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by Kelly Curtis

It's that time of year again. It's football season. So, now is the time to start planning your gameday party. This is such a fun time for everyone, even if you're not a football fan. The party decor, party food and activities that go with gameday are always so much fun for everyone. So, Wedding and Party Network has some party tips and ideas for your next football party.

Party Decor What's your favorite football team? Is there a team rivalry among your household? This is a great place to start for inspiration with your party decorations. Take a look at their colors, team mascot and other fun facts or style icons that make their team interesting. Find party decorations in your team's colors and decorate with streamers, pom poms, pennants, helmets, foam fingers, megaphones, footballs and balloons.

Another fun concept is to create football fields on your tables. If you have a few set up for guests to sit at or one set up for your food and desserts, turning them into a football field is a fantastic idea. You can take real turf or the outdoor rugs you find that resembles grass in a way and place them on top of the tables. Next, place the white lines and field numbers on the turf for the yardage. Don't forget the goal posts on the end and the football ready for kickoff.

Football Party Food – Finding the right party food for your football get together is simple. Take your favorite finger foods like chips & dip, salsa, guacamole, sliders, pigs in a blanket or nachos. There are various types of foods you can serve at this party. You can go with food bars, such as a pizza bar, Mexican bar, pasta bar, nacho bar or go with a finger food bar. There are so many options! Just have fun with it, and by fun, you can easily create your own football stadium with guacamole as the field, dips for the end fields, chips & crackers for the outside stadium and cheese for the players on the field.

However, get really creative with your desserts. You can create chocolate covered strawberries to look like footballs, football shaped cake, football cupcakes, football field cake or cookies. Talk with your local bakery and discuss some fun desserts that you can feature at your party.

Game Day Activities – What other game day activity would do other than play football? That's right, gather your friends and get together a great game of touch football. It will be fun for everyone.

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4 Responses to “Calling All Football Fans”
  1. Parker Says:

    Love the ideas! I’m having a big football party this weekend for my friends and coworkers at Dish. My wife and I wanted to change it up a little, and these your site has some great suggestions! Also, I’m going to turn our basement into the ultimate football headquarters. With my Hopper, I have three TVs hooked up, one to each tuner, that will allow us to watch three different games at the same time in full HD! This way everyone gets a chance to see their team in action. Thanks again!

  2. Kelly Curtis Says:

    Wow, sounds like so much fun and a great place to watch all the football games!!

  3. Parker Says:

    Thanks Kelly! With your tips our party was a resounding success; so much so, we’re having another. I came back more for tips and recipes, and have found a ton! Thanks again!

  4. Kelly Curtis Says:

    Great! Happy to hear that!!