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by Kelly Curtis

Thanksgiving is the time to give thanks and celebrate this country, as well as family. Adults understand the importance of Thanksgiving, however, children may not fully understand it. Plan a Thanksgiving that is kid friendly where they can understand this holiday while having a fun time. Wedding and Party Network has a few tips to achieve this.

Keep Them Entertained

To keep them entertained while the food is being prepared, lay out some crafts. They can create felt Thanksgiving food, toilet paper tube turkey, colorful Thanksgiving trees, turkey hand prints, Thanksgiving hats or even bake up some cookies beforehand and let them create their own desserts.

There's also a few games that the children can play. One is called the table game where the family can play. It's a conversation starter game. You can include conversation questions such as what are you thankful for and if you could invite one person to Thanksgiving dinner, who would it be. It's just a fun conversation starter and for everyone to learn a little more about each other.

Kid Friendly Recipes

Some kids may shy away from some Thanksgiving food since they may be a little unfamiliar with it. Create turkey meatballs with some vegetables mixed in, stuffing that features croutons, apples & cranberries, cranberry sauce shaped into fun shapes by using cookie cutters, mashed potato sundaes, sweet potato souffle and maybe a pumpkin pie milkshake and their cookies that they decorated from earlier.

You can easily make Thanksgiving dinner kid friendly where they enjoy the food and learn more about the history of this holiday. Fun crafts and tasty food are definitely the elements for a kid Thanksgiving.

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Corn wreath photo via Rea Life, One Day at a Time