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by Kelly Curtis

National Breast Cancer Awareness health campaign is during the month of October. This month-long observation brings awareness to health for women and it's very important for them to be aware of this growing concern. So, if you're a company or even if this is a cause close to your heart, throwing a party to raise awareness during this month is a great way to get people's attention. Wedding and Party Network is here to give you a few party ideas and tips for your pink party!

Facts & Tidbits

First off, here are a few facts and tidbits about this awareness month. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month was founded in 1985 as a partnership with American Cancer Society. From the beginning, they have striven to promote mammograms for women to help with breast cancer. During this month, several activities occur, like The National Race for the Cure, Breast Cancer 2 Day, Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure, Ride to Empower, Global Illumination, Pink Day and other various activities throughout the country.

Party Ideas & Tips

First off, make the guest list. It just has to feature the people you want to spread awareness to, like close friends and family members. Even if you know survivors of breast cancer, invite them as well. They'll make wonderful speakers at your party to share their experience. Also, a little donation goes a long way. Even if it's not a lot, ask your guests if they would mind donating towards this great cause to promote awareness.

Next up, focus on the decorations. When people think about this awareness month, they think of pink and the ribbon logo. Therefore, that's what you need to decorate your party with. Also, as party of your party decorations, place out pamphlets or articles about breast cancer and what this campaign is all about.

Now for the party food, focus on pink themed food. Focus mainly on finger foods or mini desserts for this get together. Your event will probably have a few friends and family members over, so going with a light party menu is the way to go. Pink cupcakes featuring the awareness ribbon, pink chocolate dipped strawberries, pink candy and even pastries with pink icing are great ideas for mini desserts. To top it all off, don't forget about the pink lemonade.

The main focus of your party needs to promote awareness. So, focus on providing your guests with the information they need to better understand this topic. If you know someone who has dealt with this, is a breast cancer survivor or works with the association, have them as a guest speaker. Don't forget about interesting articles and pamphlets to hand out to your friends. Your party will be informative, promoting and giving back to this society.

So, when throwing your pink party, don't forget to incorporate information and have fun with it. Your party is a great place to help raise awareness, promote Breast Cancer Awareness and even raise a donation to help further their research and promotion.

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