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Ask The Celebration Advisor: I am giving a bridal luncheon/shower.  The invitation only says bridal luncheon.  On the enclosure about the bridal registry, can I say "You may choose your shower gift from the bridal registry" and list the bridal registry or just have the bridal registries listed.  I think most people know this is also a shower, but I want to make sure and I want to do it properly.  Thanks! Anne

The Celebration Advisor:


A bridal luncheon when held in conjunction with a shower must follow the same etiquette as a bridal shower.  Etiquette dictates that registry information should be included with the invitation.  However, the wedding registry information must NOT be on the invitation itself.  It must be on a separate note and inserted in the envelope with the invitation.  The best way to accomplish this is a one-sided note card slightly smaller than the bridal luncheon invitation (most invitation suppliers have these coordinating cards).

The note card needs to simply state the facts concerning the bridal registry store choices only. While the invitation should include all pertinent information concerning the bridal luncheon.  If you follow these etiquette principles you should be fine.