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Introducing Wedding Stories – an accumulation of real wedding stories. Draw inspiration, ideas or laughter from these wedding stories or share your wedding story.

by Tilda Helgesson

The Beginning
Wil and I met on the track team at Arkansas State University. With the prettiest brown eyes and kindness like no one else, I liked him from the start. Before we started dating I remember that he asked me to come along on a John Mayer concert two months before it even took place. I, not trying to get my hopes up, assumed we were just going as friends. When the concert came around we had been on dates and not soon after that concert we were dating. Now we’ve been together for almost 2.5 years and we’ve had a lot of fun along the way.

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by Rachel Brantley

The Beginning
Jack and I met at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, AR. He was dateless for his Sigma Chi formal sophomore year. I was a freshmen looking for a date and I was in the right place at the right time.

One night when we were sitting in my friend Ashley’s room and there was a knock on her door. I answered it and one of Jack’s friends was standing in the hallway with a card that read, “Come to the hallway.” I walked down the hallway to see Jack standing with a large bouquet of flowers and a sign with the question, “Will you go to formal with me?” Of course I said YES!

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by Rachel Brantley

Seth and I actually grew up together at First Southern Baptist Church but never really knew each other! He was the drummer for the youth band and I knew I loved him when I saw that shaggy hair. We started dating in 2011 and got engaged September 3, 2015!

Our proposal is one of my favorites… We had been talking about getting married soon so I knew it was coming up. He wanted to throw me a birthday dinner but I hated having attention only on me so I thought it would be perfect to invite my best friend Kelsey to be a part of it too since her birthday was only a few days away! I was excited because now it would be a birthday dinner party for both of us. 

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Congratulations! You're engaged! Now what do you do? Here are a few tips to follow:

  1. Tell Everyone – Well, not everyone but definitely tell your closest family and friends.
  2. Insure Your Ring – Just to be on the safe side. You never know when something might happen.
  3. Schedule Engagement Portraits – Dates fill up quickly so make sure you go ahead and talk with your photographer about their availability.
  4. Pick A Date – This is a must. You must know the date before you book anything else.
  5. Find Inspiration – Start getting ideas for your wedding. You can easily find ideas on Pinterest, wedding blogs or right here.

Hope these tips help you along with your engagement. Want to share your wedding story with us? Email us at

I have been blogging for Wedding and Party Network for 7 months now and it is finally time for me to start blogging about my real life occurrences. I am engaged! I have rewritten this article 7 times and I am finally just going to lay it out there. First off, this blog is going to be a little about us. You can’t really fall completely in love with someone’s proposal until you know a little about them, right? Well, here is a little more about us in our cute little selfie bios!

Age: 23
Birthday: April 30
School: University of Tennessee Dental School
Hobbies: Running, Xbox, eating Mexican food, studying (dental school), playing with his little cousin Clayton, lake adventures and pretending to be a professional soccer player.

Age: 20
Birthday: March 1
School: Arkansas State University
Hobbies: Watching black and white movies, Netflix or Law and Order with my roommates, shopping, blogging, being outside to do ANYTHING during the summer, loving on any and all animals and planning my life on Pinterest.

How did we meet?

I’ll keep the story short. We met at Arkansas State University my freshman year and his senior year. We rode together on our way to a small bonfire somewhere out, well in the middle of nowhere. Hopping into a vehicle filled with my friends, my beaming smile quickly turned awkward when I realized I had to sit by a guy much older, and much cuter than I predicted. Never have I been awkward, but I admit I probably confused the poor guy.

When we got to the bonfire, our group split up in two ways and Jordan and I veered away from each other until the end of the night. Again, I hopped back into the truck to find Jordan in the same seat now greeting me with a bright smile. I couldn’t help but laugh! Jordan must have thought I hated him. As we rode home, we exchanged some smiles, awkward dance moves and a laugh or two.

The next night I got a message from Jordan asking if he could save me a “seat” in his friend’s truck on the way to the bonfire again. I took him up on the offer and left at the very end of a Miranda Lambert concert and sprinted all the way over to the KA house (Insert time to laugh at the thought of me sprinting in tight jeans, cowboy boots and a brown blazer) just in time to grab a seat by my new friend.

The ride there, bonfire and the ride home, we were glued to each other. Mainly laughing and getting to know one another, but when our ride dropped us off we weren’t tired yet. We quickly hopped into Jordan’s truck and drove all the way to his hometown and family farm for a grand tour. Returning home Continue reading "When You Know, You Know – My Unforgettable Proposal" »

by Kelly Curtis

Proposals are a big part of any wedding story. It's how it all begins. That's the first question you're asked when someone finds out you're getting married. Therefore, it should fit you and your fiancée. We all love to hear the many ways of how people get engaged and this engagement story is no exception.

