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by Leigh Morrisett

Bachelor and bachelorette parties don't always have to be crazy, wild parties.  With men and women marrying later in life, this leads to less wild parties as one might have in their 20's.  A beautiful brunch party combining the bride and groom's parties into one may be just the ticket.

Here's what you need to throw a wonderful Bachelor/Bachelorette party with class:

Bachleorette/Bachelor Party Needs A Tasty Treat

Brunch is breakfast and lunch combined. Its the best of both worlds and a brunch buffet is the perfect way to service these awesome foods. Selecting which brunch items to serve will depend on the the groom and bride's tastes or whom ever is throwing the brunch party.

A few suggestions are: an omelet station, ham, muffins, quiche, bagels and smoked salmon. Also, don't forget fruits and sweets such as crepes or pastries. If you're hiring a caterer, they can give you lots of other food ideas.

Every Bachelor Party Revolves Around Beverages, But Bachelorettes Want Them Too

Since this is a celebration brunch, you'll want to have some specialty drinks besides coffee, tea and o.j.  Mimosas are common place at most brunches, as well as Bloody Mary's, and of course champagne.

In fact, a champagne fountains can add a touch of class to any brunch. For a more personalized experience, serve a signature drink created just for the occasion.  Serve your signature beverage in a special keepsake glass that quest can take home.

Table Decoration - Centerpiece With Lantern

Every Festivity Needs The Added Touch Of Decorations

Your party decoration choices will depend upon the personality of the couple.  If they have outgoing and vibrant personalities, decorate using banners and lots of shiny materials, as well as and blooming or interesting plants with some candles as table decorations.  Place fun and lively party favors on the tables to add interest.

If they are more reserved, you can use delicate paper lanterns and fresh flower bouquets with hurricane candles on the tables.  Soft delicate centerpieces accompanied with cute party favors may be all the decorations you need.

A brunch bachelorette/bachelor party is a really great way to celebrate a couple entering a second marriage or those marrying later in life. It is a great alternative for those wanting a more sophisticated bachelorette or bachelor party.

Brunch can be a casual affair or a more elegant affair. As the host or hostess, you can determine the level of sophistication, elegance and atmosphere of the brunch party. Think about the possibilities of a brunch party. After all, you will have the whole day to have fun.