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Interested in planning a wedding? Curious about party planning? Do special events intrigue you? Then The Celebration Advisor is the place for you! We are a community of people who enjoy sharing the ins and outs of planning a celebration. Party planners will find topics ranging from party themes to party ideas. Wedding planners will discover wedding tips including handy checklists, learn about wedding traditions and find the answers to issues of etiquette. In this party and wedding blog, we invite you to share your experiences while exploring the celebrations of others. Welcome, let's celebrate!

by Tilda Helgesson

We at Wedding and Party Network have looked around to find some inspiration for winter weddings. Here's our list of what we found.

Gold and Silver.

Use these colors separately or even together. They both add elegance to your wedding. Incorporate these colors in your bridesmaids dresses or the wedding cake. It adds a frosty feeling if you use silver or a warmth if you use gold.

Winter Colors

Green and white are the colors of winter. You can use a lot of pines (and pine cones) in the decorations for your silverware, table runners, on the chairs or just simply use them as decor at food stations. You will already use white in the dress and table linens but there are so many other ways you can implement white in the shape of snowflakes or just normal snow looking details. These are not the only colors. Green and white go great with pale pastels and complete the look, especially in a bouquet!

It’s All About Comfort

Comfort food has become a big hit when it comes to weddings. Serve comfort food as a late night snack for your guests. Also, serve comfort food as part of the actual meal in the shape of fancy mac and cheese and biscuits and gravy. To make it more fun, make your favorite comfort food in mini versions. Imagine small cheeseburgers or some cookies and milk. It’s going to be a favorite all around.

With A Scent Of Winter

During Christmas time you can always smell cinnamon and other lovely spices coming from the kitchen. Why not invite these scents and flavors to your wedding? And don't forget about the smell of pines from the Christmas tree.


We hope that this has given you some new ideas for planning your wedding this winter. Check back for more inspiration and ideas from Wedding and Party Network.

by Tanya Giraldo

As we get closer to the chilly time of the year, we wanted to offer some favor ideas for those having weddings in the colder months. Here are three cozy favor idea!


Help your guests enjoy your winter wedding by offering them cozy mittens as favors! Every time they use them during the winter season, they will be reminded of your special day!

Hot Cocoa Kit

Looking for a delicious holiday treat as  reception favor? Perhaps a take home hot cocoa kit! This works very well, especially if you have a hot cocoa bar at your reception!


Having a very small holiday shindig? A pretty scarf in the colors of your wedding puts the perfect en to your winter wedding!

For more great ideas and tips, visit The Wedding and Party Network Blog!

Wedding & Party Network Newsletter

by Tanya Giraldo

Halloween is right around the corner and if any holiday calls for a creatively fun celebration, it's this one! Here are five ideas to get into the spooky spirit!

For The Kiddos:

Spooky Forest
Create a playful forest in your living room for a cool nature-inspired party. Spray paint branches and hang paper bats from the ceiling to spook-ify your home. Make the food forest theme as well with funny puns!

For the Adults:

Glittering Gala
Bring the glam to your next adult Halloween party! Spray paint pumpkins in hues of metallic gold or sparkly silver and use accents of black lace and feathers. Serve up sophisticated appetizers and a spooky, bubbly drink!

To read the rest of the Halloween Party Themes, check out our article 5 Halloween Party Themes.


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by Murray Watts

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Whether you need a fully customized floral arrangement for that wedding or corporate event, a sentimental arrangement for a lost loved one, or a single rose for a special someone, Alma Blooms can provide for your every need! Be sure to find their 24-hour online store to see just how beautiful their flowers are!

by Tilda Helgesson

Your Wedding Wednesday Question

How long after the wedding is it appropriate to send a thank-you note?


It is always best to try to send the thank you card as soon as possible after the wedding, but the deadline for sending them is three months. Keep in mind that making an informal thank you on social media, email or your wedding website does not make up for a handwritten note.

A way to get the cards out faster is for the bride and groom, now husband and wife, to write the cards together and then signing each one. If it is taking longer than expected to get the cards to your guests, you can send an email thanking your guests and also tell them that they will be receiving a card in the mail soon.

