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by Shelbi Raysor

Backyards seem to be the perfect setting for spring and summer parties. A new party theme that is easy on the eyes and on your wallet is Southern Rustic Charm. Enjoy the weather without the frustration of planning and hosting an elaborate event. Southern Rustic Charm can be accomplished with just two key decorations: burlap and mason jars. A simple party that will truly charm your guests.

Southern Inspired Entrées:

Food can play a huge role in party success. There are a several main dishes that are inexpensive and easy to replenish. For example, BBQ and fried chicken wings (for less mess) are great homemade foods that almost anyone can enjoy. If you want to get a little dirty, try a crawfish, potatoes and corn on the cob mix. There are plenty of options for food that will help make your party a success.

Refreshing Refreshments:

Playing host can leave you stuck in the kitchen. But, with a few simple tips, you'll be the center of the party for sure.

Simple lace-decorated mason jars can be filled with sweet tea and lemonade. Just ice them down in a bucket to reduce back and forth trips to fill drinks.

Also, don’t be afraid to mix things up. Try making strawberry lemonade with actual strawberry pieces or my new favorite, turquoise lemonade. This is made with Country Time Lemonade, sugar and blue raspberry Kool Aid. It is a sure way to brighten up the party.

Rustic Charm Décor:

In a Southern Rustic Charm themed party, decorations will be the talk of the party. Refurbished flea market furniture is easy to find and it makes a stunning impression. Did I mention it’s one-of-a-kind? Simply find a different chair, paint it a basic color (my favorite is white) and sand the edges for added rustic effect. Don’t forget to visit your local florist for their unique flower arrangements.

As the sun goes down and your guests make their way home, make sure they leave with a little piece of the South. Some cheap and easy party favors are:

  • Honey
  • Homemade Jelly
  • Seed Packets
  • Cotton Candy

With the right decorating skills and unique party favors, your guests will leave your Southern Rustic Charm truly envious.