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Interested in planning a wedding? Curious about party planning? Do special events intrigue you? Then The Celebration Advisor is the place for you! We are a community of people who enjoy sharing the ins and outs of planning a celebration. Party planners will find topics ranging from party themes to party ideas. Wedding planners will discover wedding tips including handy checklists, learn about wedding traditions and find the answers to issues of etiquette. In this party and wedding blog, we invite you to share your experiences while exploring the celebrations of others. Welcome, let's celebrate!

Are you heading to Destin, FL to tie the knot with your beloved? Congratulations, and well done on making an excellent destination choice. Beach weddings always make for beautiful memories, especially when you have the right people helping you put it together. Surfside Brides has a team of wedding specialists ready to help you plan and execute the perfect beach wedding!

A Day to Remember

Your wedding day is one that you will remember for the rest of your life. Shouldn't it be as perfect as possible? Owner Patti Terjak and the rest of the team at Surfside think so, and they have decades of experience doing what it takes to make a bride's fondest dreams a reality. They will do everything in their power to ensure that your special day is fun, free of stress and deeply romantic. And they will help you every step of the way!

They will help you plan the ceremony, they can provide a professional photographer and they can even refer you to a wonderful reception specialist. They even handle the marriage license!

Pick A Package

If you know exactly what you want, that's great! Just let them know, and they'll help you to make it happen. But if you don't, (and really, how many of us do?) you can put together your own package from the Ala Carte menu or choose from one of the ready-made packages already optimized for price and wedding perfection!

The packages are tiered so that you can get the options you want at a price you can afford.

  • Sweet Love – provides you with an experienced officiate, professional photographer, the Blessing Shells ceremony and the Sand Ceremony.
  • Sweet Blessings – in addition to everything in the Sweet Love package, also includes a simply gorgeous beach set-up.
  • Sweet Forever – You get it all, including a full beach setup that will take your breath away!

A beach wedding means the warm rays of the sun on your face, the gentle caress of a salty breeze in your hair and the soft tickle of sand between your toes. Come to Destin and let the team at Surfside Brides give you the wedding you've always wanted!

by Tanya Giraldo

November isn't far away, so it is time to start planning your Thanksgiving dinner or fall party! This season is all about bringing the rustic beauty of fall nature indoors. Wedding and Party Network has the top party decor trends so you can make your party or dinner a huge success.


Decorating your Thanksgiving table with fruit can serve multiple purposes than just looking pretty. The deep purples of grapes and orange-reds of apples look beautiful on an un-served dinner plate and also serve as a delicious appetizer. Make a little cone out of construction paper, fill with cheese cubes, and set next to the grapes to give your guests a variety of appetizer options.

Pumpkins are a staple for fall, but don't think your stoop is the only place to put your big pumpkins. Make a big pumpkin your table centerpiece by adding flowers or drilling holes into it to hold fruit kabobs. You can even use pumpkins without stems to hold plates on the buffet table for a unique twist.

Leaves are a staple for fall, so use them in your decor too! Fill a vase with silk fall leaves or spread them around your dinner table. You can even make your own garland! Using glue and glitter, cover the leaves, let dry, and hang up using satin ribbon. It will give the feel of falling leaves and add a little sparkle to your decor.

Pinecones  give a woodsy, rustic feel to any home decoration and also offers a  little hint of the coming holiday–Christmas. Fill apothecary vases with pinecones or place around a simple candle arrangement to make it more homey. Use small pinecones in your table decor by using them as placement card holders.

This decoration doesn't just look good, but smells good too! Cinnamon gives off the rustic look of wood and trees, but serve a dual purpose by giving off its spicy aroma. Place them on fabric napkins and tie with a satin ribbon. You can also decorate your drink station with cinnamon in case your guests would like to add a stick in their tea for extra flavor.

This Thanksgiving, get as creative as you would like with anything you can find in your yard. Pair your decorations with the rustic feel of pinecones, leaves, and pumpkins.  Check back with Wedding and Party Network for more party ideas and tips.

When deciding with your photographer the most important pictures of your special day, there is one photo that you don't want to miss. This Inspirational Friday from Wedding and Party Network has the top photo ideas for your photographing your wedding bands and engagement ring with a creative twist.

The photo of your rings doesn't have to be plain. Make it really special by adding another element to the picture. Put them on your bouquet, your new spouse's tie, in the guest book or even on the toes of your baby. These small details make this photo beautiful and mean so much more. Check back with Wedding and Party Network for more wedding ideas and tips.

by Ed Belly

Your wedding day should be a day of wonder and magic, but achieving that goal relies on many different factors. One of the biggies is the need to have the right venue, but how do you know? What if there is a venue you have yet to visit that would be better? Another big question involves which limo company you want to use. Which is the best?

The measure of any service company is the service they provide, and now Carriage House Charters and Limousines of Indianapolis, IN is offering you an amazing one to help you answer both of these big questions, the wedding tour!

The Tour with A Theme

So what exactly is a Carriage House wedding tour? It's a wonderful, fun-filled journey through a select number of venues where you get to travel in the comfort and luxury of a Carriage House limo and are guaranteed the opportunity to speak with representatives of the venue as well as vendors of all types. You'll get to tour the venues you most want to see, ask all the questions you want to ask and then be escorted back into the limo to be chauffeured to your next venue!

Even better, the tours are done with a theme in mind. This is so you get to see the types of venues you're interested in without having to worry about visiting any your not. They are conducting one on October 19th 2014 with a barn theme, touring barn venues in the Indianapolis area. And if a barn wedding isn't your thing, they'll be doing more in the near future, each with a different theme!