Meet Tyler and Liz. An amazing couple that is to be married in less than 150 days. Here's the beginning of their wedding story.

Liz & Tyler
Liz & Tyler

Black & Gold Meeting

Tyler and I did not meet until after college, even though we both attended Mizzou. We were both at a favorite late night establishment, none other than the Black & Gold. I had a great pick-up line at the time because a week before that I broke my wrist. So I was talking to a few friends and Tyler walked over and asked what had happened. I told him the story and ended with, "would you like to sign my cast". He did, we talked, but I didn't see him for about a week.

On another evening out I stopped in the Black & Gold before heading to a graduation party/bonfire. Tyler was there and I asked if he would like to go. We spent the rest of the night talking and laughing, having a really great time. Around midnight we came back to town and went our separate ways. It was close to 1 am and my phone beeped with a text that said, "had a great night, would like to see you again." I saw him the next Wednesday and we have not been apart since.

The Proposal – Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We had been on vacation for the week at my family's house in Michigan. It is a place I try to visit every year and have gone there since I was young.

Liz's Beautiful Engagement Ring
Liz's Beautiful Engagement Ring
This was our first real vacation together and I was so excited for it. On the day we were leaving to come home, we stopped at my favorite beach one last time to see Lake Michigan. There was no one on the beach (except 200 seagulls) and it was so nice to hear the small waves breaking against the sand.

I stood there for a bit being sad that we were leaving and heading home. I said, "Okay, we better get going," and his reply, "well I guess there is just one more thing to do." He takes my hand and says, "You know how much I love you, and how much I will always love you." I answer, "yes." As I am wondering where this is going, Tyler gets down on one knee (on the beach) and says, " Will you marry me?" The only words out of my mouth are, " are you serious?" and then " yes, yes I will marry you!"

After the hugs, kiss, and me staring at my ring for 5 minutes, we decided to go back to the house and tell everyone before beginning our 10 hour drive back to Missouri. A moment I will NEVER forget.

A beautiful proposal where Liz has many memories and a new one with her engagement. The location and everything sounds so perfect. Liz and Tyler have set the date for June 16, 2012 and we can't wait to see how their wedding unfolds!

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by Christina Weber

The final days are upon us and I think back now to how it seems that just a week ago we were counting down the triple digits. Now we are just mere days away from our big moment!! In some ways, I am just ready to just do it. After all the planning and preparation, I am ready for the reward. In other ways, I am a bit sad that it the big event is almost over. Of course, knowing that it is the first day of the rest of our lives together makes things exciting.

Finalizing The Details

There have really been very few little details that have to be finalized in this last week. I worked so hard to make sure that everything was completed well ahead of time to make sure as little stress as possible this week. Now, I am a bit at a loss for things to do.

I should tell you that it is not just our wedding that we have going now. When we started our initial planning process, we were considering have a double wedding with my little sister.

She and her husband had to rush a bit with their wedding plans because he is in the Air Force and was getting ready to deploy. So, I had thought it would be a great opportunity to have a renewal for her with all of her friends and family from home.

Instead, she surprised us by letting us know that she was pregnant with their first child! A little girl who will be born at the end of June. Since all of our family will be in town for our big event, we decided to extend the fun and have her baby shower the day after the wedding!

So now, I have what seems like double in-laws, friends and family who will be coming in to attend the events and double the parties to plan!! It really has been a lot of fun though and I will tell you about both as I go along.

The Day Before The Wedding

I figure the best way to do this is to walk you through our wedding schedule. On Friday morning, I will be taking my sister, my daughter and my stepdaughter to get manicures and pedicures and of course, lunch! Afterwards, we will meet at the Community Center to decorate for the reception and then later that evening we will gather everyone up to go to the Church for a quick rehearsal.

Our florist, Ken Cope, of the Corsage Shop, will already have the Church decorated with the candles that I have rented from him that he has decorated with our feathers. Yet another perk of not having live flowers…you can set them up ahead of time!

Mom was gracious enough, or perhaps crazy enough, to offer her house for our rehearsal dinner. She is preparing lasagna, fettuccine alfredo, bread, salad and some desserts as a quick and easy meal. With it being at her house I figured we would all be able to spend more time sitting around talking and hanging out after the meal then we would if we were at a restaurant. Plus, it will be a great deal cheaper.

