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Interested in planning a wedding? Curious about party planning? Do special events intrigue you? Then The Celebration Advisor is the place for you! We are a community of people who enjoy sharing the ins and outs of planning a celebration. Party planners will find topics ranging from party themes to party ideas. Wedding planners will discover wedding tips including handy checklists, learn about wedding traditions and find the answers to issues of etiquette. In this party and wedding blog, we invite you to share your experiences while exploring the celebrations of others. Welcome, let's celebrate!

Cakes come in all shapes and sizes, but now they are also adorned with many embellishments. A popular decoration seen this season are fresh flowers and is the theme of Wedding and Party Network's Inspirational Friday.

Consider incorporating your wedding flowers with the decorations of your wedding cake to complete your wedding's overall look. Add a couple of buds and petals to make a simple, romantic cake or make a statement piece by adding many blooms. Check back for more inspiration and ideas from Wedding and Party Network.

Finding the right person to help set the tone for your big day is an important part of wedding planning. From outfitting your bridal party with bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres to decorating the ceremony and reception space, it’s a given that these are probably the most flowers you’ve ever purchased at one time.

To ensure all of these blooms are gorgeous and within your price range, picking the right florist for your wedding is crucial. With the help of Phillip’s Flowers & Gifts, they’ll be able to bring your wedding vision to fruition with every detail.

Located in the La Grange, IL. area, they’re a family-owned, full-service floral business with 10 award-winning locations that offers elegant floral arrangements for both wedding and special occasions.

Find Your Perfect Wedding Flowers

And these flower professionals know that choosing wedding flowers can be a tough decision. With so many different options available year-round, it can be difficult to decide which are best for your big day. With Phillip’s Flowers & Gifts at your side, you’ll be blown away by what stunning floral arrangements they can come up with based on your theme, vision, and expectations!

This florist understands that communication and trust are important when it comes to your wedding flowers. They want to make your big day absolutely breathtaking, from the stylish boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen to the elegant centerpieces and decorations that will dazzle your guests at the reception. Phillip’s aims to please the bride and groom based on their requests for color, style, shape, and price range.

Add Flair to Your Next Event

If you’re not planning your big day just yet, Phillip’s Flowers & Gifts also provides extravagant flower arrangements for events and special occasions too. By sharing your thoughts, ideas, and wishes, this florist will be happy to design and create breathtaking centerpieces and decorations fit for you and your event or special occasion.

When you want a florist that will understand your wants and needs, Phillip’s Flowers & Gifts will go above and beyond to appease their clients. So relax and leave it up to their amazing talents to create gorgeous wedding or event flower arrangements for you and your guests to enjoy!

by Tanya Giraldo

Your Wedding Wednesday Question

Is it rude to ask my guests to leave their kids at home?


It isn't rude at all if you inform your guests ahead of  time so they can prepare for a babysitter. You may need to verbally explain your wishes to some guests as well. Be mindful of family and friends who won't be able to attend. Be firm, yet understanding. Don't offer any exceptions to avoid being hypocritical.

by Hannah Jackson

Recently I got to celebrate my son's first birthday. Being just one-year-old, he's not quite able to voice preferred theme ideas for his party, so we went with something pretty universal and characteristic for a warmer-weather birthday bash. We picked baseball, and I'm so glad that we did. More specifically, we stayed in the red and white category and utilized everything from borrowed baseballs to old Coca-Cola glass bottles. It was fun, and I want to share how we pulled it off!

Make it a Joint Affair

Probably the best decision I made when planning this party was to combine it with some friends of ours whose little boy was born three days after ours. To share all the details that come with trying to pull off a halfway decent party is so nice. It was my friend's idea, and as soon as she suggested it I was sold. We were able to split costs on food and decorations, PLUS we could use both of our connections to borrow a lot of things that ended up being staples at the party–like our tables, centerpieces, and most importantly our venue!

