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by Kelly Curtis

Planning a wedding is stressful. Yes, stress comes with planning a wedding, it's that simple. When brides see how much planning and stress comes with a wedding, they immediately think about eloping. This is not a bad idea and it could be a wonderful idea if it's fit for you. There are many pros and cons to eloping. So, Wedding and Party Network is pointing out the good, the bad and the ugly of eloping.

Reasons To Elope:

  • Cost – Of course, weddings are expensive. So, the first thing that pops into a couples mind is the money. If you don't have parents who are paying for all of it or are on a limited budget, this can be a big issue. It may bring on more stress on trying to cut corners to make sure everything fits in your budget. Eloping can definitely help cut down the cost on your wedding. If you are going to the justice of peace, you definitely can cut down the cost since marriage licenses may cost around $50.00. Even if you are eloping to an island, it still may be cheaper since resorts offer different packages that includes everything.
  • Avoid Family Issues – With every family, comes family issues. Whether your parents are divorced, family opposes your marriage, family attending your wedding yet there are strings attached, family members are living abroad or you have a large and extended family, which can create a mile long guest list. Whatever family issues you have in your family, eloping is a good way to avoid all issues and problems.
  • Avoid Stress & Hassle – Planning a wedding is stressful. It's that simple. When eloping or just going to the court-house, you eliminate almost all your planning. If you are planning a wedding at a beach resort, they offer various packages that include the wedding cake, wedding flowers and even photographs.
  • Religion & Culture – This also may be an issue when planning your wedding. Not everyone shares the same religion or cultural background. Therefore, this can cause an issue between family members.
  • Small Wedding – Having a small wedding may be important to you. You might also just have a gigantic family on both sides and realize the money you'll have to put into it will be more than you can afford.

Reasons Not To Elope:

  • Only Experienced By Bride & Groom – This is a joyous occasion in your life. When you elope, you won't get to share it with your family or close friends. This is important to both you, the groom and both of your families. So, wouldn't you like to share it with everyone?
  • Offend – However, this was in the pros, this can also be a con on why not to elope. You may end up offending any religious or cultural backgrounds. If anyone of the family has strict moral views, you might end up offending them and they can definitely take it personal.
  • Regret – You may be thankful for eloping now, but ask yourself if you will regret not having an actual wedding? You won't get to get all dolled up in your dream wedding dress or see him in a tuxedo, considering elopements are simple.
  • The Memories – Of course, you'll have memories from your elopement. However, think about the memories you will receive from your wedding.

There are many pros and cons on whether you should elope or not, you just have to do what is best for you and your groom. It's all about staying true to who you are and planning the wedding that you've always dreamed about.

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