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by Leigh Morrisett

Bachelor and bachelorette parties don't always have to be crazy, wild parties.  With men and women marrying later in life, this leads to less wild parties as one might have in their 20's.  A beautiful brunch party combining the bride and groom's parties into one may be just the ticket.

Here's what you need to throw a wonderful Bachelor/Bachelorette party with class:

Bachleorette/Bachelor Party Needs A Tasty Treat

Brunch is breakfast and lunch combined. Its the best of both worlds and a brunch buffet is the perfect way to service these awesome foods. Selecting which brunch items to serve will depend on the the groom and bride's tastes or whom ever is throwing the brunch party.

A few suggestions are: an omelet station, ham, muffins, quiche, bagels and smoked salmon. Also, don't forget fruits and sweets such as crepes or pastries. If you're hiring a caterer, they can give you lots of other food ideas.

Every Bachelor Party Revolves Around Beverages, But Bachelorettes Want Them Too

Since this is a celebration brunch, you'll want to have some specialty drinks besides coffee, tea and o.j.  Mimosas are common place at most brunches, as well as Bloody Mary's, and of course champagne.

In fact, a champagne fountains can add a touch of class to any brunch. For a more personalized experience, serve a signature drink created just for the occasion.  Serve your signature beverage in a special keepsake glass that quest can take home.

Table Decoration - Centerpiece With Lantern

Every Festivity Needs The Added Touch Of Decorations

Your party decoration choices will depend upon the personality of the couple.  If they have outgoing and vibrant personalities, decorate using banners and lots of shiny materials, as well as and blooming or interesting plants with some candles as table decorations.  Place fun and lively party favors on the tables to add interest.

If they are more reserved, you can use delicate paper lanterns and fresh flower bouquets with hurricane candles on the tables.  Soft delicate centerpieces accompanied with cute party favors may be all the decorations you need.

A brunch bachelorette/bachelor party is a really great way to celebrate a couple entering a second marriage or those marrying later in life. It is a great alternative for those wanting a more sophisticated bachelorette or bachelor party.

Brunch can be a casual affair or a more elegant affair. As the host or hostess, you can determine the level of sophistication, elegance and atmosphere of the brunch party. Think about the possibilities of a brunch party. After all, you will have the whole day to have fun.

by Brynn Jackson

Ask The Celebration Advisor: Hello, can you give any ideas for a bachelor's party? thanks ~ secil

The Celebration Advisor: Sure! Here are a few tips for a bachelor's party that will make "The Hangover" look like a chick flick.

10.  Keep beverages on tap at all times.
Alcoholic or not, men drink and men drink a lot so keep the beverages flowing.

9. Think outside the box for entertainment.
Of course you have your scantily-clad standards, but try to provide other forms of entertainment too. Think party bands and awesome games. We're not talking Pin The Tail On The Donkey here. Think of games that require a certain machismo to pull off. Make sure it's macho. Make sure it's easy to do while drinking.

8. Amp up your drinking games.
If you're going to have alcohol at your bachelor party,  you have to play a drinking game. It's like bachelor party etiquette: 101. Keep in mind, though, that you have to make your bachelor party the best. Amp up your games. Go frat boy on their butts with Beer Pong. You could also gather the guys in front of a chick flick and have everyone take a certain number of drinks per "girly" word like "love", "trust," or "relationship." Let's face it. That may be the only way some of the guys make it through a romantic chick movie.

7. Food, food, food!
Oh yeah. And FOOD!!! Guys only drink so much because they're washing down all of the food that they eat. It's simple science really. *grins* Flush out the pork rinds, pizza, and greasy finger foods with a little fluid. Always keep the food coming and the drinks flowing if you want a bachelor party that NO ONE will whine about. A simple party credo for men – "If it's green, it's trouble. If it's fried, get double."

6. No girls allowed!
Yeah, some of the more *cough* attached men will want to bring their partners, wives, girlfriends, et al. to your bachelor party. No! While it's not as unheard of as before to have the feminine of the species running around, it's a party pooper if you want a raucous night with the guys. Even if you don't want it to be too outlandish, the last meeting of the "he-man woman haters club" is officially YOUR bachelor party.

5. If it can be delivered, it's golden.
Don't worry about having the food picked up or making a last minute beer run. If you plan on making this an all-nighter, you're not going to want to wake up and clean up the ruins of a guys' night out. Keep it simple by hiring a caterer to bring over the food, that is unless you have a chef among you that wants to spend his time in the kitchen instead of with the guys. If you hire a caterer (a smart move), let them what kind of spread you would like and stick to that. It's really THAT simple.

4. Have a designated drive (if alcohol will be present).
If you plan to drink, plan on having a driver or a bunch of overnight guests. No one wants to get hurt or have a friend hurt, especially that close to the groom's big day.

