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Interested in planning a wedding? Curious about party planning? Do special events intrigue you? Then The Celebration Advisor is the place for you! We are a community of people who enjoy sharing the ins and outs of planning a celebration. Party planners will find topics ranging from party themes to party ideas. Wedding planners will discover wedding tips including handy checklists, learn about wedding traditions and find the answers to issues of etiquette. In this party and wedding blog, we invite you to share your experiences while exploring the celebrations of others. Welcome, let's celebrate!

Your Wedding Wednesday Question

Do we really need inner envelopes for our wedding invitations?


There is a purpose for inner envelopes. The inner envelope lets your guests know exactly who is invited. For example, your outer envelope might just be addressed to Mr. & Mrs John Doe but the inner envelope may include the child's name to let them know they're invited as well. These aren't absolutely necessary but people still use them.

by Shelbi Raysor

Fall weddings are coming quickly around the corner. If you are planning one, you are gathering your unique ideas to host a cozy detailed wedding and reception that will leave your guests in awe. This fall, strive for the coziness of fire and candlelight, cream and natural colors, and basins filled with your favorite drinks to create your dream wedding.

During fall, season leaves are starting to change into their vibrant last color before winter and the air is left with a cooling breeze. It’s the perfect season to show off our perfect natural landscape, which can play beautifully into weddings.

For outdoor weddings:

  • Use what the world has given us. Use the trees for backgrounds, old bridges as your aisle or even your own land with an ivy over grown arbor.
  • Play off the natural colors with neutral colors that only highlight the outdoor surroundings.
  • Use barrels down the aisle filled with your favorite flower to add a dramatic/rustic look to your wedding.
  • Continue the reception outside; the guests will not want to go indoors trust me, unless the weather doesn't want to corporate.
  • If it’s chillier than normal, offer blankets, shawls or fire pits for the ceremony and reception.

For indoor weddings:

First off, I am in the same boat with you girls. I am having an indoor wedding in the winter (different season I know), but who says you can’t recreate the outdoors inside? So, my first pointer is to…

  • Recreate the outdoors with trees, plants, fall leaves, and more.
  • Make chandeliers out of twigs, leaves and candles (battery operated for safety).
  • Use gingham on anything you can find. Ok, maybe a little rash, but gingham in your wedding colors is a perfect fall look.
  • Look for venues that have a cozy feel, that being a fire place, a place for a fire pit or a smaller vintage room.

Whatever you decide to do for your upcoming fall wedding send us your pictures at We would love to feature you on our blog!

Wedding & Party Network Newsletter

by Kelly Curtis


Volume 5 Issue 4
In This Issue
- Host an Outdoor Spring Dinner Party
- Unique Easter Egg Decorating Ideas
- Let's Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

Hosting an Outdoor Spring Dinner Party
Celebrate the warmer weather by throwing a  party outdoors! Read More »
Unique Easter Egg Decorating Ideas
Easter is the perfect time to use your family time and have something planned for the kids, as well as the adults to enjoy. Read More »

Let's Celebrate Cinco De Mayo
Cinco De Mayo is almost upon us! What party plans are you making for the holiday? Read More »

5 Great Spring Party Ideas

You are ready for spring. Winter has totally outstayed its welcome and you want to usher in mild weather, the joys of nature and lighter clothing as soon. There is no better way to send winter packing than by hosting a Spring Party! Here are a few ideas that will make for warmer brighter days ahead:

  1. English Garden – Perfect for those loving classic themes and the tradition of an English tea time.
  2. Paris in the Spring – They say there is nothing like springtime in Paris. So bring a little Parisian magic and elegance to your party!
  3. Rain, Rain, Go Away – Hark back to the joy rain could bring as a kid with bright yellow galoshes, raincoats and big umbrellas.
  4. Beautiful Butterfly – Who doesn't love nature's most breath-taking insect?
  5. Spring Fever – So what if you wouldn't be caught dead with your house decked out in pastels? Not a problem! Go bright – go bold – with a theme that stomps the dull gray of winter into the ground and kicks you right in the mouth with smile.

No matter who is at your spring party, know that they will have a blast ushering in the new season with you.

We want to hear about your weddings and parties! Share them with us!

