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by Kelly Curtis

There are so many details that goes into planning your wedding. Really, brides have no idea until they actually start to plan one. Of course, there are the big details like finding the right wedding dress, dream wedding location, the food & wedding cake and your wedding flowers. However, there are also the little details that make your wedding come together like choosing the time, how you'll travel, wedding jewelry and yes, your wedding shoes. It's definitely all about your wedding shoes that shows off your wonderful and fun-loving personality. So, Wedding and Party Network has a few tips on choosing the right ones.

  1. Choose the shoes after your dress. Yes, you need your wedding shoes to get your bridal gown altered, however, first settle on a style of a dress. First, find your wedding dress. After that, you can start looking for your wedding shoes and find a style that compliments your bridal dress style.
  2. Find the right color of wedding shoes that compliments your dress.Your wedding dress maybe white, however, it may also be a unique color like pink or even red. Therefore, you must find a color that compliments it. You may want to go with a neutral show or jazz it up with a shoe that features your wedding color. However, if you do choose a unique color for your dress, don't forget to find a shoe that compliments it and that doesn't clash with the dress.
  3. Consider the length of your bridal dress. Don't forget that if your dress is a bit longer, your shoes more than likely won't be seen. Therefore, opt for some comfortable shoes. However, you can still use some fun shoes in your bridal portrait too.
  4. However, if it's a shorter length, always consider the shoes. If it's a shorter wedding dress, you definitely want to focus on your shoes. Your wedding shoes will definitely be seen, therefore, they should make a statement. Choose a bright pop of color or some shoes that will show off your wedding style with beautiful beading or crystals. Depending on your wedding style and theme, choose shoes that represent that. It's all part of your wedding day look.
  5. Think about your wedding venue. Are you having your wedding in a church, outdoors or at the beach? Any type of shoe is doable if it's an indoor wedding. However, if you plan on having an outdoor wedding, always consider the ground you will be walking on. If you're walking on soft ground or even sand, you may want to avoid the stiletto heels, they can sink into the ground and cause trouble walking. Therefore, you may want to stick with a wedge or a bit of a platform or thicker heel.
  6. Think about the time of day when you buy your shoes. This may sound odd, however, feet tend to swell at this time. Therefore, you can avoid your feet suddenly feeling cramped at your wedding ceremony.
  7. Don't forget to try your shoes before your wedding day. You definitely don't want to try your new shoes out on your wedding day. You need to break them in before the big day. Walk around in them at your house or outdoors. Don't forget to wear them for your rehearsal as well. Practice makes perfect and ensures no trips down the aisle.
  8. Be prepared on your wedding day. A girl needs options, therefore, having more than one pair of shoes ready on your wedding day can truly be beneficial.

Shoes are an important element on your wedding day, they complete your wedding day look. You want them to be comfortable, yet show off your wedding day style. Brides now are truly going unique with their shoes by adding a pop of color or even wearing cowboy boots. So, be sure to showcase your own personal style.

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One Response to “It's All About The Shoes”
  1. Daniel Holman Says:

    You would not believe how many brides I photograph that are all about their shoes. :)