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by Jamie Woods


To turn your event into an experience, you've got to get a hold of HI-DEF DJ's. Based in the Atlanta area, this company will come to your event or wedding for only $488 for 4 hours. This fee includes customer-focused customer service, professional sound equipment, a wireless mic, Master of Ceremony services, party lights, setup and breakdown times, and, of course, a rockin' good time. They constantly update their sound systems and equipment to make sure you get the latest and the greatest in sound and service.

As a groom said after his reception: "He's amazing at what he does. The best." DJ HD, the featured disc jockey, grew up with a passion for music and turned that love into a profession. He has an ear for what you want to hear and will play Sinatra, "The Nae Nae," hip-hop, reggae, or country. And that's just for starters. Growing up in South Florida, a melting pot of different cultures and flavors,  DJ HD was strongly influenced by what was around him, making his style diverse and high-energy. He has performed for more than a decade at some of the best wedding venues, major air lines, retailers and firms.

They will take care of you whether you have a party, corporate event, or even a Sweet 16. And it's not just the sound that will excite your guests–HI-DEF DJ's can also provide fog and lighting effects. If you'd like the "Hollywood Effect" they can offer you a photo backdrop, engagement photos, a photo shoot during the ceremony, and music service for both the ceremony and reception offering DJ/Emcee for up to 6 hours.

 When you hire HI-DEF DJs you get a professional disc jockey at a great price, and that includes everything from your rowdiest party to the most elegant of events. Check them out!

Nothing quite sets the excitement level like a professional DJ. Add in the best of the best, and this celebration will be taken to the next level. Sounds Abound Entertainment isn’t your average DJ company. They have satisfied thousands of customers and has become synonymous with first-rate performance and customer service. Located in Naperville, Illinois, they can service clients looking for the best in sound entertainment.

One-On-One Consultations

At Sounds Abound, they are committed to providing the highest possible level of customer service. Their Entertainment Consultants are Sounds Abound DJs who are available to meet with you in person and guide you through the booking process.

Whether you need explanations of their services, need help choosing music for your event, or need to create a custom package for your unique needs, they can assist you with everything you need,

Whatever the idea, they will listen to the request and work with you to make it happen. Let their experience and knowledge guide you, and together create the perfect event.

Award-Winning Service

When Sounds Abound says award-winning service, they mean it! Some of the most prestigious wedding publications have recognized them as top of the line. Wedding Elite Magazine named Sounds Abound as the #1 DJ Company in Illinois and top 10 in the entire nation!

As a 6-time recipient of The Knot Best of Weddings Pick, their team creates a fantastic party for that big day. Most recently, they were awarded WeddingWire’s Couple’s Choice Award for 2015.

When selecting your wedding DJ, don’t leave it to chance. Choose Sounds Abound Entertainment and their expert team to take the stress out of the night and receive a personalized selection to set that party off right!

A fun, flawless and well-executed event doesn’t just happen, it takes skill and advanced preparation. Have you considered expert assistance from entertainment planners? Located in Louisville, KY, Yancey Entertainment has been providing Kentucky and Southern Indiana with excellent entertainment since 1978. They are skillful in wedding receptions, corporate, school, church and private events.

When planning the perfect reception for that perfect day, Yancey has met the needs of all types of couples. They want to bring a fun, classy, exciting and memorable reception to help celebrate the nuptials. They provide polished wedding disc jockeys, event directors, master of ceremonies, event lighting, wedding ceremony sound reinforcement, and many other services.

They also believe that the pre-reception planning session(s) with your entertainment provider is the foundation of a successful event. They will share their extensive experience to give you guidance and assistance with every detail to assure a personalized, fun and stress-free celebration.

Yancey Entertainment will also successfully provide entertainment and event coordination to a variety of corporate events. Their team of enjoyable DJs will bring great music, group participation dances, party props, games and karaoke sing-along.

On top of providing a party atmosphere, Yancey offers advanced sound level reinforcement; on site audio recording and can accommodate most multimedia requirements with full-time technical support.

No matter what the event is, Yancey Entertainment Services Inc. will take that event to the next level. With years of experience, quality productions, and full service customization, your event will be one that’s talked about for months and years!

by Katelyn Copeland

We held a writing contest for students at a local Jr. High where we asked them the question, "Is music important for a party?" The following essay was written by our runner-up, ninth-grader Katelynn Copeland!

How to Select Party Music

Having the wrong kind of music can bring down the mood of the world's best party. People feel music, and good party music has the ability to not only create a particular atmosphere at the event but also have a very strong influence on the attending party guests and their general experience.

