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by Kelly Curtis

Flowers are such an important part of any wedding. They depict your wedding style and show off your personality. They are also accessories to your wedding ceremony, wedding reception, bridesmaid & groomsmen attire and most importantly your wedding dress. Like anything else, trends are ever-changing within flowers. So, what's popular for this fall? Wedding and Party Network has the top fall wedding flower trends that will be perfect for your wedding.

  1. Fur & Feathers – Yes, fur and feathers are a huge trend within weddings right now. Are you thinking that they may be a little over the top for you? Well, there are both subtle and over-the-top ways to include them in your flowers. Fur adds a little warmth for fall, while feathers can add a hint of elegance. Within fur and feathers, you'll find variety. For example, you can choose from peacock feathers or even ostrich feathers in various colors.
  2. Keep it natural – Go back to basics and let nature show through with beautiful wildflowers. You can choose from daisies, poppies, sunflowers, lilies and baby's breath. You can feature one type of flower or create a beautiful arrangement by using them all. Also, think about holding just one single flower like a sunflower as your wedding bouquet. Wildflowers are absolutely gorgeous and can fit in a variety of wedding styles.
  3. Going bejeweled – Adding a little sparkle is always great. Bejewel your wedding bouquet. You can either add jewels throughout your bouquet, add them on the flowers or just go simple with a bejeweled handle. You will definitely shine.
  4. A little citrus – Fruit is making a huge appearance within wedding flowers. Many of fruit pigments actually compliment your wedding flowers. Mix and match different fruit like lemons, limes or oranges with your flowers. Talk with your local florist, they'll have ideas on great combinations.
  5. Pay tribute – Honor your family within your wedding flowers. These can be of past or present that have a major impact on your life. You can choose sentiments, their favorite flowers and even odd and ends around the house that reminds you of them. They'll feel truly special.

There are many trends within wedding flowers like incorporating some trees, Asian inspired flowers, adding enchanting votives, going with a minimilistic approach or creating a showstopping bouquet. Just incorporate trends that suit your wedding style.

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