Creating Daily Beauty with Hobby Hill Florist
Flowers are an important element of any special occasion. They are the primary decorating option for weddings and receptions and immediately upgrade any party to a classy affair. Read more about Hobby Hill Florist
Make It Forever with Michael Anderson Photography
When your wedding day arrives, you will look stunning in that gorgeous dress which you so painstakingly chose from among its peers. Read More about Michael Anderson Photography
Find Beauty at Candle Lit Way Wedding Chapel
No decision has more influence on the outcome of your wedding day than the venue you choose. Read More about Candle Lit Way Wedding Chapel

Spring Fruit Arrangement

Spring Candy Buffet

Fruit Display

Spring Flowers

Happy Easter Arrangement

Mini Pound Cakes

For more vendors in your area, visit Wedding And Party Network for all of your wedding and party planning needs!

by Ed Belly

Cinco De Mayo is almost upon us! What party plans are you making for the holiday?

Holiday Origins

For those who don't know, Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for the 5th of May. The holiday actually began in Mexico after the Battle of Puebla, where French forces invaded Mexico and were defeated (albeit briefly) by a much smaller and less well-equipped Mexican army. The victory was so unexpected and so impressive that the May 5th, 1862 became a date to celebrate. Over the years, it has lost traction in Mexico and is mostly only truly celebrated in the town of Puebla itself. Other parts of the country may recognize the date, but festivals and parades are things of the past. Even so, the holiday lives on in America as a day to celebrate and honor Mexican heritage.

An American Celebration

But, wait. If this is a Mexican holiday, why is it celebrated in America? That question has a lot of different theories surrounding it, but no solid answers. The most popular theories are:

  1. When the holiday first began, it was a huge deal in Mexico. As more and more people immigrated to America, they brought the love of the holiday with them. Although the holiday's popularity waned in Mexico over time, the tradition stayed strong in America.
  2. The French invasion happened during a point in the American Civil War when the South and General Robert E. Lee were enjoying some degree of success. People surmise that Napoleon III's plan was to take Mexico and use it as a staging area to support the South and remove the Northern blockades around the Gulf of Mexico. The Battle of Puebla was a victory that stood as a symbol of France's inability to enact their plan. If France had been successful, the fate of the U.S. could have been very different.

The truth is, there is no definitive reason. Whyever it happened, the holiday caught on and now it's as much a part of American culture as St. Patrick's Day.

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Today in most Mexican-American communities, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican heritage, ethnic consciousness and community solidarity. But like St. Patrick's Day, it's been taken up by those who have no connection to the heritage of its origins at all. For everyone else, it's a fun reason to sit around with friends, eat Mexican food and drink Mexican beer. And isn't that what any good holiday does? Actually transcend its Continue reading "Let's Celebrate Cinco de Mayo!" »

Your Wedding Wednesday Question

Am I supposed to bring a gift to an engagement party?


Traditionally, gifts aren't necessary at an engagement party unless it displays where the couple is registered at on the invitation. If it doesn't, and you don't want to show up empty handed, consider getting something small like champagne flutes or a serving dish.

I have been blogging for Wedding and Party Network for 7 months now and it is finally time for me to start blogging about my real life occurrences. I am engaged! I have rewritten this article 7 times and I am finally just going to lay it out there. First off, this blog is going to be a little about us. You can’t really fall completely in love with someone’s proposal until you know a little about them, right? Well, here is a little more about us in our cute little selfie bios!

Age: 23
Birthday: April 30
School: University of Tennessee Dental School
Hobbies: Running, Xbox, eating Mexican food, studying (dental school), playing with his little cousin Clayton, lake adventures and pretending to be a professional soccer player.

Age: 20
Birthday: March 1
School: Arkansas State University
Hobbies: Watching black and white movies, Netflix or Law and Order with my roommates, shopping, blogging, being outside to do ANYTHING during the summer, loving on any and all animals and planning my life on Pinterest.

How did we meet?

I’ll keep the story short. We met at Arkansas State University my freshman year and his senior year. We rode together on our way to a small bonfire somewhere out, well in the middle of nowhere. Hopping into a vehicle filled with my friends, my beaming smile quickly turned awkward when I realized I had to sit by a guy much older, and much cuter than I predicted. Never have I been awkward, but I admit I probably confused the poor guy.

When we got to the bonfire, our group split up in two ways and Jordan and I veered away from each other until the end of the night. Again, I hopped back into the truck to find Jordan in the same seat now greeting me with a bright smile. I couldn’t help but laugh! Jordan must have thought I hated him. As we rode home, we exchanged some smiles, awkward dance moves and a laugh or two.