It would be silly to say, "This playlist is perfect for any party." Every party is different and party music often needs mixing properly on the night. This is why a professional party DJ or band is a good idea to manage the party entertainment. Either way, it's important to give the music choice a lot of thought and consideration.

When people are party planning, they will generally have close family and friends attending, and so it's quite possible that they know their party music preferences in advance. Nothing is better on the night of the party than to have certain party tunes that stir up the good ole memories!

Listen through old CD's or other party music collections. What's important here is that the host and the party guests will enjoy it on the night. Another trick is to send off little song request slips with the invitations. This will give an even better idea on what type of music to play at the big party.

Thank you, Katelynn. Great job!

We've all been to that reception where the music was lackluster and the DJ was way over the top, relying on "personality" to make up for an obvious lack of talent. You've also been to the event where any requests or attempts to improve the music selection were ignored. It just doesn't make sense. When the purpose of the function is excitement, dancing and fun, this type of performance is completely unacceptable.

You want a music provider that will work to include all of your guests, regardless of age or preference. You also want a DJ who ensures that the spotlight is on you, your guests and the events you have planned. In short, you want Joel Quest!

The Four F's

Joel Quest is the owner, operator and DJ for Conquest Entertainment, a Chicago based music provider. For Joel, nothing is more important than providing music everyone will enjoy while working with you to make any in-party events go off without a hitch!

Joel dedicates himself to providing the four F's to every event he works, and, as he services the entire Chicago area, that's quite a commitment! So what are the four F's?

  1. Fun – Every guest at your wedding should hear music they love, whether it's great-grandma Ellen or the underfoot little Georgie. Joel Quest plays music from multiple decades to bring everyone into the festivities and make them feel included.
  2. Fresh – Joel Quest has a motto, "Elegance with an Edge!" This describes the modern and stylish atmosphere that he promotes and also that his equipment not only sounds awesome but looks great too! As an experienced House/Trance/Techno DJ, Joel Quest can blend all your favorite songs with no fading out between songs!
  3. Flowing – The transition from milestone to milestone will be so seamless, you'll think that Joel Quest held secret reception rehearsals without you! He believes that converting from the cake cutting to the first dance should stream freely without interruption.
  4. Flexible – Joel Quest will sit down with you and incorporate your ideas into his show! He wants your wedding or party to be a unique event flavored with your personal touch. It's your gala, and he's there to make it unforgettable!

Extra Services!

Conquest Entertainment offers some exciting services beyond the DJ experience!

  • Joel can provide a photo booth for you and your guests to make memorable, loving or silly photos. It comes with customizable screens and backgrounds, and you can even create your own logo for the event! The booth also makes two copies of all photos, one for the guest and one for your scrapbook!
  • Joel can put together a custom song mix for any special dance. Father/daughter? First dance? Whatever you want, Joel Quest can mix it for you! You pick the songs and Joel takes care of the rest!
  • Joel also offers special deals and offers intended to help you save!

When choosing the music provider for your next party or event in the Chicago area, don't settle for sub-par. Joel Quest is a true professional with the experience and desire to make your next event a blow-out to be remembered!

Music and lighting can make or break your event. Lighting hightlights special features of your special event and can create a wonderful ambience. On the other hand, music gets everyone out of their seat and lets them dance. When finding a professional, find someone who goes above and beyond. If you're looking for great music entertainment and exquisite lighting in Lubbock, TX, choose Entertainment Inc.

Entertainment Inc offers several separate professional mobile sound and lighting systems which can fulfill your entertainment requirements for any size, function or venue at a reasonable cost.

Serving their clients is their number one priority. They achieve this by offering sound & lighting, searchlight and video productions. Your one stop for sound, lighting and video makes your planning less stressful. Plus, you'll always receive quality and outstanding service from this dj.

Set the Tone with Great Lighting

Lighting truly can set the tone for your party, wedding or special event. Shannon Sound & Lighting always strives to provide you with quality lighting equipment so they can set the exact tone you are wanting for your event. First, sit down with them and discuss what type of lighting you need for your event and the vision you have for it.

They can create beautiful wedding uplighting with a variety of colors or just one singular color. They can even create different shapes and designs on the wall, create lovely lighting on the tables to add to the reception centerpieces and great back lighting as well. Let them create gorgeous lighting that truly highlights your event venue and decor.

Dance the Night Away

Not only do they create wonderful lighting, they also provide great music entertainment with high sound quality equipment and skilled djs. Again, sit down with them and discuss the type of music you would like played at your event. If you're planning a wedding, discuss your ceremony songs, reception entrance song, first dance, father daughter dance, mother groom dance or fun music for your entire wedding party to dance the night away.

