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by Juli Jackson

Spring is finally in full swing with blooming flowers, sunshine, and new life popping up everywhere. Including a few expectant mother's who need a baby shower, right? Whether you are planning one for yourself or for a friend, use the beautiful inspiration of the season to make your baby shower fun and memorable.

Spring Baby Shower Themes

Newborn Spring
Baby animals couldn't be cuter and they are extra fitting as the springtime is so full of new life. To incorporate adorable animals into your shower, create a  garland of furry friends by stringing up stuffed animals that match your theme colors. Also, use white handkerchiefs to create diapers for each animal and the entire room will be surrounded by cuteness.

For your baby shower cake, your local bakery will have tons of options for a wide-eyed baby animal dessert, like the fun fondant creatures atop cupcakes in the photo below. We adore these egg-shaped scented soaps that come in their own little nest – perfect baby shower favors!

Sweet Taste of Spring
Nothing is sweeter than the smell of spring but candy comes close! Have fun choosing happy candy colors to decorate with. The best part is this decor can double as a snack. Create a tablescape that really pops by pouring loose candies into clear jars and vases of all different sizes. Also, take small colorful lollipops in clear cellophane wrappers and tape them a few inches apart on a long piece of string for an easy garland. Willy Wonka would be proud.

Bloomin' Butterflies or Bullfrogs
Spring flowers are a welcome sight. Start this baby shower theme off right with plantable invitations that delight each guest with blooms of their own. You can also go gender specific by adding in butterflies or bullfrogs to your party space. Choose butterflies for the girls in beautiful pastel colors or green bullfrogs for the boys.

For more decor, green wired Christmas lights can double as twisting vines that can be draped over curtain rods and snaked through table displays. And, to create a fun craft, fold and cut colorful craft paper to make simple butterfly or frog shapes that you can pin or tape onto any surface.

Don't forget to bring some authentic spring indoors with beautiful fresh flowers as centerpieces. There are so many fun decorations you can use to create a bloomin' baby shower.

Spring Showers
With warmer weather comes spring rain showers. So, break out the umbrellas and galoshes! Blues and silvers work great to set the tone, while vibrant colors from rainbows, umbrellas, and rubber duckies add a fun punch of color. Decorate walls with torrents of paper rain drops taped to string or fishing line.

With a metallic gold tablecloth from a party store, your gift table can be transformed into a "pot 'o gold." Twist colored streamers over the table, attaching them to the ceiling or wall to create the rainbow. Don't forget to send your guests home with something special. Umbrella bookmarks are the perfect party favor for rainy day fun. Because decorations are key to this shower, buy yourself some more styling time by having a local bakery whip up a sweet treat like this rubber ducky themed cake.

Tips for Any Theme

  • Baby-sized foods tie into any scheme so think in miniature! Baby carrots, baby corn, cherry tomatoes and sugar snap peas take almost no prep and make great crudities.
  • Put a guestbook on the gift table with a sign asking everyone to print their name and address. When it is time to open gifts, it will be easy to make a gift note by each person's name.
  • Be sure and take advantage of registry services locally and online. Tell your guests in the invitation as it takes the guesswork out of gift-giving and new moms will get exactly what they need.

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