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Wedding and Party Network recently appeared on Lifetime Television's "The Balancing Act." Miss the original airing? Even those of us who couldn't swing the early morning showtime can still watch WPN's segment.

I love entertaining through parties, dinners, game nights and almost any excuse I can think of for having people around. It's an exciting time to develop a bond with your closest friends. My sister is similar but loves wedding planning. Between the two of us, we can spend hours on the Internet planning our events. Thankfully for us, we no longer have to! I remember when I first met Loranne Atwill, vice president of operations for WPN, and was given a quick list of the benefits of a directory of vendors for wedding and party planning. I thought to myself, "That saves so much time!" It wasn't until my next game night that I realized just how much the directory helps.

Today everyone else has a chance to get excited about throwing a party or planning a wedding. Loranne sat down with Danielle Knox of "The Balancing Act" for a few moments to discuss the many benefits of using Wedding and Party Network when planning your special event. You've already heard my favorite benefit–"it saves time"–but now get more information about how Wedding and Party Network works for you straight from Loranne herself!