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Is it proper wedding etiquette to ask that children not attend a wedding?   Yes, it is your wedding so it is your decision.  However, expect backlash if you've decided not to include children at your wedding.  What isn't proper etiquette is to have it printed or even hand written on the invitations NO Children.

To easy any backlash, you can explain to your closer relatives and friends that you're not able to accommodate all the children.

In large families, you could be looking at another dozen or more guests and that can be costly if you're having a dinner reception after the ceremony.

You will be hit with all types of pleas to allow children.  Stand your ground and be firm, but nice.

A good way to head off any problems would be to get your wedding party in on spreading the verbal word that this is an adult only wedding and reception.

Write or visit friends and relatives who have kids and explain to them why you've made a choice to not have children.

Be forward and blunt with any guest who tells you they will be brings their kids.  Tell them, "I am sorry, but we aren't able to accommodate any children".

They may retort back with, "We won't be attending your wedding".  At that point tell them your sorry they made that decision and they will be missed.

One thing you might consider is by setting age limits, such as no children under 10.  If you're afraid that cousin Jen's little boy will cause a ruckus just as you're sharing your vows during your wedding ceremony, hire a child-care and set aside a room for the kids.  This way you can enjoy a beautiful wedding sans the wails of a fussy child, but they can still come to the wedding reception.

Remember it is your wedding and your choice to make on who is invited.  Stand firm and make no exceptions. By standing firm, you may very well hurt guests feelings so much that they may not attend the wedding.  As you make your decision to say no children and have an adults only wedding, be sure that you can accept that your favorite friend or relative won't attend. Create a wedding that is truly special to you and fits your needs.

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