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Wedding & Party Network Newsletter

by Celebration Advisor

The Center of Attention In Party Decorations

Unique Centerpieces for all Occasions

Tired of the same boring, round centerpiece with dull, lackluster flowers used for every occasion? Bump up the creativity and excitement with a unique centerpiece by using bright, energetic colors and distinctive personal touches. Vast, striking, stargazer lilies accented with silver tinge embraced by a sleek glass vase is a quite modern centerpiece that is full of life and a perfect for any occasion. A beautiful, vibrant table centerpiece is the focal point of the room and can capture the attention of guests within moments of arrival. Themed centerpieces, regardless of the occasion, bring decoration and conversation to the party setting in a matter of minutes. With simple assembly in minimal time, these unique centerpieces will give you amazing table decorations without running down the clock.

Wedding Centerpieces

There are so many ways to create a beautiful wedding centerpiece. Utilizing vibrant colors and personalized touches in unique wedding centerpieces is a great way for the wedding hosts to make their festivities distinctive and memorable. Soft, lush, floral centerpieces are always appropriate for weddings and can incorporate any color scheme or flowers the wedding party desires. Spring, summer, winter, or fall, floral arrangements can be created using any kind of flowers the bride and groom choose.

Floral centerpieces can also incorporate candles into the arrangement, creating a romantic glow surrounding the soft, bountiful arrangements. Not only do candle centerpieces add decoration to the wedding venue, but also create a loving, passionate ambiance that sets the mood for the wedding festivities.

A twist from the candle centerpiece, floating candle centerpieces add creativity to the traditional glowing focal point of the table. Floating candle centerpieces consist of a container, usually a long, shallow, glass bowl filled with water in which tea light candles float. Creative and inexpensive, floating candle centerpieces are a fantastic decoration for couples on a budget! Using butterflies as a centerpiece is another unique wedding reception centerpiece idea that combines beauty and entertainment.

Christmas Centerpieces

Christmas centerpieces should express the joy and excitement of the holiday season. Unique and inexpensive, several Christmas centerpieces can be assembled by using decorations that you already have. For the center of the dining room table, a small Christmas tree, of any color you choose, adorned with personalized family ornaments creates a beautiful custom-made Christmas centerpiece for the entire family to enjoy.

Have some left over boxes and wrapping paper? Wrap those assorted boxes with the scrap paper, tie on a few ribbons, and then arrange into a pile in the middle of the table. This fun Christmas centerpiece is great for all Christmas festivities from gift exchanges to Christmas dinners. Both of these creative centerpieces allow you to use materials you already have, cutting down on extra costs during the holiday season. Though it tends to be more expensive, traditional floral Christmas centerpieces are forever appropriate and classy for the Christmas festivities as well

Baby Shower Centerpieces

A baby shower is an exciting time, not only for the mother-to-be, but for all of the family and friends of the honoree. What better way to add excitement to the occasion than with a beautiful, creative baby shower centerpiece to adorn the table. Baby shower centerpieces allow for tons of creativity using the baby’s gender, name, or the colors of the nursery.

A decoration favorite for the baby shower hosts’ is the creative and useful diaper cake centerpiece. Towering above all, the diaper centerpiece is constructed using rolls of diapers stacked in layers to resemble a cake and adorned with bright colored ribbon, soft plush toys, and personalized gift items such as bibs and socks. This centerpiece not only creates a great focal point with mounds of conversation between guests, but is also functional, in that everything that the diaper cake is made of, the mother-to-be can use.

Another unique baby shower centerpiece that is decorative and useful as well is a large gift basket filled with items from practical onesies to baby loving toys. To achieve this gift-filled centerpiece, load a large wicker basket full of items that the new mother will need once the baby is born. Soft baby blankets, soothing lotions, baby toys, and cute clothes are all great items that can be used to fill the centerpiece basket. Once the items are inside, wrap the basket in cellophane and top with a large vibrant bow.

Sometimes using an image from the nursery decorations like bunnies, butterflies or rainbows can be a unique way to create a centerpiece. These baby shower centerpieces will have your guests and mom-to-be stunned by the creativity and thoughtfulness that went into these fantastic baby shower centerpieces.

Party Centerpieces

Every party needs the perfect centerpiece to create a fun, enjoyable atmosphere for guests to enjoy. Birthday party centerpieces, themed party centerpieces, and even outdoor party centerpieces are all easier to create than you may think. Easy, quick to clean up, and great for kids, balloon centerpieces are fantastic for birthday bashes and "Over the Hill" parties. Imagine a party room filled with round tables adorned by bountiful groups of colored balloons. Hot air balloon themed parties can also be creatively decorated with colorful balloon centerpieces rising above the heads of your guests. "Over the Hill" birthday parties are fun and amusing for both guests and honoree. Creating "Over the Hill" themed centerpieces is made easy with groupings of dark black balloons and "Over the Hill" mylar balloons. Each table adorned with mounds of black balloons weighted by a miniature tombstone creates a fun and exciting centerpiece for guests to enjoy.

Though great and inexpensive for indoor events, balloon centerpieces are not ideal for outdoor functions. Outdoor parties are fantastic occasions to bring out the beautiful blooming potted plants as table centerpieces and natural decorations. Large shallow pots filled with colorful, lush foliage centerpieces are incredibly inexpensive and are ideal for outdoor parties and dinners; not to mention you can enjoy it for years to come.

Be it a wedding, birthday celebration, holiday or another festive occasion, unique centerpieces help light up the party and keep lively conversation buzzing. Unique centerpieces are fun and easy to create and are usually inexpensive and long-lasting. Adding a special and beautiful touch to traditional centerpieces adds a burst of excitement to the room and will ensure that the host is the life of the party.

Contributor: Jordon Robinson