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by Kelly Curtis

Groundhog Day is February 2nd and this is the day everyone finds out if we get 6 more weeks of winter or if spring is coming early. Why not celebrate this day with a little party, because every holiday needs a party, right? Wedding and Party Network has 7 reasons why you should host a Groundhog Day Party.

  1. Easy party theme – Why is this an easy party theme? You could easily just put Bill Murray's movie "Groundhog Day" on repeat the entire party.
  2. Simple party concept – The whole point of this party is finding out whether you have more winter coming or if spring comes early. Everyone gets the concept!
  3. Brown – Make everything the color brown, considering this is the color of the groundhog.
  4. Spring or winter – Have your guests dress up as spring or winter. It'll be fun to know what everyone thinks will happen.
  5. Party games –  Your guests can predict the weather, toss a stuffed groundhog into a basket for the little ones, or they can create their own masks. There are many out there for all ages.
  6. Party decorationsMake part of the room winter and the other part spring. Find blues and whites for winter and pastels for spring. Very easy and such a fun party theme.
  7. Chocolate – Since we've incorporated brown, chocolate is a must as well. You can go with chocolate cupcakes, chocolate candy, or cookies. Don't forget to serve winter and spring drinks as well.

Groundhog Day can definitely be turned into a party theme. Invite friends, neighbors, and the kids in your neighborhood for a little viewing party. Everyone will enjoy it!

Photo via Aaron Silvers