Be Flexible

When rain pulled the plug on our initial plans of having it on a baseball field, we used a local high school field house (for free!) that ended up being the most ideal location possible. It was indoor, but still roomy enough for kids to run around and be crazy for a little while. My favorite thing about it, other than the intense sporty feel of the place, was that it was a perfect indoor playing ground for the kids. Having it indoors brought to mind how chaotic the party may have been on a huge baseball field. The kids were more contained, yet were in a location where they didn't feel contained. When I was dreaming up this party I envisioned a baseball diamond, but having to re-think it provided us with more insight on how to improve the flow of the party.

Choose Two Colors

We decided to stick with red and white for almost everything we contributed to the party's visual. Even the food was mostly red and white. It made it pop and actually made it easier to shop for essentials. I had a few clear vases that I filled with red candies to add a little flair to the food table. We borrowed baseballs from friends that we sat around as decoration. We had only a few long tables that we placed around benches for seating and they had red (disposable!!!) tablecloths on them.

The Coca-Cola bottles I mentioned were borrowed as well and were clear with red and white writing on them. We used them as one of the table centerpieces filled with white daisies. Not EVERYTHING was red or white, but for the most part we tried to stick with those colors so that the baseball theme would really stand out. You can choose the colors of your favorite baseball team, as well!

The Food

Our party was right after lunch, so we just provided snacks. Like I mentioned, we scattered clear vases with red candy in them around the food table. That was easy decoration, plus, it was another food option for our guests.

Any party's biggest food contribution is always the cake. We decided on cupcakes after looking online and finding a cute and easy way to ice cupcakes so that they looked like baseballs. We iced the top layer with white and then used red icing for the baseball stitches. It was super easy, just a little time-consuming.

We devoted an entire afternoon to our cupcakes. Our party was fairly small, so we ended up making about 50 cupcakes and we probably could have used more. I recommend coming up with a rough estimate of people you are expecting and doubling that number when you're deciding how many cupcakes to prepare. You can always let people take some home.

Instead of making individual cakes for the birthday boys to eat, we made two oversized cupcakes iced like baseballs. Neither one of us owned an oversized cupcake pan (I don't know anyone who does) so we improvised Continue reading "Batter Up – Baseball Themed First Birthday" »

Are the kids hanging their heads in anticipation of their first day back at school? Cure the end-of-summer blues with a festive back to school party! After all, what better way to celebrate a new year at school than reuniting with friends and family? This last summer hurrah will lift your child’s spirits as the countdown continues. Here are some creative ways to throw a party that will make the grade:

Offer School-Themed Snacks

To fuel the school spirit, offer snacks that your little ones typically munch on after-school! From the classic “ants on a log” to quirky apple “cars,” these healthy snacks are sure to keep your students coming back for seconds. To add a fun touch, purchase some styrofoam lunch trays so kids can sample their snacks on trays similar to those the cafeteria uses!

Unsure how to recreate these snacks? Here’s how you can do it!

Apple “Cars”
Ingredients: apples, firm grapes, toothpicks

  1. Slice the apple into wedges and trim the core.
  2. For each apple “car”, slice 2 grapes in half widthwise.
  3. Push the pick through the sliced side of one grape half, then through one end of the apple, then finish with the other grape half, sliced side out.
  4. Repeat with the other end of the apple “car” and 2 more grape slices, and voila!

“Ants on a Log”
Ingredients: celery, peanut butter, raisins

  1. Cut the celery stalks in half.
  2. Spread peanut butter inside of the celery.
  3. Arrange raisins on top, and presto!

Play School-Themed Party Games

School-themed entertainment is another great way to garner excitement for the coming school year. Your guests will appreciate these fun party games as a little friendly competition before school arrives.

School Supply Scavenger Hunt – Before your guests arrive, arrange various school supply items such as pencils, erasers, and composition books throughout the backyard and/or room. Come up with a few clever clues that describe the location of these supplies. When the star students arrive, surprise them with this creative scavenger hunt!

Lunchtime Blind Taste Test – Have the kids name that snack in a fun and entertaining blind taste test! Blindfold each participant and have them name the snack that they’re sampling. Have them sample foods such as raisins, Oreos, an apple slice, and pretzels. The “student” with the most correct guesses by the end of the game wins a prize!

