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by Kelly Curtis

Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Don't have a special date planned? That's completely fine! Grab a bunch of your friends together and host a singles awareness party! There are many great ideas for this party theme! So, Wedding and Party Network is here to offer you a few tips for hosting a Singles Awareness Party.

What color do you wear? – First off, pink and red are out. Pick any other colors other than those two. You can go with yellow, orange, green, or purple. Pick one and stick with it.

Party ideas – So, what type of parties can you host for Singles Awareness Party? Go with a movie theme night, dinner, or just a fun mixer where everyone can celebrate being single. Keep in mind who you invite. Some people enjoy being single, while others aren't exactly shouting it from the rooftops. Send out evites with fun pictures that are anti Valentine's Day, let them know the details, and start planning for a fun night.

Do you give gifts? – Gifts are completely optional for this celebration. If you do decide on gifts, go small but fun. Personalized M&M's, fun anti Valentine's Day cupcakes, or a great personalized card.

Food & drinks For the food, go simple with appetizers or consider serving sweets and ice cream. How many can relate to those movies where you see the girls binging on everything in sight and ice cream after a break up? You can do a play off that scenario.

This party is all about having fun and spending time with your best friends. Who cares if you're single if you have great friends in your life!