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There are cakes, and then there are CAKES! At Sweet Southern Ladies Designer Cakes, they are only interested in the latter. Each gorgeous creation is lovingly and meticulously crafted into a stylish, unique design made especially for you. Martha Hebert and Rebecca Guidry, the Louisiana native, sibling proprietors of Sweet Southern Ladies, have perfected their craft and are now offering their expertise to you!

How They Got Started

In 2004, two retired school teachers found themselves a little short on cash, needing a way to earn some extra on the side. Their idea? Take a cake decorating class! The early going was a bit rough, but after a little practice the sisters discovered they possessed a real talent for the job.

A little time and a blow away win on TLC's Ultimate Cake Off turned their small cake decorating business into a full-time undertaking. Now they field calls from the likes of Nicholas Cage and Emeril Lagasse, but they haven't let that deter them from accommodating local requests as well.

The Cakes

Each tier of a Sweet Southern Ladies designer cake consists of three layers of moist, delicious cake and two layers of sumptuous filling. With 15 flavors of cake and 20 flavors of filling to choose from, your options are vast! Are you looking for a German Chocolate cake with banana filling, or maybe a Mandarin Orange Cake with Parisian Cream filling? Mixing and matching your options is half the fun! At Sweet Southern Ladies Designer Cakes, they guarantee taste as well as presentation.

A Sweet Southern Ladies designer cake is built to your specifications and designed with you and your event in mind. And don't be confused, these southern ladies aren't limited to traditional cake designs, oh no! If you want a cake that looks like a hunting rifle, a motorcycle, or even an alligator, they can accommodate you! This is YOUR cake and it will reflect YOUR interests.

Hebert and Guidry request that you order your cake six to eight months prior to your event, and they'd be more than pleased to provide you with a free consultation wherein they will design your cake with you. After that, the sky is quite literally the limit!

Ya'll Come Back Now, Hear?

Whether you need a cake for a wedding, party, gala or special event, Sweet Southern Ladies Designer Cakes can handle your request. They have experience, passion, and the one thing you can't teach: Talent!