift for your parents. They have seen you through every stage of life, and it is important to recognize that on your wedding day. Here are three really special ways to say, "Thank you" to the parents of the bride/groom.

1. "For My Mother" Book
Consider this the grown-up version of the baby book your mom probably put together for you. Your mom (and dad!) will be feeling so many emotions on the day you get married, and it may be a little hard on them. Show them you care about everything they have done for you by filling in titles like "my first memory with you" and "my favorite lesson you have taught me." Your parents will love being able to sit down with this book after an emotional day and remember how much they still mean to you.

2. Oak Tree
You are starting a new phase of life, and you will grow in so many ways. Gifting your parents with a baby oak tree that they can plant and watch grow into a mighty oak is a really cool symbol of this growth. It also symbolizes how your parents provided for you and gave you the resources you needed to grow in life. They can plant it somewhere special and always be reminded of your special day.

3. Bridal/Groom Portrait with Message
This idea is just precious. By thinking a little bit ahead of time, you can incorporate your parent gift into your bridal/groom portrait session. If you're a groom and not really getting a set of portraits done like most brides do, you can still have one taken specifically for this. Get dressed up in exactly what you will be wearing on your wedding day and have a sign made for you to hold in the picture. It can be a small, framed chalkboard with words such as, "Forever your little girl" or "Always your little boy." Your parents will cherish this for the rest of their lives.

All of these ideas are great ways to show your parents some love on your special day. After all, it will be a special day for them too!

by Caitlin LaFarlette

Say goodbye to the earthy, rustic shades of 2015 and usher in a soft new era with Pantone's 2016 colors of the year: Rose Quartz and Serenity.

The first ever blend of hues offers exciting new ways to incorporate a variety of color palettes into your wedding day.

Take your walk down the aisle with a breathtaking bouquet sporting the cheery, yet delicate, pink of Rose Quartz. Perhaps a bundle of light-colored roses, daisies or tulips will adorn your hands, speckled with a blue lavender of Serenity in the way of jewels or ribbons.

If using Serenity as your main color choice, hydrangeas, periwinkles or agapanthus are all silky smooth choices that will bring a sense of peace over your wedding party and take away any stress.

Soft muted colors may not be your thing, but Rose Quartz and Serenity can still work for you! Take a walk down the wild side with metallic versions of these two colors and watch your centerpieces, banners and even invitations pop with shine.

Imagine a sparkling glass vase with a gleaming Rose Quarts ribbon tied around the top and Serenity-inspired flowers inside. And if you want an extremely unique yet gorgeous centerpiece, place an actual rose quartz on each table and wow your guests!

The perfect balance of contrast and blending of Pantone's 2016 color combination allows for a spark of creativity when it comes down to your accessories. Create an ombre effect with your bridesmaid dresses, flowing peacefully from Rose Quartz for your Maid of Honor to the relaxing blue of Serenity. Or place some color onto your own white dress, perhaps with a tulle underlay or a ribbon.

Still looking for "something blue?" Pantone has you covered with Serenity. Incorporate it by sewing your wedding date onto your dress, painting the bottoms of your heels or donning a pair of gemstone earrings.

The possibilities are endless with the combination of Rose Quartz and Serenity, so take a deep breath and fall back into the peacefulness these colors are sure to give you on your wedding day!