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by Kelly Curtis

Are you wanting to plan a special vow renewal service to celebrate an anniversary or just because? Are you unsure on where to start on what's to be included in this type of ceremony? It is truly an important occasion, celebrating your years of marriage and just being with one another. Wedding and Party Network has some tips on renewing your vows and how to plan from start to finish. This ceremony will be as special as your first.

First off, why renew? Of course, to celebrate your marriage. You may celebrate a 10 year marriage or just want to re-affirm your commitment. Whatever the occasion, it's a great idea to renew your vows.

When planning your wedding, the bride's family normally pays for most of it. So, who pays for your vow renewals. You do. There's really no rules or regulations to follow since it's not a legally binding ceremony. It's a nice gesture if a close friend hosts, however, traditionally you do. Make it what you want. Plan it outdoors, a destination ceremony or host it in your local worship center. This is your special day and it's all about celebrating your love. Plan it simple and make it about celebrating your marriage.

So, what happens during this ceremony? Basically you exchange vows and re-commit your love for one another. Use the same vows or make up your own that displays what you've been through in the past couple years and how you've grown as a couple. Exchange rings. This can be wedding rings that are engraved or simple bands. You can even have your children, close friends, family members or anyone else you may like to do special readings. Don't forget, you can just make the ceremony for just the two of you on a honeymoon you never got to take.

Now, it's time to celebrate. This joyous occasion is great when shared with friends or family members. In fact, plan a whole vacation around it so you can share it with everyone. Have a nice dinner with everyone, dance the night away and even eat wedding cake. Anything goes with this reception! The main key is to just have fun with it and celebrate what this means to you.

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One Response to “Wedding Vow Renewal Tips”
  1. sophia joseph Says:

    Now a days renewing your wedding vows has become in trend many couples are looking forword to renew their wedding vows and its good too and above tips are really going to help to write their cute wedding vows.