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Wedding Trends tagged with 'Wedding Dresses'

by Kelly Curtis

Are you recently engaged or starting to plan your summer wedding? There are so many unique and great ideas for a summer wedding. The weather is gorgeous, sun is shining, beautiful bright colors and just some wonderful ideas come with planning a summer wedding. Are you looking for new ideas and some great inspiration that you will definitely want to incorporate into your wedding? Wedding and Party Network has some inspiration for your summer wedding.

Wedding Color Trends – Summer colors are all about being bright and bold and these color trends are no different. Pantone even named their color of the year Tangerine Tango, which would be a wonderful color to incorporate into your summer wedding. However, lets not forget about mustard yellow, lilac, navy, mint gray, margarita and hot pink. When using these bright colors, stick to two hues, otherwise you may end up with a circus wedding. Think sophisticated brights. Stick with having the same colored centerpieces and using the other color as an accent.

Style Trends – When it comes to your wedding dresses, think romance. Think v neck lines, high slits, lace, sparkle, draping and ruffles. All of these gorgeous details truly make a statement within your wedding gowns. For the bridesmaids dresses, think about non matching dresses. Keep them within the same color palette, however, they don't have to be the same exact color and style. Remember, not every girl is built exactly the same so different dress styles look better on each girl.

Wedding Hair – Keep your wedding hair simple, especially with a statement wedding dress. Remember, it's summer, so keep the hair light and refreshing, especially if your wedding is outdoors. Stick to a unique braid or just a messy updo.

Keep It Laid Back – Of course, music comes into play at any wedding. However, keep the music laid back. Lighten it up with steel drums, ukulele or a singer singing your favorite songs. Even find musicians that can play classical or swing music, something from each genre to keep it fun and refreshing.

Fun Wedding Invitations – Put an unexpected twist on your wedding invitations. Letterpress invitations are still as popular as ever. However, put a fun twist on your invitations by using pattern or having it on colorful paper with cream lettering instead of the normal ivory paper with colorful lettering. Even opt out on paper and create a fun wedding video invitation or cd.

When it comes to planning your wedding and keeping up with all the latest trends, make sure to incorporate unique elements that represent you and your groom. It's important to show off your personality is the most important part of planning your wedding.

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by Kelly Curtis

With every wedding season, comes different wedding trends. Brides love to know what's going on, what's unique and finding accessories that will help their wedding stand apart and make it their own. All of the tiniest details make a difference on your wedding day. So, staying on top of the trends will help your wedding stand out and you might even find a unique way that helps let your personality shine through. So, Wedding and Party Network has the latest spring wedding trends that you'll want to incorporate into your wedding.

Pop Of Color – It's all about color this season, after all, Tangerine Tango was named color of the year by Pantone. Think bold and bright for your wedding colors. It's even making a fashion statement within the fashion world. So, why not include that in your wedding? However, if that's not your style, you can choose a bright color and pair it with a pastel. Colors are seen throughout everything, so you must make sure you find the right color combination that is perfect for you. Your colors are everywhere, such as, your wedding flowers, bridesmaid dresses, centerpieces and even your wedding cake. Always think about your color choices because they are the starting point of everything.

Your Wedding Dress – Deep v-neck wedding gowns, high slits, lace, sparkles and ruffles are all making a glamorous appearance. Making bold statements in an elegant way are the trends we're seeing within wedding dresses.

Hairstyles – Hairstyles are truly making statements throughout weddings now. Normally, everyone would either do some sort of up do or let their hair down. Braids are making a comeback, however, not in the normal way. They are more elaborate and done up with the hair. Hairstyles are being seen as a touch of imperfection, a bit on the "messy" side, yet still sleek and elegant. Hairstyles are more loose, instead of tight ringlets.

Wedding Cake – Wedding cakes are truly being taken to the next level with new heights and being true works of art. Different shapes, sizes, layers and gorgeous designs are all being incorporated into wedding cakes. Brides and bakeries are really starting to think out-of-the-box and turning cakes into a real work of art.

When it comes to wedding trends, we're seeing bright, colorful and glamorous. When planning your wedding, try to incorporate some of these wedding trends into your wedding and make it special.

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by Kelly Curtis

With a new year, comes along new wedding trends. For each season, things change. It could be something extravagant to the changing of the simplest detail. Colors change, themes change and so do wedding dress styles. So, what's in trend for 2012? There are various styles that capture every bride's personality. The new wedding gown trends are just simply amazing and Wedding and Party Network has the latest styles.

Illusionary Necklines - A gorgeous and unique trend that is starting to take shape is dresses that feature illusionary necklines. This is created with sheer fabric. Imagine a one shoulder gown, off the shoulder or a higher neckline created with sheer fabric.

