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Wedding Trends

by Jamie Woods

By now you've seen all kinds of #wedding hashtags.  From the cliche #JohnandMary2016 to the crazy #WeTiedtheKnotNowLetsBoogieDown, brides are stressing over a special hashtag that no one else has.  But there's a new craze on the rise.  One that is a little more personalized:  Snapchap Geofilters.


Earlier this year, Snapchat began allowing its users to design custom Geofilters.  Now you can design your own Geofilter, just for your big day (or bachelorette party)!  It costs as little as $5 and there are a few guidelines to follow, but now your friends can snap pictures and apply a special filter you create.

The process is fairly simply, and Snapchat even has some templates to help you out.  The first step is to design your filter.  Snapchat suggests not covering too much of the screen and to make your filter fun to look at.  Also, you are not allowed to include photographs of people, phone numbers, hashtags or social media handles on your filter.


After you have your design, you need to decide when and where you want Snapchat to activate your filter.  The cost of your filter will depend on these factors, so make sure you know when the filter should go live as it is only available during the time you set.

Now you are all set to submit your filter to Snapchat for their approval, which takes about one business day.  You are not charged for your filter until the time it is scheduled to go live.

Plan to create you own Geofilter?  Let us know!

Still searching for the perfect venue?  Let us help!

Location, Location, Location…Find One

by Jamie Woods

Epic wedding videos-it seems like they are popping up everywhere.  Couples doing extreme sports on the way to their wedding (or during their wedding).  There are Marryoke videos that immortalize the special day with a favorite song.  Even Maroon 5 has gotten in on the epic wedding video trend by crashing weddings to make their video for the song "Sugar."

There's no doubt that some of these videos can be quite costly, but if you've already hired a videographer, it probably won't cost much more to have them create an awesome video for you.  Even if you don't do something crazy at your wedding, a video lets you relive the day in ways pictures alone can't.  If you've thought about skipping the videographer, don't.  Need more convincing?  Here are our top reasons why you need a videographer! Continue reading "Wedding Video-Trust Us, You Want One!" »

by Rachel Brantley

The Earth displays its beauty during the magical season of fall. From delicious desserts to romantic shades, see what brides are doing to capture the beauty of this season for their walk down the aisle.

Marsala’s deep red paired with a light blush is the perfect color combination for a fall wedding. The rich tones mimic the colors of the vibrant changing season. Hints of peach and regal gold soften the contrasting colors and add sleek elegance to the overall look. This rich, romantic red brings a warm and intimate feeling to the wedding ceremony space. See how brides use this unique color this fall.

Continue reading "Falls Trends To Look Forward To" »

by Rachel Brantley

Trends are constantly changing and with 2016 being halfway over it is time to give an update on what’s “in” and what’s “out” in the wedding world. We hate to see some of these fun styles go but we love the fresh new ideas we have been seeing. Also get a sneak peek into what our wedding experts have predicted will be big trends this fall.

As you read this remember to not get caught up in what’s “in” and “out” when planning your wedding. Use this list to spark ideas and to find a style YOU love.

What’s In
– Personalization
From the food to the decorations couples are searching for ways to personalize every aspect of their wedding. What makes a wedding special are the little details. Continue reading "What's In and What's Out This Year" »

by Rachel Brantley

Flowers set the tone and bring life to weddings. Most people typically think of bouquets and centerpieces when they hear wedding flowers, but there are so many other creative ways to incorporate beautiful blooms into the ceremony and reception. Here are three ways to add the elegant beauty of flowers to your big day.

Flower Arch
The wedding arch is the focal point of the whole ceremony as the bride and groom exchange their vows. A lovely curved arch decorated with colorful blooming flowers is a great way to make a ceremony more romantic and it also creates beautiful wedding photos.

This beautiful arch was designed by Ann’s Petals in Longview, TX. It features grapevine with purple hydrangeas, roses, spider mums, trick, delphinium, lavender roses, picasso mini callas & silver dollar.

Continue reading "Creative Ideas for Wedding Flowers" »

by Rachel Brantley

One of the most difficult decisions in the wedding planning process is picking a venue. It is hard to imagine what your wedding reception will look like when you are touring empty rooms without tables, chairs and decorations. Here are four stunning wedding receptions to give you some inspiration and ideas. Having a clear vision of what you want your reception to look like will help you decide if the venue is the right one for you!

