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by Leigh Morrisett

You can find so many different wedding superstitions and many brides and grooms today keep these superstitious traditions when they are marrying.

Want to know a little more about specific wedding superstitions? Here are a few of the interesting ones:

Clock's Hand Position

As you plan your wedding, someone might tell you not to marry when the clock's hands are in the down position. As the superstition goes, you should say your vows only when the clock's second hand is in the up position. If you take the time to coordinate your vows as the hand is going up it shows your willingness to work together.

Waning Moon

Another interesting wedding superstition is the one concerning a waning moon. A waning moon means it is moving toward the new moon and is considered to be weaker. The superstition is that if you marry when the moon is waning, so too will your love.

Marriage & Numbers

Superstitious numbers might spell good or bad luck for your wedding and marriage. The Chinese put great reverence in numbers. For instance, the number eight means prosperity. In Japan, the number four means death, so they consider it bad if your wedding gifts have any reference to the number four. Of course, Western culture dictates that the number thirteen is an unlucky number. Some may think that marrying on Friday the 13th of any month may bring bad omens.

The thing about superstitions is they can have a life of their own.  In other words, it's your wedding and if you let yourself get too hung up on superstition, it can take over your wedding.  Chose your wedding date and time because you want that time and that date, not because your Aunt Betty said that date fell on a bad number.

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