Exposed - Another big trend we're seeing a lot of is having the underlay fabric exposed. Most gowns have some sort of underlay underneath the gown, which is then hidden by fabric that lies on top of it to create a beautiful dress. Exposing some of that fabric underneath creates a unique contrast between the two fabrics. It gives it an edge, yet keeps it soft and romantic.

Blush - Instead of the traditional white, brides and switching it up and actually leaning towards color. Nude or blush are a great alternative to the traditional white wedding gown. When you think of color, it doesn't have to be full-blown, in your face color. Taking on a neutral hue for your wedding dress will add something unique to your wedding, yet not make it over the top.

Lace Sleeves – Taking a style note from the royal wedding, lace sleeves are a big trend. It adds a sense of elegance and royalty to the gown. You'll find different styles of lace that can best represent your style. This dress is great, especially if your wedding is in the cooler months.

Two-In-One - The trend lately has been for brides to wear their wedding gown and then change into another dress for her wedding reception. So, why not choose a dress that is two-in-one? Some gowns are now being made where you can take the longer layer off and you'll end up with a shorter version of your dress. You don't get to wear your wedding gown as long as you'd like to, so some brides are hesitant on buying a reception gown because they want to wear their wedding dress as long as they can. Plus, it might not be in your budget. A two-in-one wedding dress solves both these problems. You'll get more use out of your wedding dress and it'll help with your budget.

Open Backs - A great way to show off some skin in your wedding gown is with an open back dress that is absolutely stunning. A beautiful circle open back or even a low-cut back adds a great accent to a simple gown. It adds just enough to create romantic, whimsical and elegant dress.

These bridal gowns are sure to make an amazing statement at your wedding. All of the beautiful details make these dresses truly stand out.

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Every Friday, Wedding and Party Network will be choosing a theme or color and give you inspirational photos. We want to help give you inspiration for your next event, wedding or party. So, take a look and we hope to give you a bit of inspiration when planning your wedding or party. Our inspirational board will give everyone inspiration on wedding gowns! 2011 wedding gowns have taken a turn for the botanical gardens. Capturing the delicateness of the flower petals and elegance of chiffon in every detail, fall 2011 wedding gowns are truly blooming!

Between Vera Wang, Prina Tornai, Rivini, Watters & Watters and more, the fall 2011 wedding gown catwalks were covered in blooms, blossoms and buds, over-sized cabbage roses, silk petals and lace. Each dress taking a new spin on the essence of flowers. Not only is the bride carrying flowers, but now she is wearing them in an elegant and romantic new way. The look for fall 2011 is form-fitting bodices, defined waists and voluptuous skirts. Tulle, chiffon, light weight taffeta and organza flow seamlessly down the bodice of each gown. The look is airy, sheer and delicate with special attention to details.

Another big influence on the cat walk is chic head wear. Brides are clad in sparkling tiaras, headbands with super-sized chiffon flowers, half veils and eccentric hats. A vintage shape with luxe textures such as lace, feathers, and beads hug the brides curves as they seem to float down the aisle. Now, it's your turn to embrace the beauty and elegance of this Fall fashion trend with your very own botanical inspired wedding gown.

Thank you to Absolute Haven The Bridal Boutique, andyleophotography and lee ann belter bridal for their inspirational photos via flower shop network and flickr.

by Kelly Curtis

Every Friday, Wedding and Party Network will be choosing a theme or color and give you inspirational photos. We want to help give you inspiration for your next event, wedding or party. So, take a look and we hope to give you a bit of inspiration when planning your wedding or party. Our inspirational board this week features the beautiful color purple. This color is such an elegant and royal color to feature in weddings. Plus, you can do so much with it! So, receive inspiration this week through the color purple.

The color purple is such a beautiful color. You can use it in the spring, summer, fall and winter! Plus, it pairs so nicely with a variety of colors. If you're planning a spring wedding, use pastels. For a summer wedding, you can use bright and bold purple colors. Also, for the fall and winter months, choose a deep colored hue that will set the tone within these months. You can incorporate these colors into your bridesmaid dresses, wedding cake, wedding reception and basically anywhere you'd like! This color is just simply amazing! So, go ahead and gather inspiration from the color purple.

by Kelly Curtis

If you are planning a wedding, you want to go with the trends. You want to see what's new and exciting to see if that wedding trend fits into your wedding. It looks like the new trends that started up in 2010 will be with us for another year, and it's exciting! Beautiful pastels, vintage touches and social media influences will make your wedding absolutely stunning.

Vintage Appeal: Beautiful wedding dresses will revert back to beautiful vintage styles with a bit of a modern twist. Beautiful lace, romantic detailing and pretty textures will make your wedding dress so whimsical and romantic.A lot of brides will be incorporating beautiful brooches, possible heirlooms, into their wedding for that added personal touch.

