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#FromTheGroom – How to Survive Engagement Season Questioning

There are about two weeks till Halloween which means engagement season is just around the corner. if you don't know what engagement season is, it is the time between November and February when most couples get engaged. Many think that engagement season is big partly due to social media and partly due to the fact that you will soon be around the majority of your family. Plus, Thanksgiving through Valentine's Day is typically a time of warm and happy occasions and it seems less likely that someone would say no. But, let's say you're not ready to pop the question. You've been dating your significant other for a while and you know many family and friends will be asking those annoying questions, "So when are you popping the question?" or "When do you plan on getting married?" Well, I've got some great answers for you to give.

5 Netflix Original Scary Movies To Watch This Halloween

Netflix has been producing some great content for customers to binge watch in the last few years. From this rom-com lover, I would suggest To All The Boys I've Loved Before, but I know you are here to plan your Halloween party and get the details on the latest Netflix Original scary movies. I'm not a scary movie expert in the least, because rom-coms are more my speed, but I did my research just for you.

October Birthdays 2018

It's finally October! Can you believe there are only two months left in the year? It's crazy how fast time flies when you make life a party! Anyway, now is the time to celebrate everyone who is born in October. …