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by Kelly Curtis

The sun is shining brightly, the weather is warm and you are looking for something wonderful to do on a Saturday afternoon. However, what do you want to do in this beautiful weather? Well, only one thing comes to mind and it's a picnic with your family. This is a wonderful time to head out to the park and spend quality time with everyone. The main thing that comes to mind when planning a picnic is what do I pack. So, Wedding and Party Network has our top 5 best picnic foods to pack.

First off, when packing for your picnic, remember that the foods needs to be easy to transport, the recipes should be simple to prepare and your picnic food needs to be fresh, simple and fun that's infused with seasonal flavors.

1. Drink it up. Create a unique drink to carry with you to your picnic. Of course, stick with the basics like water, lemonade or soda. However, mix it up a bit with a refreshing punch or sangria. Try a punch recipe with some refreshing fruits that will quench your thirst. This is definitely appealing since it can be made a day or so ahead of time and really the longer it sits the better so the flavors have time to combine.

2. A refreshing salad. No picnic is complete without a salad. There are so many salads that you can fix and all are simple to create. You can go with a potato salad, dill potato salad, German potato salad, Asian inspired salad, Caesar salad or even create little salad singles. For a no plate, eat with your hand salad, use a leaf of lettuce and wrap the toppings inside, like a lettuce wrap. Simple to make and easy to transport with various ways to prepare.

3. Finger sandwiches are a given. Sandwiches are so simple to create and can be prepared several ways. You can either bring a variety of bread, meats, cheeses and condiments so everyone can create their own sandwich or you can make one big sandwich to bring at home. There are so many sandwiches you can come up with like, egg salad, chicken salad, avocado and tomato sandwich, Italian sandwiches, mini grilled cheese sandwiches and even meatball subs. You can even let everyone pick out their favorite sandwiches and make sure to bring all the supplies so they can create it. Sandwiches are a definite must.

4. Fruit is a great snack. Of course, you're going to need snacks. Again, there is so much you can do with fruit. You can soak various fruit in wine, create fruit kabobs or just serve it on its own with a refreshing fruit dip. You can even do cut outs with fruits and stick it on a popsicle stick to create a unique fruit popsicle. Just slice off pieces of fruit and use cookie cutters to make different shapes. Fruit is just a great treat to snack on throughout the day.

5. Dessert in a jar. Right now, the trend is all about food in a jar. So, why not jump on the bandwagon? It's simple and creative. You can create cupcakes in a jar, brownie trifle in a jar, banana pudding in a jar or even cookies in a jar. This is just an easy dessert to transport and everyone gets their own personal serving.

These 5 picnic foods are all simple to transport and you have various ways in which you can prepare them. With so many options, everyone will be satisfied. However, if you're still unsure or have no idea or you just don't want to hassle with packing a picnic, you can always talk with your local caterer and they'll have plenty of food ideas. So, spend your Saturday with a delicious and eventful picnic.

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