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by Kelly Curtis

With so many wonderful events & holidays coming up, we can't forget about Cinco De Mayo, which is on May 5th. This is a wonderful time to host a themed party. There are so many great ideas to put into this party. Plus, this is just an all around great party theme to host. So, Wedding and Party Network has a few tips and ideas to make your Cinco De Mayo party a festive hit!

What exactly is Cinco De Mayo? It is a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride and to commemorate the freedom and democracy during the first years of the American Civil War. In the city of Puebla, it is observed to commemorate the Mexican Army's victory over French forces. It's definitely a day of celebration.

Festive Party DecorWhen you think of Cinco De Mayo, you immediately think of the colors, red, green & white. It should definitely be bright, colorful and festive. This party is great to host outdoors. Therefore, get tables and set them up right in your own backyard. Next up, find table cloths to cover the tables.Find them in bright & festive colors and even mix and match the patterns up.

Next up, you need centerpieces for the tables. Think fun and festive for these centerpieces. Take a trip to your local florist and tell them what type of party you are hosting. They will definitely be able to come up with some festive centerpieces. Don't forget to add festive party lanterns, candles, tiki torches, colorful pendants and string lights throughout the trees. These party accents will definitely give the vibe of a festive party. Also, don't forget the sombreros!

What's to eat? Along with the party decor, this party is definitely all about the food. There are so many options, yet it is so simple to prepare. Think about what you eat at a Mexican restaurant. Also, search for traditional Mexican dishes that are prepared for this holiday.

Start off by creating a taco/quesadilla/fajita bar all in one. All of these dishes require basically the same ingredients, so let your guests pick which ones that would rather have to eat. Feature a salsa bar with a variety of tortilla chips and guacamole.

Don't forget to mix up the basics by serving carne asada & carnitas! To really  mix it up and stay with traditional Mexican food, hire a caterer. They will have wonderful ideas and you can let your guests experience something new.

To finish off the night, don't forget about the margaritas. There are a variety of flavors, so stick with the bar theme and have a margarita bar where your guests can create their own custom concoction.

This party is definitely a great one to host in your own backyard. It gives you a wonderful excuse to get all your friends together and have a big celebration.

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