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by Shelbi Raysor

Bachelorette parties are a breeze to plan, but a bridal shower for just your female relatives and close friends can be more difficult. Here is a fun theme for a bridal shower that is not only classy, but a theme that everyone can enjoy!

It may feel like yesterday when you received that tiny blue box, with a not so tiny surprise! Now, it’s time to celebrate your next step with Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed bridal shower. If you’re obsessed with Tiffany & Co, pearls and old fashioned class this theme is perfect for you!

Like most vintage black and white romance movies, you have found that iconic love. Now, it is time to put the old glamour, romance and class to good use.

Bridal Shower Décor

Nothing travels you back in time more than your atmosphere. Create an escape from all the wedding planning for not only you, but your guests! Make your shower decorations have a fresh look that is perfect for a mid morning brunch. White table cloths, glass dishes and lace leave the slate clean for color. After all, this is all about Tiffany Blue.

The perfect base created by your whites and crystal can be embellished with a few decorations. Centerpieces will be the main statement pieces at your brunch. On your tables, there should be different heights. Each table should tell a story and represent your personality in its own way. For the table centerpieces you could use:

  • White Feathers (Elegant, Fun and Tall)
  • Pearls (In strands or in the bottom of vases)
  • Candle Holders (Crystal or Silver)
  • Blue Tiffany Boxes (All sizes for height and centerpiece vases)
Flowers should be simple elegant colors like white and a light green. Hydrangeas are what come to my mind for the perfect height and full look. The flowers would look stunning in light blue vases or in a clear vase placed in the bottom half of a large tiffany blue box. The hydrangeas are so full; it will literally look like they are popping out of an engagement box.

Another element to this shower is women love to dress up. So, let your party be an excuse to go shopping! It’s a fun way to bond with the girls or family members before the shower. If you are worried about your guests having to buy something for your shower, don’t fret. Everyone owns…

That Little Black Dress

Dress codes can vary when it comes to bridal showers, but have fun with this one. Wear simple black dresses, pearls and don’t forget to bring your “puff” cigarettes. If you really want to have fun bring a set of white gloves.

Let’s say you want to stand out as the bride? What a simple way to have everyone wear black dresses for your entrance in white. Be the star for your perfect day!

If you are a woman after my own heart, you are probably thinking “Brunch… Where’s the food?” Don’t worry ladies it’s in the title of the theme.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

An early brunch is perfect for this theme! Not only does it go with the title, but breakfast is so easy to snack on while mingling. Of course, you should always choose your favorite breakfast foods for a unique appeal, but here are some starter choices:

  • Pearl Donuts (Also known as powdered)
  • Bagels
  • Fruit Bar
  • Pancake Cakes with powder sugar
  • Scones
  • Éclairs
  • Parfaits
These are all perfect starter choices for your brunch. They are easy to carry around from conversation to conversation and are not too filling. Did I mention they are super girly?

The Words of Love

From here you have everything you need for the set up of the party, now it’s time for the fun. After the mingling begins to die down it’s time for games. “He says… She says…” is always a hit and incorporates women from his side of the family. Write down quotes that you and your future husband have said. Allow the women to guess which of you said the funny one liner. After the given amount of time, reveal the mouth from which the quote came from and watch the look of shock and laughter fill the room.

When the party is over, don’t let your guests leave without their own set of pearls and a tiffany blue coffee cup. For an extra touch, I would wrap the cup in a thick white ribbon. Now, every morning they will remember memories of your bridal shower.

Coco Chanel believed that women should be two things: classy and fabulous. This party theme is just that.