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That's right. Look through any bridal publication and you'll see throngs of wedding gown photos. The other stand out attention grabber is the stylish amount of sequins, beadwork, and crystals dangling from the bodice of each gown. While some trendy wedding gowns feature intricate beadwork from the breast to the train, many others include the detailing in a more confined area. Either way, you'll be hard pressed to find a trendy wedding gown without fashionable bling.

Consider empire waist wedding dresses. What better to draw attention to the style of the dress than a row of beautiful Swarovski crystals, intricate beadwork, colorful jeweled ribbon or some other stylish accessory? For most empire wedding dresses, it's this accessorizing that makes or breaks the gown.

It's not just empire style wedding dresses that receive this special treatment. Wedding dresses that sparkle and shine under the weight of their wedding accessories can be found in a wide range of styles. A-line wedding dresses are especially prone to featuring detailing from bodice to train. This allows the eye to trail the length of the dress. In other words, guests must take in the full affect of the beautiful dress and the gorgeous bride who wears it.

Mermaid wedding dresses aren't as prone to this type of detailing. Ruching is more popular with mermaid wedding dresses but jewel-esque accessories aren't without a wedding dress in this style either. You may have to look harder but they're out there.

While you're most likely to find stylish wedding dresses like these in a-line, empire and column wedding gowns, you'll have a difficult time finding a trendy wedding gown without some sort of accessorizing. We all know that brides like to feel beautiful and diamonds are a girl's best friend. Merge the two into an incredible wedding dress and the only thing missing is the "I do."

Photo #1 — Beaded wedding dress photo courtesy of J&R Guarino Photography, a Brick, New Jersey wedding photographer.

Photo #2 — Beadwork and colorful wedding dress photo courtesy of Lace Graphics Design & Photography, an Augusta Georgia wedding photographer.