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by Kelly Curtis

Every Friday, Wedding and Party Network will be choosing a theme or color and give you inspirational photos. We want to help give you inspiration for your next event, wedding or party. So, take a look and we hope to give you a bit of inspiration when planning your wedding or party. Our inspirational board will give everyone inspiration for red, white and blue. This holiday is a great time to get together with friends and family. When planning for a party at your house, keep in mind red, white and blue!

Your 4th of July party should be filled with red, white and blue. They are the colors of the holiday, therefore, they should always be incorporated into your party. Create red, white and blue party food and make sure your centerpieces include those colors in them. Create something truly unique by mixing and matching different shades of red, white and blue in them. The most important thing about this holiday is to remember what it stands for and to spend it with close family and friends.