Getting to Know You

Another brilliant aspect of this tour is that it will give these venues and Carriage House a chance to get to know you, what you like, what you want and what you don't. And even more important, you'll have the opportunity to get to know them as well. How better to determine if you want to use the venue and limo service for your wedding? You'll also have a great chance to get to know other brides with interests similar to yours. You can compare notes, get ideas and make new friends!

Picking a venue and choosing a limo service isn't always easy. That's why Carriage House Charters and Limousines is offering you this opportunity to preview both!

by Tanya Giraldo

Your Wedding Wednesday Question

Do I have to have a seating arrangement for my reception or can I just tell my guests to sit wherever?


It is up to you whether you want an assigned seating arrangement for your wedding reception. A seating chart keeps things organized, especially if your guests made dinner choices ahead of time. Keep in mind, a lot of families don't see each other often, so they like to sit together and catch up. On the other hand, free seating gives the opportunity to mingle and for your families to get to know each other. There are pros and cons to both options, so just study your families and determine what would be a best fit. Do keep in mind those who do not get along–in those situations, a seating arrangement keeps the peace.

by Tanya Giraldo

Sometimes choosing a favor your guests can enjoy during your wedding as well as at home is the way to go. This week's wedding favor from Wedding and Party Network can really pop!

Whether you have a popcorn bar or would like to send your guests home with some kernels, popcorn is an inexpensive and yummy treat. Personalize little jars for the kernels or burlap bags for a rustic popcorn favor. This delicious wedding favor is inexpensive and will remind your guests of the unique time they had on your special day.

Perfect for: Summer Weddings, Fall Weddings, Rustic Theme, Carnival Theme

Check back with Wedding and Party Network for more favor ideas!


by Tanya Giraldo

Pat and Steve Padgett started their business with just a CD player, a few CDs, and two speakers. Twenty years later, their business has grown into a professional DJ service that strives to keep the party going with as much personalization as possible.

This married duo has taken Jacksonville, North Carolina by storm, but Loonetoonz DJ Service does much more than your usual DJ.

The Padgetts can play the best jams and emcee your event to your specifications, but did you know they can also officiate your wedding, direct your day of, greet your guests, and more?

Their wedding package goes further than getting your party started. From the beginning consultation to the last call, they work with you and make sure all your needs are met.

They put together your wedding ceremony and even take over during your reception so you can focus on what's really important: making memories with your new spouse.

All About You
Personalizing your event is what they do best and when it comes to the music, the Padgetts have from the latest radio tunes to the greatest hits.

However, they don’t just show up to your event with their own playlist. That is why they set up an appointment with you so that you can decide on your favorite style, your reception event schedule, and your “Do Not Play” list.

From the music to the speeches, every bit of your party is executed to your specifications. This is what a customer had to say about their experience:

“Pat has that special ability to read a crowd and know what they want to hear. They are really a full-service operation. They can plan out the event, officiate the wedding, and play the music as well. Who could ask for more?”

Whether you’re having a big party or an intimate wedding, have Loonetoonz take care of the little things so you can party all night long.

Wedding & Party Network Newsletter

by Kelly Curtis
by Tanya Giraldo

A Quinceañera, the Hispanic equivalent of the American Sweet 16, is the day young girls dream of. It is the day they turn 15 and get to wear a gorgeous ball gown and have best friends join them for a party to remember.

But what exactly is a quinceañera and what does it entail?

A quinceañera is a celebration that marks the transition of a young girl into womanhood. This coming of age celebration is seen in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Central America, and South America and ranges in traditions and ceremonies. There are too many variations to count, but here are the basics of this big occasion:


The Planning
Like a wedding, the quinceañera–the birthday girl–decides the type of party she would like. Does she want a lavish, wedding-esque party or would she prefer a vacation with friends? Ultimately, parents and family members help make a young girl’s dreams come true on this important day.

If she chooses a party, then there are a couple of things she must decide on. She chooses a color scheme, her “court,” and events. She also decides, with her parents, on the guest list, the food, if there will be a religious ceremony, the party favors, the decorations, and so on.

The best way to describe it is a princess’ wedding to herself.

The Details
Since this event is very family oriented, the quinceañera’s parents and godparents play a major role, but her friends get to join in on the fun as well.

A quinceañera’s court consists of chambelanes (like groomsmen) and damas (like bridesmaids). They are usually made up of close friends, siblings, and cousins. They are used to introduce the quinceañera to the guests. She also chooses a chambelan de honor or escort of honor who serves as her “date”– usually a boyfriend or brother.

To continue the princess theme, the birthday girl chooses a dress in her colors with a matching tiara.


The Party
The celebration begins at the church where the quinceañera receives a blessing that will follow her through her transition into adulthood. She then goes with her court to take pictures while the guests head to the party venue for the meal.

When she arrives at the venue, her court enters and begins to dance, showing off their outfits. She is then escorted by her chambelan de honor and dances with her chambelanes. A toast is given by her parents, with words of wisdom and usually tears all around.

She then shares a special moment with her father. A common cinderella-style tradition is of a father changing his daughter’s flats into heels to signify her transformation into a young lady.

They have a father-daughter dance and then she dances with family members.

Like a Sweet 16, a Quinceañera employs many traditions to make a young girl’s birthday very special. The party may not last very long, but the memories will last a lifetime.

by Tanya Giraldo

Your Wedding Wednesday Question

When do my fiancé and I need to get our marriage license?


It really depends on your wedding date and where you are getting married. It varies from state to state, so do some research or call up the city clerk's office. A good rule of thumb is about two or three weeks before the wedding, but start researching once you set a date just so you can plan for the expiration policy. Don't forget to ask how much it costs and whether your state requires a blood test (some states still do).

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