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by Kelly Curtis

Birthday parties are made to be fun! It's a time to celebrate the day you were born, which was a pretty spectacular day. Why not celebrate with an unforgettable birthday bash? There are many themes out there, but Wedding and Party Network has picked out top 5 that will truly make your day amazing!

Masquerade Party – Masquerade parties are a great excuse to dress up. There are many ways you can create a fun masquerade party. 

Un-Birthday Bash – This is such a fun modern-day take on Alice in Wonderland. Give each party guest a whimsical hat to wear when they enter your magical wonderland. Go with rustic cake stands and servingware, eat me and drink me paperware, wishing tree, and decadent desserts all make this party magical.

Beer Tasting –This is a great party for any guy or even girls who love beer. Go with cute labels for the beer, paperware for your guests to rate their favorite, great beer glasses, and a delicious buffet that goes perfectly with beer.

So Glad You Were Born – Who isn't glad you were born? This party is all about fun. Feature fun, traditional birthday elements like birthdays, cookies, cupcakes, balloons and streamers. Mix in some non-traditional elements like roller skates, disco ball, mad libs, and anything that takes you back to your childhood.

High School Party – Who doesn't want to relive their high school days? Incorporate fun elements from high school. What music did you listen to, food did you eat, sports did you play, or what did you do for fun? This is such a fun way to celebrate your birthday!

So, what party theme will you decide for your birthday? All are so much fun, you just have to find the one that is right for you.

Unbirthday party photo via My Little Cottage in the Making