Morning Preparations For The Big Day

On Saturday, Craig and I will be cooking a big breakfast for his family at our house. Later for lunch, we will be ordering some pizzas as we celebrate his sister Carri's birthday. Yes, we are marrying on her birthday! I figure that this could really work in my favor, as I can remind him of her birthday each year and she in turn can remind him of our anniversary.

After that, we are off to get ready! My bridesmaid Jennifer has always been great with hair and makeup. So, she will be lining us all up to make us beautiful. The Church has a great women lounge and restroom facility that will give us plenty of room for getting ready. So, all of our hair, makeup and dressing can be done right there which will save us from having to worry about weather, wind and wrinkles.

We ordered all of our groomsmen monogrammed money clips and I ordered cute pizza cutters and skeleton key bottle openers for my bridesmaids. With the exception of our daughters. For them, we ordered beautiful bracelets from Things Remembered.

Finally Here!

The wedding is at 6 o'clock in the evening and guest will be greeted ahead of time by prerecorded music from Corrine Bailey Rae, Norah Jones, Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald. Programs will be handed out at the door that list the order of the ceremony, the names of our wedding party, an invitation to the reception, a thank you from me and Craig and a quote from George Eliot.

When the big moment arrives, the lights will dim slightly and Jason Von Lurry, a friend and amazing electric violinist from Memphis, Tennessee, will begin playing "Variations of A Lullaby". An unusual piece for a wedding yes, but beautiful none the less and just what I had hoped for to set the mood.

As he plays, our "flower girl" Kiley, Craig's beautiful 6-year-old niece, will enter in her blue gown. She'll be wearing her venetian mask and carrying a shattered glass teardrop that glows blue like a lantern. As she walks down the aisle, the pew candles will light.

We are doing this by using remote control candles. Behind her will be our children. Brittany and Micah will go to the front and light the real candelabras there and then down the sides of the Church to light the candles in each of the stained glass windows before returning to the back of the church.

After completed, Jason will begin Craig's song choice of the evening, "Iris" by the GooGoo Dolls. I really loved the song and was happy that he had chosen something he liked. However, I was concerned that it would not flow with the rest of the live music that we would be playing during the ceremony.

So, Jason stepped in and removed the lyrics and is instead using the instrumental version and he is playing the vocal part on his violin. It is beautiful! During that time, Craig will enter from the front of the Church with the Minister and his groomsmen will escort in our mom's and grandmothers and then my bridesmaids will enter carrying their venetian mask.

Now, cue the moment I have waited a life time for! I used to teach children's theatre here in Caruthersville and was privileged to meet some very talented kids along the way. One is the daughter of my close friend and bridesmaid Amanda. Her dad is a talented musician and singer himself and he will be playing the piano as Alaina sings Rascal Flatt's "God Bless the Broken Road" and I enter on the arm of my Dad.

I was concerned at the length of the song and did not want any awkward moments of waiting. So, I have decided to let her begin singing and then have the doors opened on the chorus for my entry. As I get to the end of the aisle, I have small peacock feather bouquets to present to each of our moms and grandmothers. I believe that this should cover the length of the song, putting me back in place just in time to be given away.


The ceremony will be like almost all weddings. Instead of a unity candle, we will be doing the blending of sand ceremony. We will each have a small bottle of sand (that is me, Craig and our children) that is in the color that we each selected. As the Minister reads about the blending of our family, Jason will softly play, "All I Ask of You" from Phantom of the Opera, a favorite of mine. We will each pour our sand into one single container. As we leave the ceremony, we will exit to Nickelback's "Never Gonna Be Alone".

A Night Of Dining, Dancing & Cake

After the ceremony, we will snap a few pictures and then move to the local Community Center. Walking up to the ceremony, the path will be lit with blue Moroccan style lanterns. These were my first wedding purchase!! Our entrance song is different, we are using "Por Ti Volare", which is a beautiful opera song, BUT we are using the version from the movie, Stepbrothers as it is a favorite of our kids and something that they will recognize and enjoy.

The hall will be done in low lighting and lots of blue accent lighting. Each table will have the Eiffel tower vase in various heights with the peacock feather and glittered sprig arrangement with a blue up light placed in them. On our table, we are going to use a long and low arrangement with our monogram in it, blue up lighting and of course, a couple of peacocks!

