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by Kelly Curtis

Are you planning for your honeymoon? What do you plan on packing? This is key. However, most people assume yo are going to some tropical, remote location where you'll lay out on the beach the whole time. This isn't for everyone. Some couples find a winter getaway more appealing than anything. This can be a bit harder to pack for, however, Wedding and Party Network has a few tips on what to pack for your winter honeymoon.

Must Haves

  • Airline Tickets
  • Passport, Visas, Driver's License
  • Credit Cards
  • Reservations – Hotel, Shows, Restaurants
  • Traveler's Checks
  • Phone numbers – In case of any emergencies, medial problems or stolen credit cards
  • Camera

What To Pack His & Her

  • 3-4 pairs of jeans for both of you. However, you can also cut down and only bring 2-3 depending on how long you are going and jeans can be worn more than once without washing.
  • Dress outfits – Are you going to a formal dinner or an evening show? Plan for this and decide ahead of time what you want to wear. Also, pack a few dressier tanks or shirts that can be dressed up or down and layered with a jacket.
  • Outerwear – Of course, you'll need outerwear. However, try to make more room in your luggage by wearing your parka or bigger coat that you plan on taking. Smaller jackets can easily fit in luggage and even be rolled up.
  • Leggings – These are great to wear with oversized sweaters or to wear under your jeans. They will keep your warm and are simply casual and comfortable.
  • Thermal tees – Pack a few for layering and will help keep you warm.
  • Socks, gloves & comfortable shoes should definitely be remembered.

Packing for a winter honeymoon is definitely different from the beach honeymoon. There's more to pack and you considerably have more of it. However, with a little planning, you'll be all set for your winter getaway.

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