Use Back to School “Survival Kit” as Party Favors

What a better way to send your party attendees home than with a useful party favor! Create a back to school “survival kit” out of a pencil bag or a brown paper bag. Stuff Continue reading "Cure End-of-Summer Blues with a Back to School Party" »

When it comes to wedding receptions and events, you want your tables to pop–which usually means you need a great centerpiece! Traditional flowers have gone out the window when it comes to modern table decoration. Wedding and Party Network have your inspirational board for some very unique table centerpieces.

Use green flowers and plants along with vibrant flowers. Add a rustic theme with succulents and logs or use branches to create a small tree. Use vases with minimalistic decoration and incorporate beautiful vegetables, like small white pumpkins for a fall wedding. Don't hesitate to make a candle or two you main centerpiece. Whatever you decide on, it will be unique and perfect for your event. Check back with Wedding and Party Network for more tips and inspiration.

by Tanya Giraldo

Your Wedding Wednesday Question

Is it okay to ask for cash instead of usual wedding gifts?


In this day and age, it is still considered bad form to request money as a gift preference. However, guest would be more willing to gift cash if they know what it is going towards. For example, if you would like the money to go to a dream honeymoon or for a new home, indicate that you would be grateful for their help to achieve your goal.

by Tanya Giraldo

There are so many things to consider when planning your wedding. With everything from the food to the venue, it’s easy to get lost in the minute details, but don’t forget to book the ride to your happily ever after!

Nashville Car Service is a reliable transportation business that will get you to the ceremony on time and keep you worry free on your exciting day. Their chauffeurs hold safety in high regard when going from point A to point B.

Stop stressing about where to park or catching a cab. Cruise to your Nashville, Tennessee destination in luxury and comfort with Nashville Car Service.

Events In Style

No more tight carpooling, fiddling with a map, or maneuvering through a parking lot. When you enter any one of these stylish vehicles, you know you are in great hands. Their leather interiors and tinted windows let you enjoy the ride in privacy. Choose a sedan for a two-person ride to a gala or an SUV that takes six to a wedding.

Throwing a bachelorette party? Make an impression with a variety of limousines to choose from. Have a fantastic girls night out in a Hummer or Escalade limo, bar compartment included. Need a VIP service during your time in Nashville? Feel at ease that all your requests will be fulfilled by knowledgeable drivers.

Catch Your Flight

Much better than taking a taxi, they pick you up promptly on your time. Be greeted by courteous drivers ready to help you with your luggage. Enjoy a stress-free drive and let our drivers take you directly to the airport or any other destination.

No need to worry about traffic, directions, or parking. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy all Nashville Car Service has to offer.

by Kelly Curtis

Tips for Hosting a Gender Reveal Party

Gender reveal parties are definitely still going strong. The parents-to-be want to gather their closest friends and family members to share this special time in their life and find out the gender together. It's a special moment to be shared. However, are you unsure on how to exactly plan a gender reveal? Wedding and Party Network has a few tips on hosting this fun party.

Pick a Theme - The first thing to do is pick a theme. There are so many out there like, "Beaus or Bows", "What's It Going to Bee", "Team Pink or Team Blue" or "Lil Man or Lil Miss". Pick one that best suits the couple.

Party Details - Once you have a theme, you can focus on your party details. What type of decorations will you have? Will food be served and how will it match the theme? These are questions you need to ask yourself. You can easily stick with the pink and blue color scheme or you can add fun details to your party depending on the theme.

The BIG Reveal - The most important thing is how will you do the big reveal? You can release balloons, pop balloons to release the gender colored confetti, use silly string, cut cake to reveal the colored cake inside or maybe watch the ultrasound together. Just make sure to entrust someone who will not tell the gender and to find a reveal that fits you.

Start planning your gender reveal party and it is sure to be a big success just by following these simple rules.

by Tanya Giraldo

One of the first things to decide on when beginning your wedding planning is choosing your colors. For this Inspirational Friday, Wedding and Party Network has the trending color of this season: mint.

The color mint became a popular wedding color within the past year due to its seasonal versatility. Usually paired with white, the color carries a direct link to the popular Tiffany & Co. shopping bags. Mint can be used as little accents, like candy,  or it can be used in your reception linens and as bridesmaid dresses. Consider the color mint for your wedding color. Check Back with Wedding and Party Network for more wedding ideas.

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