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Wedding Trends

by Tanya Giraldo

Today's bride is leaning towards non-traditional in many aspects of her wedding. You can get as unique as you'd like, even down to the smallest detail. One tiny detail that has been changing is the wedding cake topper.

Instead of the classic bride and groom at the top of the wedding cake, brides are changing to a multitude of toppers to make their personality shine through. Some use coral as their topper to complete their beach wedding while others use bride and groom decorated cake pops. Whatever you decide for your topper, let it be a reflection of you and your future spouse to make your cake even more special. Check back with Wedding and Party Network for more wedding ideas and tips.

by Rachel Simpson

With every season’s change comes new wedding trends to look forward to. So what’s in for the 2015 spring wedding season? Wedding and Party Network has the latest spring wedding trends that you’ll want to incorporate into your upcoming wedding.

Off the Shoulder Neckline
The off the shoulder neckline dominated this year’s Bridal Fashion Week, as a variety of designers featured this romantic look in their 2015 Spring Collections. It’s a great option for brides who would like some sort of sleeve but still show some skin. With this look, you’ll be royalty for an enchanted evening.

Sparks Florist
Sparks Florist
Non-Traditional Colors
Today’s brides are saying “I do!” in colors not typically seen in a traditional wedding. With Radiant Orchid recently announced as Pantone’s pick for 2014 Color of the Year, we suspect this vibrant shade of purple will be making waves in both the fashion world and upcoming weddings. So if you’re wanting a more captivating color palette for your wedding colors, incorporate playful colors like purple and pink into your bridal wardrobe.

Floral Headbands
Spring has sprung, and so has the popularity of floral headbands! So embrace spring by donning a lovely floral headband as you walk down the aisle. From big blooms to dainty crystals, adding that feminine flair to your wedding day look can be just what you need to demonstrate that love is abloom.

When it comes to wedding trends, we're seeing bright, colorful and glamorous. When planning your wedding, try to incorporate some of these wedding trends into your spring wedding and make it special.

by Tanya Giraldo

It's not mandatory to keep all aspects of your wedding traditional. If you want to throw out the simple wedding cake and make a groom's cake your dessert centerpiece, you can!

Show off your rustic theme with a tree stump wedding cake or make your black tie affair stand out with an edible top hat. The choices are endless with the creativity of your wedding cake. Choose a design that is as unique and quirky as you and your spouse-to-be. Check back for more inspiration and ideas from Wedding and Party Network.

by Tanya Giraldo

A wedding theme can make your wedding personal and creative–especially if you incorporate it into the smallest detail. So, before finalizing your wedding flowers, consider making your man's boutonniere extra special by choosing a design based on your theme rather than your signature flower.

This week's Inspirational Friday showcases unique boutonnieres. Have a Mardi Gras themed wedding? Choose a boutonniere with beads and feathers. How about a rustic wedding? Choose light colored plants and incorporate twigs and burlap. Get creative with your theme and add it to the smallest detail. Check back with Wedding and Party Network for more wedding ideas and tips.

Cakes come in all shapes and sizes, but now they are also adorned with many embellishments. A popular decoration seen this season are fresh flowers and is the theme of Wedding and Party Network's Inspirational Friday.

Consider incorporating your wedding flowers with the decorations of your wedding cake to complete your wedding's overall look. Add a couple of buds and petals to make a simple, romantic cake or make a statement piece by adding many blooms. Check back for more inspiration and ideas from Wedding and Party Network.

When it comes to wedding receptions and events, you want your tables to pop–which usually means you need a great centerpiece! Traditional flowers have gone out the window when it comes to modern table decoration. Wedding and Party Network have your inspirational board for some very unique table centerpieces.

Use green flowers and plants along with vibrant flowers. Add a rustic theme with succulents and logs or use branches to create a small tree. Use vases with minimalistic decoration and incorporate beautiful vegetables, like small white pumpkins for a fall wedding. Don't hesitate to make a candle or two you main centerpiece. Whatever you decide on, it will be unique and perfect for your event. Check back with Wedding and Party Network for more tips and inspiration.

by Tanya Giraldo

One of the first things to decide on when beginning your wedding planning is choosing your colors. For this Inspirational Friday, Wedding and Party Network has the trending color of this season: mint.

