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Are you an animal lover? Maybe you're just looking for a unique wedding location that is still close to home. Your local zoo is the perfect place for you! Not only do you get an absolutely amazing wedding experience, but you can feel good knowing you are supporting your local zoo.

Why Choose A Zoo Wedding?

  • The exotic nature of the plants and animals is completely unbeatable unless you want to plan a destination wedding to the rain forest.
  • Most zoos will do all the hard work for you with their own catering and setup.
  • There are usually several unique wedding venues on the zoo grounds. (Our local zoo, The Memphis Zoo, has many wedding ceremony locations such as: China Exhibit, Zoo Courtyard, and the North West Passage. Each has their own unique flair. The Northwest Passage, for example, will have your guests surrounded by glass walls of swimming sea lions and polar bears. Many have botanical gardens or other unique gardens for your wedding.)
  • Zoos offer several different wedding packages so there is bound to be one ideal for you and in your price range.
  • For couples with children, or who plan on inviting a lot of kids to their wedding this is a great option!
  • Many zoos offer special, event-only attractions like animal feeding and petting.

The most important reason to choose your zoo for an at-home, destination wedding is that your proceeds go directly to back into the zoo. These help fund the many events they host during the year, like educational activities and zoo camps.

How to Have a Zoo Wedding

  • Plan ahead – Planning is the key to success with any wedding.
  • Check with the zoo about their vendors and setup. Most have a list of zoo-approved, local vendors or use in-house resources. If you would like to use your own caterer, dj  or other entertainment you will need the zoos approval well ahead of time. (At least two weeks)
  • Most big events, such as a wedding, are held after-hours so plan ahead. (Especially with vendors, like you may need a wedding photographer that specializes in sunsets and low-light photography.)
  • Because it is a public setting, you may not have a lot of time to set up. Again, planning ahead is key. You will want to know what needs to be done and who is going to do it. You might not have as much time to decorate as with traditional settings, so be ready.
  • Come dressed and ready. Some zoos provide a dressing room, but to maximize your time for pictures and fun its best to arrive ready. (Or at least close to it.)
  • Ask about special policies at your zoo. Many have restrictions on things you might not even think of: candles, glass bottles, and even straws.
  • Some wedding traditions might have to be re-thought. Releasing doves and butterflies, as well as throwing rice or bird seed is prohibited for the protection of the animals. However, bubble blowing is a great substitute!

Whether you are looking for a beautiful, traditional wedding in a unique setting, or taking a walk on the wild side, contact your local zoo – it just might be the right location for you!

4 Responses to “Zoo Wedding: Perfect Location For Animal Lovers”
  1. Allen Nyhuis Says:

    Having a wedding at a zoo would be great! Here in Indianapolis, you can get married in the dolphin building, saying your vows within view of swimming dolphins.

    Allen Nyhuis, Coauthor of America’s Best Zoos

  2. Mandy Maxwell Says:

    Wow! Talk about your amazing wedding ceremony photos! What girl doesn't like dolphins?

    Feel free to link to this post, the info here could apply to any zoo. :)

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  4. 40th anniversary invitation Says:

    Thanks for the idea, I really love the zoo environment and the animals make me relax all the time.