3. Keep it simple.
Guys don't require a whole lot. Shocking, I know, but true. Most men do not want a lavish spread and a fancy party that lasts three days and requires the most expensive ball room in the city. Some guys like that (which is great—go for it!) but most just want a fun night with their Y chromosome having friends.  Work with your vendors to keep the night flowing smoothly. Don't overthink it.

2. Keep the entertainment coming.
Don't stick to one activity the whole night. Plan a few activities that are relatively short but entertaining at the same time. If you don't get to all of them, fine. It's far better than having a bunch of bored men lounging about, staring somewhat enviously at the fly on the wall's level of entertainment.

1. Have fun!
I think this one speaks for itself.

You may also be interested in these cool ideas for bachelor parties:

Asian Inspired Bachelor Party
Fishing Themed Bachelor Party
3 Tips for Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties

by Leigh Morrisett

So the groom isn’t into the standard bachelor party of going to a bar with the guys. But, the groom is all about fishing. Make fishing your theme for your bachelor party.

Pick The Right "Fishing" Location

If you’re lucky enough to live in area where fishing is prevalent, rent a cabin and decorate it to the rafters with all types of fishing theme items. If you can't rent a cabin or a lodge, you can always use your home. Wherever you choose to hold this bachelor party, it can be transformed into a honey-hole.

Lure Them With Party Decorations

Colored bobblers found at any tackle store are the foundation for this bachelor party decor. With a little fishing line you can use the bobblers to make awesome streamers. To create the ultimate fishing atmosphere, beg, borrow and buy any type of fishing theme item you can find and deck the place out completely. Don't forget to buy a few inexpensive tackle boxes to decorate with or use as serving pieces. You can hang lures and lights from fishing nets to create a fantastic back-drop for the party. As a final decoration pick up some fishing theme napkins, maybe ones that have fishing lingo on them for fun.

Food and Drinks: Serving The Catch Of The Day

“Fingerling” foods will make this a record book party. Catfish fillets, fries, hushpuppies and all the "fixins" make an tasty treat for this bachelor party. If the frying pan isn't your thing have a local caterer prepare the meal for you.

Want a more casual bachelor food atmosphere? Clean out those tackle boxes and fill them with chip and dip. Serve your own version of a jig-n-pigs (fishing lures) sandwich – a little fried bologna, ham, or other cold cuts with a variety of cheeses. Add in a little beer, wine, soda or mixed drinks and you won't need a lure to get them to the buffet table. For a fun twist to the evening, everytime someone gets a drink make them sing a song that uses the word "live well" (a fishing term).

A bachelor party should be all about having fun. Theme parties are all about creating fun around a theme. So playing up a theme based on the groom's fishing passion it will net you a great bachelor party.

This bachelor party planning idea was brought to you by

by Leigh Morrisett

Some bachelors do not want a typical bachelor party; they want a more subdued party. My suggestion is something along the line of an Asian inspired party.

Food: All Asian and all yummy. I suggest going with Chinese food because most people are familiar with this type of Asian food as opposed to Thai, or Korean. But by all means if you want to go full Asian, select a few dishes from each style of Asian cuisine. Chinese food ideas are: pot stickers, fired rice, Mongolian beef, and so forth.

Decorations: Decorate with red:  red balloons, red table cloths, red plates. Everything in red. Add in a few dragon symbols and posters and if you can find some swords. (All men love weaponry right? These can be for play (kids swords) if things get a bit wild, or they can be real swords (just for decoration.)

Entertainment: Rent some kung fu fight movies or even some Godzilla movies.

Drinks: Buy some Asian beer and sake and set up a drink sampling area where the bachelor party goers can sample the different beers and wines of Asian countries. You'll also need some non-alcoholic drinks as well such as green tea (oolong teas will do just fine) plus some sodas and water.

Dessert: Fortune cookies of course. I suggest making your own or employing a bakery shop do make some but insert your own fortunes. Typing up the little fortunes makes them more personal. Suggestions for fortunes: "You will have a wedding in your future", "Happiness is love", and anything you can think of that will add a personal touch will be great.

And to end this great bachelor party, give the bachelor a matching set of kimonos, one for him and one for his bride to be. This is a fun but non-traditional more subdued party that all can enjoy.

Planning a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party? Follow These Tips For Success.

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Why do brides get to have all the parties? They don’t…Grooms are foregoing the standard bachelor parties in favor of groom shower parties. Theses groom parties are given in similar fashion as bridal showers. You can throw a groom’s shower in many different themes and styles. Although the bride and the groom can participate in this type of shower, the focus should be on the groom. The shower theme should revolve around the groom’s hobbies or lifestyle making his personality the most important factor for the party.

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