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We've all been to that reception where the music was lackluster and the DJ was way over the top, relying on "personality" to make up for an obvious lack of talent. You've also been to the event where any requests or attempts to improve the music selection were ignored. It just doesn't make sense. When the purpose of the function is excitement, dancing and fun, this type of performance is completely unacceptable.

You want a music provider that will work to include all of your guests, regardless of age or preference. You also want a DJ who ensures that the spotlight is on you, your guests and the events you have planned. In short, you want Joel Quest!

The Four F's

Joel Quest is the owner, operator and DJ for Conquest Entertainment, a Chicago based music provider. For Joel, nothing is more important than providing music everyone will enjoy while working with you to make any in-party events go off without a hitch!

Joel dedicates himself to providing the four F's to every event he works, and, as he services the entire Chicago area, that's quite a commitment! So what are the four F's?

  1. Fun – Every guest at your wedding should hear music they love, whether it's great-grandma Ellen or the underfoot little Georgie. Joel Quest plays music from multiple decades to bring everyone into the festivities and make them feel included.
  2. Fresh – Joel Quest has a motto, "Elegance with an Edge!" This describes the modern and stylish atmosphere that he promotes and also that his equipment not only sounds awesome but looks great too! As an experienced House/Trance/Techno DJ, Joel Quest can blend all your favorite songs with no fading out between songs!
  3. Flowing – The transition from milestone to milestone will be so seamless, you'll think that Joel Quest held secret reception rehearsals without you! He believes that converting from the cake cutting to the first dance should stream freely without interruption.
  4. Flexible – Joel Quest will sit down with you and incorporate your ideas into his show! He wants your wedding or party to be a unique event flavored with your personal touch. It's your gala, and he's there to make it unforgettable!

Extra Services!

Conquest Entertainment offers some exciting services beyond the DJ experience!

  • Joel can provide a photo booth for you and your guests to make memorable, loving or silly photos. It comes with customizable screens and backgrounds, and you can even create your own logo for the event! The booth also makes two copies of all photos, one for the guest and one for your scrapbook!
  • Joel can put together a custom song mix for any special dance. Father/daughter? First dance? Whatever you want, Joel Quest can mix it for you! You pick the songs and Joel takes care of the rest!
  • Joel also offers special deals and offers intended to help you save!

When choosing the music provider for your next party or event in the Chicago area, don't settle for sub-par. Joel Quest is a true professional with the experience and desire to make your next event a blow-out to be remembered!