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by Shelbi Raysor

The Emmy’s are here! I repeat the Emmy’s are here! It’s time to celebrate the love and emotional tie we have to our favorite TV characters. Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, and Glee all need to be cheered on right? Here is the best way to do this. It’s another excuse to throw a party!

Themed Party Food

Personally, this would be a great excuse to get all the girls over for a male free night. The easiest way to get them here is to offer food and select beverages. I suggest food catered to your favorite show. Mad Men martinis and grilled filet mignons go perfectly with Mad Men and their life in style. Try these fun entrees and drinks to fit the theme:


  • White and Red Wine
  • Martinis
  • Champagne

Chic Meals

  • Filet Mignon Wrapped in Bacon
  • Bite Sized Twice Baked Potatoes
  • Swedish Meatballs
  • Mixed Green Salad with Parmigiano Crisps

Fan of Downton Abbey? Serve up yummy tea with tea cakes. Or, maybe you're a fan of Glee? If so, think about having slushy themed cupcakes or actual slushies. Just like within the television show, if you don't like someone or the winner, throw the slushy at the screen. Just remember, you have to clean that up.

Glitz & Glam Touches

What about those special added details? Well, don’t worry about sporting fine china for this event. Simply buy gold paper plates and supply gold and white star napkins for extra Emmy’s fun. This just clears up the time from cleaning dishes to drooling over John Hamm.

Decorating for this party should be a breeze. Simply get red, gold and white candles in all different heights. Place them accordingly over black tulle by the food in a corner to add to the looks of your well-made meal. I’m sure it will be beautiful!

Saying Thanks

As the Emmy’s come to a close, it’s time for everyone to head home. For party favors, give your girls personalized wine glasses. If you’re a great painter, simply paint a creative design that fits your guests’ personality. If you are like me and are only good with paint pens, draw your design and cook your glasses in the oven at 325 degrees for 40 minutes. It seals the paint pen design for washing and wear and These party favors will end the night as a success.

Great food, great decorations and great party favors are all the makings of a great awards night. Who says all the awards are handed out at the Emmy’s?