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Interested in planning a wedding? Curious about party planning? Do special events intrigue you? Then The Celebration Advisor is the place for you! We are a community of people who enjoy sharing the ins and outs of planning a celebration. Party planners will find topics ranging from party themes to party ideas. Wedding planners will discover wedding tips including handy checklists, learn about wedding traditions and find the answers to issues of etiquette. In this party and wedding blog, we invite you to share your experiences while exploring the celebrations of others. Welcome, let's celebrate!

by Hannah Jackson

Halloween can sneak up on you. So if you're finding yourself anxious about how to throw together some fun for this Halloween, these ideas will be just what you need.

Trick-Or-Treating With A Twist

Instead of going door-to-door, plan to meet at a friend's house who lives in a busy neighborhood and set up tables in the front yard with candy for trick-or-treaters to stop by and grab. This is a good way to get more immersed into the whole atmosphere of the evening. Your kids will get to watch all of the costumes go by and you can pick your favorites.

Scary Movie Night

With scary movies on TV around this time of year, get together and watch some with your friends or as a party for your kids. Think candy corn and popcorn. This is a good way to celebrate if you and others you know aren't wanting to go trick-or-treating.

Homemade Halloween Costume Contest

Don't want to shell out big bucks on a costume that will only be worn once? Make it a party! Plan a night where you invite not only your kids' friends, but their parents as well, and make costumes. The only rule being that you cannot buy anything. Have them bring supplies from around their house like toilet paper, cardboard boxes, lampshades, duct tape, etc. Have some gummy worms and witch's brew (punch)  and get creative with your costume building and see who comes up with the best creation! First, second, and third place winners get prizes such as cash, a Halloween movie, gift card, etc.

Baking Treats With Your Kids

This is classic and fun. You can make it your only plan for the day by researching which treats you want to make, taking your kids with you to get any ingredients you may need, and coming back home to bake together. Some fun ideas I've seen are rice crispy treats shaped into pumpkins, white chocolate dipped pretzel sticks decorated as ghosts, and witches hats made of cookies and chocolate kisses. These can be treats you serve at any party this season!

Halloween is quickly approaching, and these ideas for celebrating are quick fixes for a last minute party. Choose one or experience them all and have a Happy Halloween!

by Tanya Giraldo

Your Wedding Wednesday Question

Should I plan my budget for wedding guest no shows?


It's never a good idea to plan for less than the amount of invitations sent out. Budget around the full guest list. Yes, it's not guaranteed that everyone on your list will come to the wedding, but what if they do? Be prepared and never invite more than your budget. A surplus of food and drinks is better than not having enough for all your guests.

by Tanya Giraldo


This week's wedding party favor is a bit on the sweet side! Whether you have a candy buffet or have a delicious treat in mind you want all your guests to enjoy, Wedding and Party Network has the perfect tips to make this wedding favor a guest favorite.

If you have a candy buffet, then make the candy container special. Mason jars, drawstring bags or little gift boxes can be given to your guests to fill up and take home. Use printed labels or personalized stamps to brand each favor as a reminder of your special day. Don't have a candy buffet? No problem! Fill the containers with the candy and place them on each plate. Make sure to incorporate you wedding theme or colors with the candy choice and add each name to the container (this can serve as the assigned seating name card).

Perfect for: Any Wedding Theme or Style

Check back with Wedding and Party Network for more favor ideas!


A gorgeous and well-crafted bouquet can be a magical addition to an already fairy tale day. And no decor has the versatility to help you realize your vision quite as well as beautifully designed flowers. There's no question that your florist has a large role in your wedding day. Don't you want the best available?

If you're in the Northampton, PA area, you want Bob's Flower Shop!

Timeless Beauty

Flowers have been used as wedding decoration for as long as there have been weddings, and a talented florist can make the venue of your choice the most beautiful location you've ever seen. Floral accents, magnificent centerpieces and maybe even a delicate floral crown for the bride and bridesmaids, when it comes to the designs you'd like to see, your imagination is truly the limit!

And there's no question that Bob's has the talent as they have been given the honorable distinction of being named Business of the Year. But the team at Bob's knows that happy customers don't come from talent alone. That's why they commit themselves to top-notch customer service as well!

Personal Service

When you meet with the design team, it's their job to take your dreams and turn them into reality. Have a favorite color or flower you'd like to use? They believe the flowers in your hand should express your personality as much as the dress you wear down the aisle. That means they take the time to listen to your desires and wants. These men and women work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get exactly what you want, exactly how you want it.

And it's not just weddings! Bob's is a full-service florist and will meet all your floral needs.

So if you're in or around Northampton and are looking for a florist to decorate your wedding the right way, contact Bob's Flower Shop!



by Ed Belly

Veteran's Day is a time to remember all of those who have served or are serving in the armed forces. The best way to honor those currently serving is to put together a care package and send it to a location overseas where they can't get many of the locally available items they love.

With a little pre-planning you can invite friends, have a great time and provide a much needed morale boost to the men and women defending our freedom. So what do you do?

Where Your Packages Should Go

For safety reasons, it's not possible to send a care package to "any soldier". You'll have to have a specific soldier in mind. But don't fret if you don't personally know of any. You have options! The best choice would be to ask friends and family if they know of anyone serving overseas. That will allow you to make the items more personalized to his or her individual tastes.

However, if there is no one in your circle of friends with a ready name, you can always contact the closest military base to find out the best way to reach troops in need. They will happily give you all the information you need.

