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by Jamie Jamison Adams

Ask The Celebration Advisor: Well I have a friend that is getting married in January and I want to plan a shower for him. Do you have any ideas that I can use. It is basically a party so the groom can get stuff to. Like a honeydew shower. He likes hunting,gun,cardinals, cigars, and sports. I would love some help. Derrick

2 Responses to “Groom Shower Ideas”
  1. Jamie Jamison Adams Says:


    Giving the groom a pre-wedding shower is a wonderful new trend. Why should the bride have all the fun of receiving presents for her upcoming wedding. After all, the groom is getting married too and his friends care about him as much as her friends do. Since this is a new trend many guys don't know how to plan the party or what kind of theme the party should have. Luckily the field is wide open and you really can't go wrong. Many of the parties ideas that work for couples showers will work for grooms showers. Parties revolving around gift themes like "stock the bar", "lawn and garden" or even "cooking and kitchen" are a way to define the type of party.

    However to make a party really great your need a true party theme. Start with a party theme based on his hobbies or interests. For example, he likes cigars and every cigar aficionado desires a Cuban cigar. So have a Cuban themed "stock the bar" grooms shower. Serve Cuban sandwiches, empanadas and other Cuban inspired finger foods from a caterer. Create a signature Cuban mixed drink (be sure to include rum) and serve them in a special party favor glass that guests can take home. Choose a brightly colored shower invitation that reflects the shower's party theme. With every aspect of the shower stick with the Cuban theme. Don't forget the cigars. Make sure every guests has one.

    If the Cuban "stock the bar" shower doesn't peak your interest, try a "lawn and garden" or "outdoor cooking" grooms shower with a hunting theme. Decorate your party with camouflage streamers and a camouflage banner that says "You've been Shot Through The Heart". Cake with a hunting scene will add to whole essence of the party theme. In fact, have the bakery put a female hunter on the cake tracking down the groom. This will add a little humor to the festivities. Need entertainment? Have guests embark on a hunting expedition by renting hunting video games. There are so many ways to play off this party theme.

    The important thing when hosting a grooms shower is to make it fun for the groom and all his friends. Be sure to let everyone know the type of shower it is "lawn and garden", "tool", "outdoor cooking" etc., so that guests know what type of gift to bring. You can even let them know the theme of the party (Cuban influence, Hunting, Baseball, etc.). With plenty of food, entertainment and a great party theme, you and your friends will have a fantastic time honoring the groom.

  2. Derrick Says:

    Thank you so much for the information. I know what I want to do now.