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by Kelly Curtis

There are many holiday traditions that your family and friends may share together. From exchanging gifts to what you eat, these are all traditions. One tradition you should get in on is an ugly sweater party. These are an absolute blast for everyone! Who doesn't love raiding their crazy aunt's or their sweet grandmother's closet for an outdated holiday sweater? Wedding and Party Network has a few tips on hosting an ugly sweater party this holiday season.

 A few weeks before:

  • Who to invite – Decide who to invite. This may be the most stressful part of your party right here. Who do you invite? Did you leave anyone out? Do you invite kids? Did you invite too many? Sit down and think about who you really want to come to your party. Once you have the numbers and guests, you can take care of the rest of the problems that may arise from too many or who you are actually inviting.
  • What will you do at the party – Will you have the White Elephant party game, decorate your home, and what type of food will you serve at your party? If you plan on doing a game, let your guests know. Your home will more than likely be decorated for the holidays so you won't have to worry about going all out. Just make sure to find festive servingware and table cloths for the food. When planning your holiday menu, think about how many guests attending and what will be the easiest to serve. You can go with finger foods, taco bar, or chilli bar. You decide or you can always have it catered, that will make it 10x easier on you.
  • Where will you have it – Once you know the guest list, you know how many people could possibly attend. Does your home provide enough space for everyone? If not, consider finding a party venue to host the party. Just remember, you don't want everyone so crowded that there is no where to go.
  • Set the date – Setting the date for your party maybe another stressful part of planning. Everyone has a million things going on so it's hard to work around everyone's schedule. Pick a date early and start letting your friends know. Even get your party invitations out as soon as possible. That way, everyone can plan around your party.

A few hours before: Party Tips You'll Want to Remember

  • Turn the heater down. With that many people, it will get warm quick.
  • Fill the room with some fragrance.
  • Designate an area for coats, purses, shoes, etc.
  • Make sure there is ample parking.
  • Plan for trash. You will probably have plenty of it, so stock up on trash bags and designate someone to take it out if they see it is getting full.

An ugly sweater party is an absolute blast for everyone. Plus, playing White Elephant or Dirty Santa is such a fun game! Everyone will truly enjoy themselves and it will definitely be a holiday tradition amongst your friends.

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