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Wedding & Party Network Newsletter

by Kelly Curtis

Volume 3 Issue 4

Create A Personalized Wedding

We all know that planning a wedding is stressful. There are so many details to plan out and research that it can be overwhelming. However, it's all worth it in the end. Yet, when planning a wedding, are you faced with how to make your wedding your own? You research for many hours and some how find that a lot of weddings sort of look the same. Are you stumped on how to make your wedding more personalized towards you? Well, Wedding and Party Network has a few tips that will help you personalize your wedding.

1. Create A Wedding Logo – Create a personalized logo that shows off a personal symbol and a monogram that you can put on your wedding invitations, programs and display at your wedding reception. No one else will have anything like it.

2. Personalize The Venue – Don't settle for a wedding venue that is just standard. Research different type of venues and locations that truly fit your personality. Find a rustic barn, hold your wedding ceremony near water or even have your wedding at a zoo. Next, personalize your site with engagement photos and baby photos. Even incorporate fun hobbies that you both share. By doing this, your wedding reception will truly be customized towards your personality and your grooms.

3. Thoughtful Gifts – There are so many people who you want to thank on your wedding day and even some where gifts are appropriate. Therefore, don't give the normal thank you gifts, get creative. Of course, you may want to stick with the traditional gift like a bracelet or flask, yet have it engraved with a personalized message that is important to you and the recipient.

4. Customize The Wedding Ceremony – Have your close family and friends take part in the wedding ceremony. Have them recite a favorite poem, sing a memorable song, cherished passage or even have the act out a scene for a truly fun twist on your wedding. This is your day, so make it yours.

5. You Can Personalize Anything – Yes, you can personalize anything you want! Flowers can be personalized with your favorite colors and you can even include a personable item within your wedding bouquet and arrangements, food can be custom designed for your taste buds, your wedding cake can feature something unique on it and whatever else you want to include on your wedding day.

Just remember, this is your wedding day. Of course, you want it to represent you and your groom. So, include your great personality throughout your wedding that will make it one-of-a-kind.

If you are planning a wedding, let Wedding and Party Network help!

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