Natural outdoor settings, simplicity and beautiful detailing will be in. Rustic chic, simple menus with quality food and rustic wedding cakes will go perfectly with the vintage inspired wedding. Of course, it's all in the details that make a wedding truly stunning.

Eco-Friendly Chic:Recycled invitations, programs or even a wedding dress will be in with these Eco-friendly weddings. Think vintage, second-hand items. There are tons of ideas when using this idea, such as finding beautiful glass bottles or lanterns which would be great for centerpieces. Have your florist arrange a rustic reception centerpiece in one of your glass bottle finds.

When it comes to favors, you can offer your gifts flower seeds or charitable donations in their names. Even DIY weddings are becoming more and more popular. Anything to make the world a better place.

It's All In The Details: None of your wedding details should ever go unseen. The tiniest details should be planned to exactly fit your wedding theme. Hire a wedding planner if you're not into details, but they should all be covered.

Everything from place cards, menus, chairs, table linens, wedding cake and grooms cake should all have those special finishing touches. Paying close attention to all these details will pull everything together and make your wedding absolutely flawless.

Get Social: With society becoming more social media savvy, that's the ideal way to let everyone stay in the loop on all of your wedding details. Facebook, Twitter and wedding websites are great ways to keep family and friends in the loop. They'll feel more involved in your wedding and most likely won't forget any important dates or times.

Create a wedding website to tell the story of your proposal and wedding. You can showcase your bridal party, wedding details and where you're registered at. Getting social will just help your guests be in on all the important details and to feel more apart of your wedding. So go on and get social!

These 5 wedding trends for 2011 are beautiful little touches that will set any wedding apart from the rest. Your wedding should focus on everything, from the biggest details right down to the smallest. Wedding trends that are here to stay will provide you with one fantastic wedding!

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by Kelly Curtis

Are you a recently engaged bride? Are you looking for "the" wedding dress that you've always imagined? You want something that fits your style, but also a bridal dress that is in season too. So, here is a wedding forecast of all the hot new wedding dress trends for 2011. Hope you find "the" one!

2011 is all about romance, whimsical, dimensional embellishments and a flair of uniqueness. Beautiful romantic gowns that have a touch of softness to them sound so appealing. Sounds like they could be straight from a fairytale movie. However, it's your fairytale.

Pickup Wedding Dresses: Pickups were very popular a couple of years ago and now they're back. Looking more beautiful than ever on formal wear. Beautiful gatherings within the skirt make a unique finish to any wedding dress. However, there are different interpretations. Some are bold pickups, while others are soft and light. Some pickups are in unique places and some are different sizes. This wedding dress trend is simply unique with a touch of elegance.

Romantic Skirts: Oh, beautiful flowing skirts, sounds so dreamy and gorgeous. Full of tulle and organza paired with soft, pretty lace. Beautiful layers with an dream-like feel. When you think of a wedding dress with a full skirt, you think heavy. Not anymore.

Dresses are becoming much more soft and romantic. They feature beautiful tulle tiers, layers and pickups. Paired nicely with a lace finish to create that romantic, dreamy look.

Trumpet Skirt/Mermaid Silhouette: Form fitting at the top with a dramatic flair at the bottom makes this dress absolutely breath-taking. Some are not doing such a dramatic flair, such as it starts to flair out just below the knees. Works well with all curves. All types of styles too!

From the soft flair at the bottom, ruffles and tiers and layers are what can be seen on this lovely bridal dress. It features a sweetheart neckline, strapless or one shoulder. Embellished with beautiful ribbon or crystal belts and beautiful flowers makes this dress ideal for the unique bride with a hint of elegance.

Blossoming Blooms: An embellishment hitting bridal gowns are beautiful flower appliques. Beautiful one shoulder adorned in varying sizes of flowers sounds so chic. These gorgeous blooms can adorn the dress in varying sizes, from small to larger sizes. The neckline, bottom, top or all over. These blossoming blooms can add a flair of style to any dress. Whether it be a touch of elegance or something unique.

Fancy Tiers: Another fun trend, tiers! Again, there are different interpretations on this trend. Larger or small tiers that can be all over the dress or on the flair on a dress. They can feature asymmetrical or straight across. Tiny tiers can also be extremely flattering on anyone. These fancy tiers add a touch of style to any bridal dress. They'll look simply amazing!

5 wedding dress trends that you'll see throughout the year. Maybe on you? These wedding trends are absolutely gorgeous and would look amazing on anyone. They're simply unique!