Great music is key to any event. Don't let your guests just sit in the corner of the rooms, Entertainment Inc will make sure they're out of their seats and dancing the night away.

When you are needing great lighting and sound in the Lubbock, Texas area, choose Entertainment Inc. With their talented staff and quality equipment, your event will definitely be one to remember with the wonderful lighting and fantastic music.

When you are hosting a wedding or special event, it's important to you that everyone has a great time. Making sure everyone remembers how much fun they had at your event is definitely a must. Having people walk away from your event and remember what a great time they had is a special feeling. So, how does everyone have a great time at your event? Of course, with the entertainment. If you're in the Nashville, Tennessee area, Nashville Party Authority will always make sure your party is a true success!

This company is definitely the one to work with. They have performed for various celebrities and has been featured entertainment for some major events. However, no matter who they are performing for, they will always make sure everyone has an amazing time. Their clients are number one to them. Making sure everyone has a great time dancing to their music is always a priority.

Music for Your Wedding

Having music for your wedding is an essential. However, you want someone who has a variety of music and knows when to play the right music. They completely understand that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Due to the very nature that this day encompasses, this company is particularly sensitive to your need for an experienced, courteous, properly attired wedding DJ that will keep your guests informed on the order of events, ease the transition from formal to festive and keep the floor full of enthusiastic dancers.

They can't wait to consult with you about the formalities of your wedding reception such as the wedding bouquet and garter toss, formal introduction, toasting, couple dance and order thereof as well as the music selection, DJ interaction and party atmosphere. They want to make this night one to remember. Also, they understand that every bride is unique, so they customize their DJ services to complement and suit your style and taste with the utmost emphasis on service and professionalism. Choose your favorite music and get out on the dance floor and dance.

Dance the Night Away at Your Next Event

If you're hosting a special event, they can't wait to provide the right entertainment that will have your guests out on the dance floor all night long. Their party DJs will definitely motivate your guests to get out on the dance floor. From hip hop, country to Motown and disco, they have all the right music to get everyone out on the floor.

Along with the music, they also can create the ambience with their great lighting. Also, lets not forget about their karaoke. A party isn't complete without someone singing their heart out during karaoke.

So, if you're looking for a DJ who can keep the party going on well into the night; choose Nashville Party Authority. If you want your guests to dance well into the night, this DJ will always keep the party going!

by Kelly Curtis

You're planning a wedding, congratulations! How great is that! It's your special day and being one of the most important days of your life you want it to be perfect. You want everything to go according to plan. What helps make your day run smoothly? A main factor in that is who you hire on your wedding day. These people definitely help your day run smoothly and you want them to understand that. Of course, you think of caterers, florists and your venue. However, do you think about your musical entertainment. They must know when to play what and keep the entertainment going on all night long. So, Wedding and Party Network has a list of questions that you might consider asking your DJ.

1. Do You Have A Contract? Most often, vendors have written contracts that you share between one another. A written contract shows professionalism. There are a lot of people out there that may say they're a dj and show up with an Ipod and a set of basic speakers. So, you want someone professional. A written contract shows you what to expect, from setup to the outline of what is required from them. This gives you a great idea on what you can expect from them, while on the other hand what is expected from you in terms of payments, when to pay and what you need to do on your part.

2. Are You The DJ? Ask the person you're talking with if they will be the dj at your wedding or if it will be someone else. It's a great idea to meet with your dj so you feel a connection with them. You want to feel comfortable with them, which makes your night more enjoyable.

3. Can We Meet? You actually may want to meet with your dj. You meet with the rest of your vendors, so why not them? They are going to be in control of the entertainment for the evening. You want to click with the dj and feel confident that they understand your needs and will provide amazing entertainment all night long.

4. How Long? You may want to look around at other people or have something holding you back, so ask how long they will hold your date for you. Make sure you know this after talking with them so you can get back with the asap.

5. How Many Events Have You Done? This may or may not be important. However, it's always nice to see how many events and how much experience they do have within their profession.

6. What Makes You Stand Out From Your Competitors? This is a great question to ask to find out what they offer than their competitors. This is a great question to ask to find out why basically you should pick them and not someone else. What can they do for you?

7. Do You Make All Of The Announcements? Do you act as the emcee for the night? Do you make all of the announcements during the night or do we need to find someone else for that job? This is an important role for any major event and will definitely make your night less stressful not having to worry about making announcements.