What You Should Send

Different kinds of food are always in demand. Of course, everything needs to be non-perishable so canned goods or dried foods such as beef jerky are very popular. If you send canned goods, make sure they are pop-tops. Most soldiers won't have access to a can opener. Before sending any items that need to be cooked, find out what methods for cooking your soldier can access and keep your items limited to that.

They also love spices, hot sauces or anything else to give those MRE's a little more flavor. Be wary of chocolate as it can melt and be a sticky mess when it arrives.

For entertainment purposes, sports magazines, movies, cards, handheld games and board games are perfect. Another highly sought after item would be batteries, double A's and D's being the most in need.

Free Boxes

The post office now offers free boxes that are 12x12x5. You can pack them as heavy as you like, and regardless of weight they will ship for $6!

Throw Your Party

Now comes the easy part, throw the party!

Invite friends and family to your home this Veteran's Day. Ask each of them to bring items on the list, and you can spend an afternoon packing free post office boxes, eating party food and enjoying time together as you prepare care packages that will mean so much to the soldiers you have chosen.

It's not only fun, it's the perfect way to spend the holiday!

by Tanya Giraldo

While the weather is getting cooler, you are getting closer to your Spring Wedding. Your checklist is getting filled up, so Wedding and Party Network has the inspiration you need to get ready to narrow down your to-do list!

This Inspirational Friday focuses on the soft hues of Spring Weddings. Spring tends to inspire pastels, but also consider small pops of colors like coral and fuchsia. Incorporate greens in your floral decor as well! Don't hesitate to use a bit of rustic charm to give the transition-into-spring effect. For more ideas, check back with Wedding and Party Network!

by Tanya Giraldo

You plan and wait so long for your wedding day, but when the day finally arrives, it is over in a blink of an eye.

Booking a wedding photographer is essential in order to preserve the memories of your special day and you want someone you can count on to capture the moments you want to keep forever.

Monica Martin Photographer has not only the talent to produce the photos that will help you remember this day for the rest of your life, but experience as well.

Capturing Moments
Martin has been putting memories to film professionally since 1988. Her study in film photography, digital photography and post processing has enhanced her talent to an award winning level.

A certified professional photographer, Martin photographs weddings, senior photos, family photos, commercial and business photos whether on location or in her very own studio in Northern Alabama.

From weddings to newborn pictures, Martin has continued to surprise customers with her ability to capture the little moments that many might miss.


Restoring Memories
Another talent that Marting has is her ability to restore old photographs to their original, if not better, form.

Surprise grandma with a restored photo of her wedding day or even have her tackle an old baby photo you hold dear.

Whether it's revitalizing a faded picture or taking care of the photography for your wedding, Monica Martin Photographer catches those moments you would like to hold forever.



by Tanya Giraldo

Your Wedding Wednesday Question

Do I have to have formal invitations to my rehearsal dinner or is it rude to give my guests a call?


The rehearsal dinner can be as formal or as casual as you would like. Ultimately you want to have a quick run through with your wedding party, your parents, and other relatives that will be walking during the ceremony, so that everyone knows their cues. As far as the dinner part, that is up to you! If you are having a small gathering at home or at a restaurant with only those in the wedding, go ahead and just give them a call. However, if you are wanting to invite more than a few people or plan on inviting some guests that are traveling to your wedding, you may want to send them some invites ahead of time (store bought invites will do).

by Tanya Giraldo

A wedding favor can reflect a theme as well as the couple's personality. This week Wedding and Party Network has the wedding favor that perfectly describes tea lovers and antique connoisseurs.

If you are looking for that delicate, vintage look for your wedding, then vintage mismatched teacups will make the perfect wedding favors. Have your guests pick out their favorite one, use them for drinks during the festivities, and take them home as reminders of your special day. You can also have them holding your guests place tag and even a treat (like some macaroons or rock candy). These wedding favors will add to the the decor of your wedding and make beautiful party favors.

Perfect for: Spring Weddings, Vintage Weddings, Garden Party Theme, Tea Party Theme

Check back with Wedding and Party Network for more favor ideas!


Are you heading to Destin, FL to tie the knot with your beloved? Congratulations, and well done on making an excellent destination choice. Beach weddings always make for beautiful memories, especially when you have the right people helping you put it together. Surfside Brides has a team of wedding specialists ready to help you plan and execute the perfect beach wedding!

A Day to Remember

Your wedding day is one that you will remember for the rest of your life. Shouldn't it be as perfect as possible? Owner Patti Terjak and the rest of the team at Surfside think so, and they have decades of experience doing what it takes to make a bride's fondest dreams a reality. They will do everything in their power to ensure that your special day is fun, free of stress and deeply romantic. And they will help you every step of the way!

They will help you plan the ceremony, they can provide a professional photographer and they can even refer you to a wonderful reception specialist. They even handle the marriage license!

Pick A Package

If you know exactly what you want, that's great! Just let them know, and they'll help you to make it happen. But if you don't, (and really, how many of us do?) you can put together your own package from the Ala Carte menu or choose from one of the ready-made packages already optimized for price and wedding perfection!

The packages are tiered so that you can get the options you want at a price you can afford.

  • Sweet Love – provides you with an experienced officiate, professional photographer, the Blessing Shells ceremony and the Sand Ceremony.
  • Sweet Blessings – in addition to everything in the Sweet Love package, also includes a simply gorgeous beach set-up.
  • Sweet Forever – You get it all, including a full beach setup that will take your breath away!

A beach wedding means the warm rays of the sun on your face, the gentle caress of a salty breeze in your hair and the soft tickle of sand between your toes. Come to Destin and let the team at Surfside Brides give you the wedding you've always wanted!

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