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by Celebration Advisor

Can you recall a bridesmaid dress that you loved so much you wore it again? Me neither. And despite what you said when you were trying it on ("Oh, of course I can totally wear it again!"), you probably never will.

However, despite what you may have sworn to yourself as you were standing at the altar wearing an Easter egg-hued gown, the temptation to make your friends do the same thing still exists when it's your turn to plan a wedding. Here's what to do:

On behalf of your friends, your wedding photos, and your checkbook, I say let the bridesmaids choose their gowns. There are several ways to do this:

1. Give them a selection. Many formal wear businesses offer one gown in many modified styles. For example, they may take a traditional A-line red dress and offer it with straps, without straps, tea length, or with a wrap. Your bridesmaids can then choose the fit in which they feel the most comfortable.

2. Choose a color. Many brides today leave it to their bridesmaids to choose their dresses, as long as they are a certain color, often black. Others may also dictate the length. Bridesmaids can then go to their favorite retail store, a formal wear store, or visit their closets to find something that fits the bill.

3. Choose a theme. If you're having a destination wedding or a ceremony with a theme, let your bridesmaids know in plenty of time so they can come up with outfits to suit your theme.

It may be a a bigger challenge for you to let go of some of the decision making, but your bridesmaids will have a dress that they not only feel comfortable in, but will wear again!

Stroll into any flea market and you will find dozens of brooches tucked away in glass cabinets and corners. Always eclectic, sometimes sparkly, these eye-catching trinkets hook countless shoppers who wish for a good reason to pick these little guys up. Until recently, aside from making a fashion statement, there has been little use for vintage brooches.

Thankfully, with the emergence of the DIY weddings and eco-friendly wedding design, brooches are a great way to create unity and add a fun touch to a ceremony or reception. The possibilities for these glittery gems are truly endless!


A touch of vintage sparkle is the perfect compliment to any floral design. Contemporary or traditional, all wedding flower arrangements can be punched up with the addition one (or several!) brooches. Attach them to blooms, ribbons, or stems of flowers in centerpieces, on top of napkins, or in a bouquet. They won't detract from the arrangement; instead, they will add a oodles of character to your flowers! A few bold brides are even creating all-brooch bouquets!

Table Decor

Press brooches into inexpensive candles for a high-end look. Attach them to napkin rings for added embellishment, or lay them intermittently down the center of the table among centerpieces and candles for a glittery, elegant effect.

Wedding Attire

Creative brides are adorning their hair, dresses, and bridal party with brooches. Attach them to hair combs for a vintage look, or create a small cluster on a sash around the waist; brooches add romance to any style.  Small ones can even be used on the groom's boutonniere. Brooches can take a wedding ensemble from plain to modern classic.

They don't have to match, and they cost next to nothing. Brooches are the perfect addition to any wedding design, thanks to their versatility and charm. Picking up a little nostalgia is a modern way to make your wedding day special!

Photos Courtesy of Mileena, nein09, shannaleigh,& Muffet via Flickr Creative Commons

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That's right. Look through any bridal publication and you'll see throngs of wedding gown photos. The other stand out attention grabber is the stylish amount of sequins, beadwork, and crystals dangling from the bodice of each gown. While some trendy wedding gowns feature intricate beadwork from the breast to the train, many others include the detailing in a more confined area. Either way, you'll be hard pressed to find a trendy wedding gown without fashionable bling.

Consider empire waist wedding dresses. What better to draw attention to the style of the dress than a row of beautiful Swarovski crystals, intricate beadwork, colorful jeweled ribbon or some other stylish accessory? For most empire wedding dresses, it's this accessorizing that makes or breaks the gown.

It's not just empire style wedding dresses that receive this special treatment. Wedding dresses that sparkle and shine under the weight of their wedding accessories can be found in a wide range of styles. A-line wedding dresses are especially prone to featuring detailing from bodice to train. This allows the eye to trail the length of the dress. In other words, guests must take in the full affect of the beautiful dress and the gorgeous bride who wears it.

Mermaid wedding dresses aren't as prone to this type of detailing. Ruching is more popular with mermaid wedding dresses but jewel-esque accessories aren't without a wedding dress in this style either. You may have to look harder but they're out there.

While you're most likely to find stylish wedding dresses like these in a-line, empire and column wedding gowns, you'll have a difficult time finding a trendy wedding gown without some sort of accessorizing. We all know that brides like to feel beautiful and diamonds are a girl's best friend. Merge the two into an incredible wedding dress and the only thing missing is the "I do."

Photo #1 — Beaded wedding dress photo courtesy of J&R Guarino Photography, a Brick, New Jersey wedding photographer.

Photo #2 — Beadwork and colorful wedding dress photo courtesy of Lace Graphics Design & Photography, an Augusta Georgia wedding photographer.

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