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by Kelly Curtis

The Chinese New Year is Sunday, February 10. Have plans for that day? Why not host a Chinese New Year Party? It's a different and unique party to host at your house that is full of color and great decor. No clue on how to celebrate this holiday? Wedding and Party Network has a few tips and ideas to host this festive party!

This year it's all about the snake, which is a symbol of the Chinese calendar. Take inspiration from this symbol. For example, the color of the snake is red, which also goes with the main color associated with the new year. The element for the snake this year is water. You can definitely take inspiration from both of these items and include them within your party.

  • Party DecorationsIncorporate red and gold, since those are the main colors of this holiday. Also, include lanterns, paper fans, use tea tins as floral vases, and Chinese symbols of their mythology, such as rabbit, snake, monkey, dragon, tiger, ox, horse, rat, goat, dog, rooster, and pig. You can also hang Chinese letters around for decor, as well as placing your guests fortunes out as place settings, which doubles as a party favor.
  • Chinese Food – For the food, think of Chinese dinners with pork, chicken, and fish. Most of their dinners also feature a hot-pot, which is like a Chinese fondue. Think about serving speciality meats, such as duck, Chinese sausage, lobster, and abalone. Also, consider leeks, mandarin oranges, melons, noodles, and taro cakes. This is if you want to keep with tradition. You could also go with an alternative route by having your local caterer cater delicious Chinese food or just get take out.
  • New Year Activities – There are 15 days of celebration, so take inspiration from some of those. Think about incorporating fireworks and their lantern festival. You can incorporate these in your decor or actually make this an activity for your party. Having everyone light a lantern and send it off at the end of the night would be absolutely lovely.
  • Red Envelope – This is a gift exchange that are mainly used for special occasions. The red envelope represents good luck and to ward off evil spirits. Think about using these as your party favors that contain gold coins or their fortune.

This is a great party theme for anyone to have this time of year. It's fun, full of color, and good fortune.