The next night I got a message from Jordan asking if he could save me a “seat” in his friend’s truck on the way to the bonfire again. I took him up on the offer and left at the very end of a Miranda Lambert concert and sprinted all the way over to the KA house (Insert time to laugh at the thought of me sprinting in tight jeans, cowboy boots and a brown blazer) just in time to grab a seat by my new friend.

The ride there, bonfire and the ride home, we were glued to each other. Mainly laughing and getting to know one another, but when our ride dropped us off we weren’t tired yet. We quickly hopped into Jordan’s truck and drove all the way to his hometown and family farm for a grand tour. Returning home Continue reading "When You Know, You Know – My Unforgettable Proposal" »

by Kelly Curtis

Here at Wedding and Party Network we want to give you inspiration for your wedding and party details. The details are what sets your wedding and party apart from anyone else. The colors, theme, detailing and style all creates your wedding day style and conveys your party theme. So, today's Inspirational Friday will focus on tuxedos.

What the guy wears is just as important as what the girls plan to wear. You can still make sure it goes with the theme of the wedding, but he can put his own style twist on it at well.

No decision has more influence on the outcome of your wedding day than the venue you choose. This is because a well-run venue will solve most of your wedding day problems before they ever have a chance to rear their ugly heads. There's no substitute for quality staff who can anticipate potential issues and nip them in the bud.

And yet, as any previous bride will tell you, the real deciding factor has to be the venue itself. Your wedding day should be full of wonder and magic, and that requires a magical location. If you're in the Dallas Center, Iowa area, you should visit the Candle Lit Way Wedding Chapel. Once you've seen its classic beauty, and met the wonderful staff, you'll know you've found the right place.

The Location of Your Dreams

There are few places as beautiful as Candle Lit Way. This Dallas Center treasure belongs on a postcard with it's high, soaring steeple rising above the well-manicured grounds and gorgeous stained glass windows providing a splash of color against the vintage white exterior. You'll be further entranced by the breathtakingly magnificent gardens filled with flowers and stately sentinels, perfect for a wedding ceremony or even a proposal.

And the interior is just as impressive! The elegant wood floors are polished to a mirror shine while classic crown molding adorns the walls and antique furnishings are spread throughout. The bride's room is not only luxurious and comfortable but also has impressive hand-painted accents embellish the top of the walls and ceiling.

Perfect for All Occasions

Candle Lit Way specializes in weddings, but they are available for any event. The reception area can hold up to 60 people so it is perfect for birthdays, corporate functions or any other party, and our chapel is the perfect location for Baptisms. If you prefer an outside event, our gardens make the perfect backdrop for any function.

Their staff is dedicated to making your event go as smoothly as possible while ensuring that you and your guests are well taken care of.

If you are looking for an amazing location to hold your wedding or event, contact Candle Lit Way Wedding Chapel!

Your Wedding Wednesday Question

Is it acceptable to email thank you notes?


Honestly, this is up to you. However, hand written notes are still pretty traditional when sending thank you notes. It has more meaning than just sending an email. Hope this helps, but make your own judgement call.

by Shelbi Raysor

Every girl dreams of their wedding day as a little girl or at least I can say I can. Though I don’t remember a lot of my hopes and dreams of my wedding day when I was 6, I do know I was a bride for 4 years in a row for Halloween. It takes talent to rock it that long folks. Which shows you that I have always been most obsessed with the dress.

Dress shopping is coming up and it will be here before I know it. I've been taking it in these past few months to look at what exactly I wanted to look like as I walked down the aisle. After planning my date for January 3rd, changing it to this summer and changing it back to 3rd again, I feel as if I now have some sense that my wedding is DEFINITELY going to be a winter wedding.

However, winter weddings can be tricky! Do I wear sleeves, lace, satin or stones? Do I wear my hair up with a dramatic neckline or back? After all of these questions rang in my head, I called my bridal shop and asked them a few questions. Here is the information I got back:

  1. You never know what will look best on you until you try it on
  2. It’s your wedding dress go out of the box
  3. State your budget and stick to it to avoid dress regret
  4. Don’t choose a dress on what you want your body to look like a year from now
  5. Keep your options open
  6. But don’t be too casual and open
  7. Don’t bring any more than 4 family members or friends
  8. It will be the dress of your dreams, because it’s YOUR dress.

I will be updating you on my adventure as I go from wedding dress-less to wedding dress rich! Or you can say broke, because I will be broke too… Whatever fits better!

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