Glamorous Reception
This beautiful reception space is lined with floor to ceiling windows making the room feel open, bright and large. This reception layout is a mixture of rectangular and circular tables. There are large hanging drapes that match the color scheme and divide the room. The white and pink floral centerpieces, white tablecloths and candles, and light pink napkins are a beautiful contrast to the black chairs and wood tables. A venue like this is perfect for a wedding in any season.
See more pictures of this beautiful venue here

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by Caitlin LaFarlette

Share the love with furry friends!
Let's face it: for any animal lover, having a pet be part of your special day is a unique and fun way to show others just how much your furry friend means to you. Bringing a cat or dog into the wedding party is easier than you think!

You've just gotten engaged and it's time to kick off the wedding planning. The the engagement announcement photos come first. Why not take a different approach and step out of the main photo completely? Let your adorable pooch be the subject with a chalkboard sign that says, "My humans are getting married!" For other photos, try placing your ring on the dog's nose, or even hang it from a collar! Are you a cat person instead? Place your left hand on top of your future husband's to show off your ring, and add your kitty's paw on top of your own hand to show what a fun loving family you'll be.

The day of the wedding is the time to have the most fun with your pet. Put your dog on a leash and fit him with a handsome tuxedo vest for a walk down the aisle with your ring bearer. Watch the video below for a cute example of this. You can even hook the rings on his collar for an extra special touch! If you own a trained pet bird, wow your guests with your feathered pal flying the rings down the aisle.

Don't forget about the photo possibilities before the wedding ceremony too. It's the perfect time to grab your cat as she inspects your bouquet or dress for an adorable photo. Then when it's time for cake, treat your furry friend to a small slice of his own for a perfect photo moment of him licking icing from his nose.

Pets are just as much part of the family as humans, so bringing them into your celebration of love makes complete sense. Get creative and show your dog or cat you will always have a special place in your heart for them!

by Rachel Brantley

The spring brides are combining vintage elements with classic modern touches to create the perfect Vintage-Chic Wedding. Brides are looking for new ways to make their wedding unique. This theme gives brides the opportunity to customize every detail.

Distressed Wood and Delicate Lace
These two decorations may seem like opposites but when paired together they form a beautiful antique look. Take a piece of old furniture, like an end table or a dresser, and sand the wood to give it a distressed look. Then drape a lace fabric overlay on the top and down the sides. Then use some of your smaller vintage pieces, like books or picture frames, to decorate the top of the furniture. Now you have a simple, yet elegant decorative piece to use for your wedding! This piece would work well as a guest book table or a table for pictures.

Continue reading "Vintage-Chic Theme" »

by Miroslava Casiano

Bars are a great way to add character to the reception of your wedding! They make the event a fun experience for guests and are definitely a conversation starter. From cigar to cheese bars, let these ideas awaken your creative side!

Cigar Bar
A cigar bar is perfect for all the male guests in your wedding! Set up a table in an area of the venue where smoking is permitted, display a variety of cigars and let your guests enjoy! Have other accessories like matches and cigar cutters to help guests have an even more amazing experience.

Beer Bar
This is the best way to surprise your guests and the groom! The great thing about this bar is that you can experiment and brew your own beer or get it from your local area. Rustic beer bars are most common but definitely find the style that best fits the theme of your wedding.

Cheese Bar
Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like cheese? Unless you are vegan or lactose intolerant, you will definitely find this ideal for your special day! An assortment of different cheeses, crackers and meats will make the perfect bar for cheese lovers.

Wine Bar
Want to add a touch of class and elegance to your wedding reception? Wine is definitely something that never fails to make us feel fancy as we take a sip from a delicate glass cup. Whether it be red or white wine, have a variety for guests to sample at the bar. This will definitely keep guests talking even after the actual wedding!

The options and possibilities are endless! These are just a couple of ideas to get you started. Are you looking for more inspiration, need tips or want to know the trends of today? Head to our Wedding and Party Network blog, we’ve got you covered!

by Tanya Giraldo

Here is an article from our friends at! Here are their tips on choosing flower crowns for your wedding!

Wedding Trends: Flower Crowns

Looking for a different kind of bridesmaid bouquet, flower girl accessory, or something a little extra floral for your wedding day outfit? Here are some trending flower crowns!

Tiny Blooms
A variety of greens, baby’s breath, and small florals matching your bouquet could make the perfect look as an alternative to a bridesmaid bouquet. Consider accents like small pinecones or even wheat for the winter look…

To read the full article click the link below! Make sure to check back with Wedding and Party Network for more great ideas and tips!

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