We hope this answered your question!

If you have more wedding questions, send them to:

Every Wednesday we will post answers to your biggest wedding questions.

by Tanya Giraldo

Throwing a party this month? Planning a big Halloween shindig? Here are some easy ideas to decorate your home for the big event!

A classic decor item can really stand out with a twist! Grab some small pumpkins from your local grocery store and paint the bottom half of them with metallic paint. You can also paint designs like polka dots or stripes to give them different looks. Spread them out throughout your home to keep the theme of the season in every room.

Candy Corn
Fill jars with candy corn and display them on coffee tables, book cases, and counters. The natural pop of color will add to your decor and you'll have candy readily available throughout your space.

Painted Letters
Make a big statement with painted letters. Grab wooden letters from your local craft store and paint them with the colors of the season. Spell out words like "Eek" or "Boo" and make them a focal point on your dining room table or on top of your fireplace.

It doesn't take much to make your holiday decor really stand out! With these simple tricks, your home will be ready for your October party! Check back with the Wedding and Party Blog for more great ideas!

Are you planning a Halloween party? Stuck on party favors? We have some ideas on party favors that can make your party a spooktacular event!

For The Kiddos:

Painted Pumpkins
Hold a painted pumpkin contest with the kids. Have them decorate a small pumpkin and offer treats for the most creative. At the end of the night, they can take their pumpkin home and have it displayed for the rest of fall!

For the Adults:

Pick Your Potion
Give your grown-up guests a little bit of bubbly fun. Fill glass bottles with a nice cocktail mix and make them look like potions. This will make the perfect souvenir from a Halloween party to remember!

Halloween is almost here, so don't get behind on your planning! Check back with the Wedding and Party Blog for more great ideas and tips!

by Tilda Helgesson

Having trouble deciding what flowers to use at your reception? Here are some great examples of different type of arrangements.


You can use flowers at your reception in more ways than just centerpiece decorations. You can decorate the chairs, do flower table runners, or have tall beautiful arrangements that give room to see your table mates faces. You can even have arrangements above the bride and groom's seats. And don’t forget to use beautiful colors!

Check back for more inspiration and ideas from Wedding and Party Network.

Katrina Baecht has an amazing job. She spends her days hearing about couples' love stories and planning an important part of their special wedding day. As an ordained officiant of Spoken Hearts Ceremony, Baecht loves to connect with her customers. Whether it's a wedding or a vow renewal ceremony, Baecht's main focus is the couple, who they are and what is their story.

Fairy Tale Ceremony
What many couples don't realize, Baecht says, is how important the ceremony of a wedding really is. They usually think it's the boring part they have to do before the real fun begins, but what her customers realize after meeting with her is that it can end up being the most important and most meaningful part of their special day.

When she meets with couples, Baecht says she helps them figure out what is most important to them. They talk about their view of marriage, their view of love and transform that into the ceremony of their dreams

Express Yourself
This Austin, TX wedding officant is a huge believer in expressing one's self, especially in the ceremony.

"If there is something in particular a couple really wants to express, there is a way to do it!"

Baecht encountered a couple whose wedding is set for Halloween and they really wanted to bring the history of Halloween into the wedding ceremony. After some brainstorming, Baecht and the couple figured out a creative way to bring love into the spooky tale of Halloween by talking about finding the person behind the mask.

Every couple has a story and to Baecht, a true story of love is a perfect story. If you are looking for a truly meaningful experience and to create the ceremony of your dreams, Katrina Baecht of Spoken Hearts Ceremony is only a phone call away.

by Tilda Helgesson

Your Wedding Wednesday Question

If I know someone can’t attend the wedding, do I still send them a wedding invitation?


No, you should not send an invitation if you know beforehand that they can’t make it, since an invitation to a wedding comes with the assumption of having to get the bride and groom a wedding gift. It would almost be rude for people to think that they have to give a wedding gift if they can’t attend. If it is a close friend or family member that are unable to attend, you should send an invite along with a note inside explaining it’s for them to keep.

We hope this answered your question!

If you have more wedding questions, send them to:

Every Wednesday we will post answers to your biggest wedding questions.