Over our dance floor, we will have small round glass globes of blue hanging at different levels. My good friend Cameron, will be our DJ. He always does a great job and was kind enough to do this for us. The cake table will hold our wedding cupcake tree and instead of a groom's cake, we will be doing a kid's cake. This is a surprise for the kids. A three layer cake, with each layer decorated with a miniature version of them and the things that they love. I am really excited about it!

For food, we are doing simple finger foods. Chicken salad on croissant, ham and swiss on rolls, a dip, some pinwheels and things like that. We are also doing a white chocolate fountain with a fruit tray, pretzels and Micah and Brittany's favorite…Cookie Dough Balls! On another table, we are doing a cheese fountain, lol, another tribute to the kid's love of Will Ferrell movies. There will be chips and veggies sitting around it.

It is Craig sister Carri's birthday, so we plan to play a special song for her. We also have a couple of songs that are special to the kids that will be played. Micah is a fan of Corrine Bailey Rae and so we will be playing, "our song" for she and I to dance to, "Put your records on". Craig and Brittany have always considered "Sweet Child O Mine" their song, but he wanted something to slow dance to. So, Alaina (the one who is singing me down the aisle) has put together a slower rendition of the song that she will be singing for them.

After the toasts are given, I will be doing the Thank You to everyone as Craig hates public speaking. After, I have a special surprise that no one else knows about. Originally, I wanted to have Adam Sandler's "Grow Old With You" played. I had asked my brother-in-law, Aaron to consider playing something special for my sister on his guitar.

I found out that he knows how to play that song. So, he will be singing and playing it for her and all of us. We are not doing the traditional garter toss and bouquet toss, I have always hated the way it singles the lonely crowd out. So for the rest of the evening, there will be cupcakes, dancing, fun and a great start to a new life.

The Day After

Well, there it all is, the chance of rain is up to 60% and I am a little nervous about it. But otherwise, I am so ready to go! The following day will be filled with taking everything down at the reception site and putting everything up at the shower site. Then afterwards, we are off to Sandal's in Montego Bay Jamaica! Hopefully everything will go as planned, but I will report back to you later and let you know if any little snags occurred and how I could have avoided them

When I next speak with you I will be Mrs. Craig Williams!!!

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Peacock feather photo provided by deepapraveen via flickr.

by Kelly Curtis

With all the wedding planning going on and my wedding being less than 2 months away, it was time for my bridal shower. A nice break from all the stressful wedding planning. Plus, it was an amazing shower, thanks to the two best maid of honors ever! Abby and Anna did a great job and I was so excited for the shower, even surprised me with a gift that I'd been wanting for a while now. So, I thought I'd share all the great details of the shower with everyone!

All The Pretty Details

The shower was hosted at a local bank board room, which was a great space to use since they had a kitchen and it held everyone comfortably. They chose to go with my colors, pink and black with hints of cream.Pink table cloth with a beautiful floral centerpiece that featured my flowers accented the food table.

We also had a variety of delicious party food, like sausage pinwheels, chicken rollups, fruits, veggies, cheeseball, dip and spinach dip. To finish it off, we had strawberry and coconut cake. They were both extremely good!

I'm not much on bridal shower games, and neither were they, so we opted out on having games at the shower. Instead, they did advice cards, had guests sign a picture frame and sent out a recipe card with the invitation.

Guests brought back their recipe card filled out with their favorite recipes and they put them in a cute recipe book for me. Which was a great idea since I love to try new recipes and am always searching for some to try.

The advice cards were great to read after. Some people wrote, "Never go to bed mad at each other" while others said, "Keep your own bank account". I loved seeing what people had to say. Another great detail that I loved was a bouquet holder for my bows. Perfect, since I plan on doing bow bouquets for our wedding rehearsal!

To say thank you for coming, they set up a little candy bar with all of mine and Bart's favorite candy. Tootsie rolls, Mr. Goodbars, M&M's and chocolate covered raisins were set out for guests to fill up a favor box to take home with them. Don't worry, we have a ton of candy leftover!  All the little details were great and I appreciate all the hard work they put into it!

Showering With Gifts

Of course, I got some great gifts as well! Me and Bart went and registered together at 3 out of 4 places together. However, he says he doesn't remember registering for some of the stuff. I mean, I might have scanned a cupcake maker while he wasn't looking, but he definitely knew about the rest!

We got everything from a toaster, blender, serving dishes, towels and even to a "Happy Everything" platter. Abby and Anna got me an item I have wanted for a while, a cricut! Which is great for me since I love doing crafts and will have time to put together a wedding scrapbook maybe! Everything was exactly what we wanted!

