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by Kelly Curtis

There are many holidays worth celebrating throughout the year. Why not this year choose a holiday that you've never celebrated before? There are many holidays that you may never have heard of before. Wedding and Party Network has a holiday that is a must to celebrate this year, the Day of the Dead.

This Mexican holiday has been celebrated for over 3000 years. The ritual of honoring the dead began with the Aztecs and other ancient civilizations. It's a time to honor deceased relatives with a festive celebration that includes dancing, sugar skulls, masks and prayer. This is just a unique holiday and maybe something that you've never celebrated before. However, everyone will have a great time.

Party decorations – When decorating for this party, use bright colors, skulls, festive banners and flowers. If you need some ideas, visit your local party store for decorations and search online for ideas.

What to serve – Think about cooking up your favorite Mexican dishes. You can go with tacos, nachos, queso, mole, Mexican rice and Mexican hot chocolate. Try to keep it authentic. If you're unsure on how to create authentic Mexican food, talk with your local caterer.

Also, use sugar skulls. This is part of your party decorations, and some are made out of paper mache or craft material. However, they are really made out of real sugar. Try and create them yourself or you can always talk with your bakery as well. It will be something fun and authentic to include in your party. Don't forget about the tradition of breaking bread. It's a sweet bread with anise seed and orange that is used as an offering.

Include traditions – This holiday is all about ritual. So, include some if within your party. Raise your wine to the dead or even create crafts. You don't have to go full-out, but remember your loved ones during this time.

This party is something unique and is a great alternative for your Halloween party.

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