The color mint became a popular wedding color within the past year due to its seasonal versatility. Usually paired with white, the color carries a direct link to the popular Tiffany & Co. shopping bags. Mint can be used as little accents, like candy,  or it can be used in your reception linens and as bridesmaid dresses. Consider the color mint for your wedding color. Check Back with Wedding and Party Network for more wedding ideas.

by Tanya Giraldo

Many modern brides have opted to change things up a bit when it comes to traditional wedding accessories. From ditching something blue to something red and choosing a hat instead of a veil, there is nothing a bride can't do. But what about that accessory that is normally flowers you hold down the aisle? That can change too! The Wedding and Party Network has the latest trends on alternative bouquets that is sure to add a unique touch to your special day look.

Burlap, Ribbon, and Silk Petals

Is your event more on the rustic and country side? Mixing burlap flowers with silk callas and ribbon roses will look great with your theme. Add some baby's breath and wrap with a lace bow.

Paper Flowers and Bead Embellishments

Put your crafting skills to the test and make your bouquet out of paper. Make them as simple or as intricate as you like. Add beads in the middle of your flowers as the buds. They will be unique and forever lasting.

Brooches with Pearl and Rhinestone Accents

Brooches have been the most popular alternative bouquet. Start your own collection of vintage brooches or borrow them from those you love, that way you have a little reminder of everyone as you prepare to walk down the aisle. Add pearls and rhinestones to give that baby's breath effect.

Whether you are a modern bride looking for unique ideas or a classic bride deciding on saving money, consider alternative bouquets that can be made out of materials that you have around your home.

Choosing your wedding gown is at the top of the list along with choosing a date and location, so it is only fitting that the search for the perfect dress starts ASAP. With tradition being updated to fit the modern bride, Wedding and Party Network brings you some inspiration for non-traditional wedding gowns.

Gowns with color are trending. Consider a white gown with a splash of color, a blush dress, or break all the rules and choose a red dress! Also consider an alternative skirt. From hi-lo to short to a lace layered skirt that contrasts a simple bodice, there is a dress that can reflect your individual style. Check back with Wedding and Party Network for more wedding ideas and trends.

by Tanya Giraldo

Even though summer has recently arrived, there is just enough time to plan for a white wedding and Wedding & Party Network has this year's most popular winter wedding trends.

Winter Wedding Colors

When brides think of a winter wedding, some may picture turquoise or light blues and silver while others go for the deep reds of Christmas. However, this year blushes of pink and tones of gold have been making their way onto the winter wedding color swatch. Consider neutral colors like greys and tans, and even pair some colors rarely seen during the season, like mint or deep purple, which  go well with neutrals.

Winter Flowers

Unless you are planning on having your wedding in the snow, bring the outdoors indoors by incorporating rustic plants along with your flowers. Holly and pine needles add to the winter theme of your wedding. You can also add these plants of the season with your reception arrangements. Baby's breath can be incorporated into all your arrangements due to its likeness to snowflakes; make your bouquet full of baby's breath and it will seem as if you are holding a bundle of snow.

Wedding Decor

Make your guests smile with a little taste of winter. Set up a hot chocolate bar with jars full of marshmallows and candy canes to stir. Add other drink options like coffee or hot tea for those who aren't fans of the sweet drink. Fill apothecary vases with marshmallows of different sizes, candy canes, and small chocolates. Both guests young and old will have fun making their wintry concoction and be grateful for the warm snack. This snack serves as both food and unique decor.


You can get really creative with themed goodies like gingerbread cookies for dessert and eggnog cocktails for adults. Add a twist to the famous chestnuts roasting by dipping chestnuts in chocolate and coating them with sprinkles in your wedding colors.


Anything from snowflake shaped sugar cookies to homemade hot cocoa mix can make great wedding favors for your guests. Something they would really appreciate are some gloves, mittens, or even blankets as favors, and don't wait until after the party to give them out. Have baskets filled with them near the entrance of your reception or by the hot cocoa bar. Give them a personal touch by engraving the guest's name or the wedding date. Every time they wear the gloves or cuddle with the blanket, they will have memories of the great day they shared with you.

Personalize your winter wedding with the season in mind. Check back with the Wedding & Party Network for more wedding tips and trends.

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