So, my wedding shower was a nice break from all the stress of wedding planning. It was a nice break to just relax and breathe, since the wedding is so close now! I truly appreciate everything that Abby and Anna did with this shower. They did a great job!!!

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Today we had the pleasure of celebrating a wedding shower for Samantha, who works in Flower Shop Network's order transfer department. We had lots of great food, a delicious cake and she was showered with great gifts that she'll be able to use in her home! There was yummy cheeseball, fruit and vegetable platters, chips and dip and some yummy salads paired with a raspberry and ginger ale punch! Everything was great and she was "showered" with lots of amazing gifts she loved!  So, check out the pictures from her wedding shower!

The shower was a great success with great bridal shower decorations, yummy food and a sweet cake! We wish Samantha all the best!!!

by Christina Weber

I wanted to do something a little different for my engagement pictures and for our wedding invitations as well, but I also did not want to spend a whole lot of money doing it. One of my favorite places in the world is the City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri. If you have not been you need to go, as it is a child and adult playground like no other you have experienced. Secret passageways and tunnels open into beautiful caverns, ten story slides and so much more. I knew this was the perfect place to take pictures because there were so many options.

We went with one of my closest friends and bridesmaid Leslie. We spent part of the day posing, laughing, changing clothes and posing some more and got some really great shots. From there, I went to my friend Amanda.

Another bridesmaid, who along with her sister-in-law, edited our pictures. Amanda then turned the pictures into a collage for our wedding invitations that made my eyes well with tears the first time I saw them. They were perfect and we sent them off through an online print shop for printing.

I had them in my hands by the end of the week and was so excited. I had used card stock and made smaller cards to insert with our invitations. On them was a watermark of a peacock, accented with a small rhinestone that Craig meticulously placed on each card and across the top it read, "Wishes for the Bride and Groom" and explained that you could write your message to the new couple and bring it to the ceremony with you.

I have never understood the concept of a guestbook and instead wanted to do something more personal that we could keep and enjoy. I started to have cards for people to fill out at the church but I thought that if they had a little more time to think about what it was they were going to write, then they would be more likely to take part in it.

On our invitations I also included a wedding email address that I had set up so that people could RSVP, ask questions or send in their well wishes( We took these things and placed them in their envelopes, sealed them with our monogrammed postage stamps that we had printed complete with peacock feather (thanks!) and sent them off as we anxiously awaited replies.

I work as a columnist at the Democrat Argus, our local newspaper, so the next step was to write our wedding announcement. I kept it very simple, including our children in it as well. I know that is it typical for people to use an up close picture of the two of them but again, I wanted to do something a little different.

This is a small town and most anyone who would care to read it knows what we look like. So instead, I went with a picture of us sitting in a window sill at the City Museum, silhouetted by the outside light. It was also used in the collage on our invitations. It turned out great and I have received several compliments.

No Flowers Here!

Did I mention that I am not a big traditionalist? Well, one thing that I do not care for and find a little wasteful is flowers. I don't like the fake version and it seems such a shame to waste the real ones that are so expensive and die so quickly. So, I am going with peacock feathers. That is right, not a flower will be found at our wedding!!

I have rented the aisle candles, window centerpieces and front candelabras from a local florist and he will be decorating them with peacock feathers, a little bit of greenery and blue velvet ribbon. Remember the wish cards I mentioned earlier that I included in my invitations? Well at the entrance of the church will be a bird-cage on a stand, sitting on top of it are two ornate peacocks with ribbons trailing down. This is where guest can drop off their cards.

The boutonniere for the guys will be a single peacock eye with an ornate pin to hold them in place. My bridesmaids will be carrying beautiful venetian mask on sticks instead of bouquets and I will have one similar to theirs, that in creams instead of the darker blues and golds. Even my "flower girl" will be wearing a mask. And no, she will not have flowers, instead she will be carrying a shattered glass blue tear drop that will be lit up. I will explain more about her role later on.

Our Reception Decor

For the reception, I discovered that I could rent the tall class Eiffel tower vases for $15 each or I could buy them for $7 each at Wanna guess what I did? LOL, I bought the vases for each guest table and my talented mom and two of her sisters, my Aunts, made these great arrangements to place in them with peacock feathers, sword feathers, twisted glittered sticks and lots of sparkle. We are placing a blue floralyte in each one so that the arrangement will glow.

