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by Kelly Curtis

Within planning a wedding, you want everything to represent you and to make sure it stands out to your guests. It's important that you feature a unique wedding unlike anything else, yet still represents your personal style. This goes for every little detail including your wedding flowers, wedding cake, colors and even your wedding favors. So, Wedding and Party Network has our top 5 picks for delicious wedding favors.

Limoncello Wedding Favor – Of course, this doesn't have to be limoncello, you can settle with just about any favorite drink of yours. This wedding favor is also a simple one to do yourself. Just create your favorite drink, find small glasses like a mason jar or even a small jar with a cork and don't forget about creating custom stickers to place on each one. You can display these in ice buckets, which definitely adds a unique characteristic to your wedding. Your guests will love this.

Homemade Nutella/Jam – Your guests will love bringing your wedding favor home with them. Nutella and jam may just be a staple in their morning breakfast. You can easily find a recipe online or even recruit one of your family members to make this if they have a secret, homemade recipe. Use a small jar, pick out some unique fabric that represents your wedding and again, create a custom sticker for your wedding.

Pie Pops/Cake Pops – Homemade pie pop or even cake pops are so much fun and a truly stand out wedding favor. Plus, they are really easy to make and it can even be a fun project for you and your bridesmaids. Again, all you really need is a great pie crust recipe, popsicle sticks, pie filling,food coloring if you want to make your pie pops unique and a little creativity. The same goes with creating cake pops.

Homemade Cookie Favors – All that's required for this is a tasty recipe and a glass of milk. Create the cookies, place them in a special cookie bag that has a sticker or even a custom look to it that represents your wedding. You can either create several mini ones or one giant cookie, in whatever flavor you choose or even multiple ones. Don't forget the carton of milk, this just maybe the pick me up your guests need as they dance the night away.

S'mores Kit –This wedding favor will definitely be a favorite among your guests. First off, you will need a dessert box to hold all the supplies, which you can easily find at your local party store or even your bakery. Don't forget to have a custom sticker created with your wedding's monogram or logo to represent your wedding. So, what should be included in your s'mores kit? You'll need a tealight candle, graham crackers, marshmallows, popsicle stick, chocolate and maybe a few accents like coconut or sprinkles to jazz up their smores. Don't forget to include a cute little directional page in the box as well that expresses your gratitude.

These tasty wedding favors are a definite must at your wedding. Guests will absolutely love having a delicious snack for late in the night as they dance their night away at your wedding. Make your wedding unique with these appetizing wedding favors.

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