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by Kelly Curtis

Graduation is quickly approaching. Are you ready to send your children off to college and to celebrate this special time in their life? It's definitely a celebration! Therefore, a party is in order. Have you decided what to do for graduation party? There are lots of different ideas and themes that you can go with. So, Wedding and Party Network has a few tips and ideas for your graduation party.

The main thing to focus on with this party is the theme and party detailing. First off, pick a site. The venue doesn't have to be anything all out, unless you are inviting everyone in town and making it one big celebration for all the graduates. So, if it's just for close family members, let the party location be at home or even the grad's favorite restaurant.

Once you figure out the location, think about the decor. You can keep it simple or really play up the graduation theme. The graduate may be tired of school, however, use that as the theme of the graduation party. You can truly find inspiration for a graduation party through school. Find inspiration from notebook doodles, books, pencils and all the other school supplies that you find in school.

Place photos of everywhere of the graduate from the time they started to school up until now. It'll be a fun touch. For the centerpieces, pick their favorite books and stack them, tie ribbon and then place a floral arrangement on top that are accented with pencils, pens and crayons. Don't forget about the graduation caps and diplomas.

Next up, settle on the menu. If you've chosen their favorite restaurant, then you won't have to worry about the food. However, if you have chosen to host this party at your home, have their favorite restaurant cater the grand affair or cook their favorite foods. This party is all about them and celebrating, therefore, having what they enjoy is an absolute must. You can even recruit family members in creating some of their favorite foods. Don't forget to include cute desserts like a graduation cake with a childhood photo on it or cupcakes with graduation caps that you can make with a miniature reese's cup and piece of chocolate bar.

Remember, this party is simple to host. Just remember to make this party all about the graduate. Include all of their favorite things like the food, colors, location and decor. It's all about the graduate for this party.

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