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Turning 50 is a HUGE milestone and one that many people dread. This party will be as special as the birthday guest!
Over the Hill is a commonly used  party theme and by playing it up with an ALL black party decor, you'll have a successful 50th birthday party that everyone will enjoy!

Over the Hill Menu

Fruit trays, chips and dip, veggie trays, chicken wings, finger sandwiches on rye bread, hamburgers, brats or grilled chicken will all make wonderful party food. Keep the menu enjoyable for everyone. If you don't feel like cooking, call your local caterer to create a wonderfully personalized menu!

You should definitely think black for your food. Your menu can contain fruit dipped in DARK chocolate, black olive kabob with cheese, black bean salads, blackberries, black mushrooms, black rice, black licorice and a fantastic black birthday cake!

Create a signature drink with a funky personalized name. Add black food coloring to for a finishing touch.

Black Party Decorations

Keeping up with the black party decorations will be easy. Just visit your local party store and you'll find everything you need. So, stick with the basics, such as black balloons, black flowers, black napkins, table clothes, confetti, and even black foods. The party decorations are easy,  but will definitely set the theme for this birthday party.


  • A great centerpiece for an over the hill party is a birthday chronicle featuring historically accurate information as a newspaper page. With the birthday star's picture and bio as the focal point, you can include fun facts from the their birth year.
  • Create a slide show honoring the birthday guest through out their 50 years of life.
  • Music : Play oldies all day long, and set up a dance floor to get guests moving!
  • Accessorizing tables with wind-up false teeth, laxatives, magnifying glasses, dentures adhesive, icy hot and fiber pills will get a laugh!
  • Set up the guest of honor's table with a walker or cane, bib and ear horn.


A fun game to play is name that tune. Split the guests into teams, play 5-10 seconds of music from the 50's and see which team can name the song and artist first! Each correct answer gets the team a point, each incorrect answer loses one point. The team with the most points in the end wins!

Whether your party is simple or elaborate this party is sure to bring laughs and good memories!

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