8. What Actually Is Included In The Cost? What exactly do I get with the cost? You may just be receiving the basic, basic package. It may not include any lights or anything. So, ask.

9. How Up-To-Date Is Your Music Library, Can We Make Requests? Of course, you want to know if they have the type of music you enjoy. You don't want to hire a dj who has a lacking music library. It's definitely best to find out if they have any of the music you like and if they're willing to get it if they don't.

10. Can We Speak To Your References and Can We Visit You At One Of Your Events? You want to know that they are going to provide you with the very best. So, what better way to experience this than by attending one of their events or contacting past references.

Whenever you hire a dj, there's more to know than just knowing how much they're going to cost. You want to know that they're going to be worth every penny that you spend and provide all that you need for your wedding, birthday party, or special gala. It's important to find someone who will provide great entertainment all night long.

This post is brought to you by St Louis Music Entertainment.
Not in St. Louis, MO? No worries, use Wedding and Party Network's handy party planning directory to help you find musical entertainment near you!

by Kelly Curtis

When planning a special event or wedding, you want everyone to have a great time. Sure this is your event, however, you always take into consideration about ALL of your guests having an amazing time. You want your event to be memorable and the talk of the town. So, if you're in the Lubbock, Texas area, Entertainment Inc is your one only stop to make sure your party is truly memorable.

What does Entertainment Inc offer? Well, they make parties happen. You'll also find sound, lighting, searchlights and video services. Only the best so they can help make your party a true success. This vendor offers several professional services, which can fulfill your entertainment requirements of any size, function or venue at a reasonable cost. Music entertainment at it's best.

Music Entertainment For Any Event

Live entertainment is provided by experienced and talented disc jockeys who play the music when you want to hear it, without any breaks. When you plan an event with music, you want to dance the night away. Taking breaks isn't an option, Well, they won't! Their experienced disc jockeys always make sure everyone is having a great time! That's their number one priority.

Along with playing the music, you also want to make sure they offer a wide variety of music. Not only do you want music that you enjoy, you also want something that your guests will enjoy too. Well, they offer an expansive music library that features everything from top 40, dance, country, club, urban, disco, swing to jazz. You pick your favorite and they'll play it. Everyone will definitely be dancing the night away.

Size is never a problem. Size, complexity and power are always catered towards your needs. From 1400 to 10,480 watts of clear sound and from four to literally hundreds of lights; Entertainment Inc will find something for your party or wedding. Their variety of music, sound equipment and lighting will keep your event going well into the night.

Capturing All Your Special Moments

Not only will they provide entertainment, they'll make sure to capture it on camera too. Having everything on film is a great way to look back on your special event. Of course you want a wedding photographer to capture it through photos. However, by having it on film, you can truly relive the moment. Capturing every moment on camera is truly special and Entertainment Inc will go above and beyond at doing just that.

Entertainment Inc. provides you with unforgettable entertainment. They offer exceptional play lists, lighting, sound all while capturing it all on video. You'll choose no one else other than Entertainment Inc

by Kelly Curtis

Whether you are planning a wedding or a special event, you want your guests to enjoy themselves at it. You would definitely rather see them up out of their seats mingling and dancing than sitting in the corner bored out of their minds. One way to get them out of their seats is with a fun atmosphere, which is definitely created with the help of great music. However, you need musical entertainment that understands what to play and when to play the right music. So, if you're in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, SRO Productions is the right choice.

All The Little Details

It's the biggest day of your life, there are a thousand details that must come together and you want everything perfect. Good thing SRO Productions is here to help you. They can help with your planning process, decorations and definitely take care of your music. Planning is everything. You have to know what to plan and how to do it. They've had years of experience in creating some of the areas high-profile events. No matter what size, they are here to serve you with veteran coordinators to insure the best entertainment, production, decoration, games, catering and venue selection. Let them take the stress out of your day.

Getting Everyone Out Of Their Seat

When it comes to musical entertainment, they have just the music for you. You'll find live entertainment, party/cover bands, original music acts, sports/variety acts and djs. They offer something for everyone. You and your guests will definitely be dancing the night away. Cover bands are always fun, listening to original songs or having a dj play the latest hits are all wonderful. Jazz, rock, pop and classical are in their music library to make sure they cover everyone's choice of music. They are there to make sure everyone gets out of their seat and dances the night away with them. Your event, no matter if it's your wedding, prom, special event or party, they'll make sure everyone has a good time.

When you are wanting great entertainment for your next event, choose SRO Productions. Their ability to take away the stress and make sure everyone is out of their seat and dancing is a must for your wedding or party.