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by Celebration Advisor

Why do brides get to have all the parties? They don’t…Grooms are foregoing the standard bachelor parties in favor of groom shower parties. Theses groom parties are given in similar fashion as bridal showers. You can throw a groom’s shower in many different themes and styles. Although the bride and the groom can participate in this type of shower, the focus should be on the groom. The shower theme should revolve around the groom’s hobbies or lifestyle making his personality the most important factor for the party.

Bridal showers are usually reserved for the ladies of each side to get to know one another. Family and friends come together to get to know one another over punch and cake. This same idea should be extended to the groom. The groom’s shower should be a bonding experience between the groom, his groomsmen, wedding attendants and male family members from both sides.

Grooms showers can be informal or as formal as the groom, himself. When thinking of how to throw a grooms shower, just look back at a few of the bridal shower themes you’ve attend or heard about. Just about any idea you have for the brides shower can be turned into a groom shower….it is that easy. Men love tools, can’t get enough of them. Men will shop for tools just like women shop for that special pair of shoes. So how about a tool theme groom shower; every household needs tools, but they are rarely given as wedding gifts. Setting up a tool party is fun for the party giver as well as the party goers.

You can incorporate inexpensive wrenches or screwdrivers into a centerpiece made by a local florist shop. Drinks can be tool themed, like a Harvey wall banger, a rusty nail or even a screwdriver. Food is easy; deli sandwiches from a local caterer will thrill every party participant. Put some chips in a paper lined toolbox and you have an easy decoration that stays true to the theme and later a great gift for the groom. Any type of tool can easily be made in to a decoration just use your imagination; it will be a shower no one will forget!

Barbeque Groom Bash….the simple invitation reads; A shower for the grillin’ groom. All the shower attendee’s are asked to bring a barbeque item for a gift. The gift could be a favorite barbeque sauce, grill tool, grilling cookbook or even a grill. The host provides the food; ribs steaks, chicken, and drinks. The barbeque party can be a simple theme with a few decorations placed in and around the host back yard. Or you can go all out with a fully decorated beach theme barbeque. Bring in sand, beach balls, seashells all the fun stuff you find at the beach. Party supply and accessory stores have loads of theme items to decorate from the most elegant to the wildly outlandish. This type of grooms shower is the perfect place to play flag football, volleyball or any other fun outdoor game. Horseshoes any one?

The bride can even give the groom a groom’s shower. After the tuxedos fitting, the bride arranges for the groom, best man and the other groomsmen to go to a day spa. The groom’s party will be greeted with their favorite drinks along with some finger food while relaxing with a day of pampering. Groom is not into spas, how about renting a karaoke bar. The groom party moves to the karaoke bar after getting fitted and the rest of the bridal party can meet them there. What brings people together more than singing your heart out?

The casino royal shower theme is great for an elegant groom’s shower. No it’s not what you’re thinking…much more. The idea for a casino royal theme party is for the quest to bring a gift to stock a home bar. Wine glasses, martini shaker, different sized jiggers, corkscrews, mixed drink recipes, or monogrammed cocktail napkins. On the invitation explain what the party theme is and specify that everyone come dressed as 007. With James Bond inspired looks …a tux for the men and elegant cocktail dress for the ladies elegance will be the essence of the party. Decorate using the backdrop of a Monte Carlo casino. Use your local party supply store to its full advantage. Set up casino games to play, like roulette, black jack, and poker. Simply don’t have time to make the party come together yourself…. have this party catered or contact a party planner.

Grooms who are more into the casual lifestyle and sports will love this sports themed party. Create a mini football, baseball field or a basketball court using painted indoor-outdoor carpet. For example with football, take indoor/outdoor green carpet and mark off the yardage lines in white tape or paint. Use the same idea for the other sports fields. This is male bonding at its best. The party host could even arrange the theme around a particular game on TV. Instead of grooms gifts, at this party have everyone donate to the local youth sports clubs in the groom’s name.

Party ideas and themes are easy to come by. With a little imagination and some thought you can give the groom a great party he won’t forget. Buy disposable cameras for the guest to use, or better yet hire a photographer/videographer and capture all the memorable moments. Keep in mind that you can find many sources for party supplies at flower shops, party supply stores, and other sources. For help with your groom’s shower check out the many vendors at Wedding And Party Network.

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Contributor: Leigh Morrisett

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