For the head table, we are doing a long, low piece that will stretch across the front of the table filled with greenery, a couple of peacocks and lots of sparkle along with some blue under lighting. This way no one will have to look around anything tall on the table. I am very happy with them and since they are not fresh flowers that will wilt, we were able to do them early on, allowing for less stress as the big day quickly nears. I also purchased these really pretty round glass globes that will be filled with iridescent shred over a small blue light and hung at various heights over the dance floor. The first items that I purchased for our wedding were these beautiful blue Moroccan lanterns that I got on for a mere 87 cents a piece! They will be hung from low crooks to light the walkway into the hall.

My Dress

This may come to a shock to many but I still had not found a dress and was starting to worry a bit. For most brides, this is their first buy and something that they had dreamed about for a lifetime. I knew what I wanted as far as color, but that was it. I had tried on many wedding dresses at hundreds of stores to no avail. My bridesmaids were outfitted, my flower girl and even several of my guest were telling me what they were going to wear but I had no idea.

I had decided that the reason I had not found anything yet was because I had not been shopping with my mom. So, she and I planned a day to go dress hunting. We went to Bay, Arkansas where I had been told about this great dress shop in the middle of town called Jessica's Bridal & Formal. We went and wandered the aisles with some very wonderful and helpful women. I tried on a few but nothing really caught my eye.

Finally, they pulled out this dress that at first glance I cringed at because it was ivory. Totally not what I had wanted but I agreed to try it on for mom. It was sleek and simple, comfortable, with a short train and had the most beautiful blue and crystal stones on it that would match the bridesmaids dresses perfectly. Still, I was hesitant because I had been so sure that my dress would be champagne. I had even bought shoes in that color already! We decided to go to one more dress shop, but Mom looked at the woman and with a smile said, "We will be back". Twenty minutes later we had returned and I finally had my dress! Proving that sometimes what you think you want, may not be what you want and that you should be open to try on other things. Had I not, we might be picking out sneakers to match my wedding jeans!

Let them eat cake!

I had gone to a bakery in the nearby town of Dyersburg, Tennessee on a recommendation from a friend. Craig and I both went to the meeting and had a great time sampling cakes and choosing colors and designs. I was really impressed with the woman as she made suggestions and drew out our cake in the fullest detail. She told me that she would call the next day and give me a price and that in a couple of weeks I could bring her color swatches from the wedding and our cake monograms (the wedding was almost two months away at this point). Time went by, no call, I dropped off our things but she was not there.

Two weeks before the wedding, I was finally able to reach her. Only to have her act as though she had no clue what design, colors or anything about my wedding cake. I was not sure if she had lost our information or what. I go through it all again, she promises to call with a price…again. The next day I call her back because I still had not received a call from her. She tells me that someone will have to pick up the cake because she has since promised to do another wedding and that she won't have time to deliver ours and that it is going to cost us $500.00. That is $5.00 a slice and NOT going to happen. I cancel, go and pick up my toppers and start making arrangements for something else.

Because we want our kids to have a prominent place in the wedding we had decided to have a kid cake instead of a traditional grooms cake. A friend of ours here in town is a very talented cake artist who is just starting out so we asked her to do this cake for us. It is a three separated tiered cake. Each layer is the favorite flavor of one of each kid and will be decorated with things that they like and a little figure of them. Brittan's will have him in hunting gear, with guns and race cars and all the things he likes. Brittany's will have her in her cheerleading uniform and Micah's will be covered in art supplies. I can not wait to see how it turns out.

Since we had this cake we decided not to go with a wedding cake, but to instead do a cupcake tree. Randall Crawford, a local restaurant owner and all around great guy that I grew up with, offered his services. We decided to go with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cupcakes that will be placed on this beautiful stand and decorated with ribbon and feathers to match our theme.

Dressing the guys

This could have been the easiest part of our journey yet!! I knew that we wanted to use our local men's shop for the tuxedo rental. So, we went in and in a matter of mere moments had found the perfect tuxedos and then moved on to looking for vest. Guys are so lucky, one book is all they need to chose their outfit from! GRRR!

I realize that at most weddings the groom wears the light-colored vest in white or cream, but as I have said we do not believe in having to keep with tradition and instead want to do what we like. With blue being Craig's favorite color and me having blue accents in my dress, we chose the blue vest and tie for him and the silver vest and ties for the groomsmen and my dad. From there, we contacted  the groomsmen and had them go by their nearest men's shops (because they all live a couple of hours away) and had them just call in their measurements to our shop and Walaaa!

The wedding day is drawing near and there is still so much to share! Coming up next…Our final wedding day plans!