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by Kelly Curtis

What will be the emerging party trends for 2013? Party themes and what people incorporate into their parties are ever-changing. They change just like everything else and emerge with the trends. Wedding and Party Network has what watch out for this year within party trends.

Color Trends – Pantone named it's color of the year and this year it's emerald. This is such a gorgeous color, rich, and vibrant. Be sure to include this color in some of your party themes. It would be a great color to use around St. Patrick's Day or honestly any time of the year. It's such a stand out color. Pair it with black or white. Don't forget, this color would be perfect for a Wizard of Oz themed party.

Flowers Galore – Flowers are at almost ever party, however, they're really going to be making statements this year. You'll see peonies of every color, blue delphiniums, and white orchids. Find them in silk, paper, fresh flowers, and just some out-of-the-box arrangements.

Creative Lighting – Really get creative with your lighting this year! Have fun with it and come up with out-of-the-box ideas to light the party. Put glowsticks in balloons to light a walkway, create a chandelier from a hula hoop and Christmas lights, put garden stakes underneath tables to create beautiful uplighting underneath the tables, or create chandeliers from wine bottles. There are really creative ideas out there and most you can do yourself.

There are many trends to watch out for. Just find what works best for your party. Pick a unique theme to make sure that it stands out from the rest.

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Hula hoop chandelier via Sarah with an H