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by Mandy Maxwell

Wedding flowers are much more than just an accessory to your big day. Wedding flowers are something you will remember for a lifetime. These are the flowers that will always trigger special memories of the day you and your hubby shared, so it's important to pick something perfectly you. Below you will find a list of top focal flowers for wedding bouquets, including their seasonal availabilities. Selecting wedding flowers in season is a great way to save a few $!

Top 10 Wedding Flowers For Bridal Bouquets

Wedding Roses

From traditional to contemporary weddings, you can never go wrong with roses. They come in almost any size or color you can think of, including multicolored, and even rainbow! Roses are very hardy and will last throughout your wedding, and for days to come. Roses dry very well and are a great choice when preserving your wedding bouquet.

Common Types of Roses

Tea Roses – One flower on a stem

Spray Roses – Several flowerheads on a stem

Garden Roses – large, double flowers

Rose Seasonal Availability: year round

Orchid Bridal Bouquets

Orchid bouquets have become increasingly popular over the years. Orchids come in a large variety of sizes, anywhere from 1/2 – 4 inches! Brides love the larger orchids because they look strikingly similar to butterflies, and their infinite color palettes are just as stunning! Smaller orchids are also perfect for wedding bouquets because of their unique, vivid colors.

Orchids are an easy way to add a bit of exotic into your wedding, and are a must have for tropical or beach weddings. They are long-lasting and look great with a large number of styles.

Orchid Seasonal Availability: year round

Gerbera Daisy Wedding Bouquets

A perfect match for the fun and funky bride, the gerbera daisy's colors are numerous and vibrant. It's bloom can be anywhere from mini to up to 5 inches wide and is a wonderful reminder of summer. Colors include: white, cream, pink to hot pink, yellow, gold, orange, reds and many bi-colors.

Gerberas are a great choice for cluster wedding bouquets, however it's hollow stem is easily bent or broken, so use care when using as an arm or scepter bouquet.

Gerbera Daisy Seasonal Availability: year round

Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets

Callas are both elegant and sophisticated. They're blooms are long, tubular and can grow up to 8 inches long. Calla lilies make excellent wedding bouquets as both a focal point or accent flowers.

Calla lily colors include: white, pink, lavender, yellow, orange and green.

Calla Lily Seasonal Availability:  Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov, Dec

Ranunculus Wedding Flowers

An up and comer for favorite wedding flowers, the ranunculus is a great choice for it's lustrous colors and unique shape. It looks like a rose a tons of extra petals. Oftentimes the center of the ranunculus will be a unique shade of green — perfect for a bride looking for something a little more exotic. The ranunculus come in a variety of colors, including: white, yellow, orange, red, pink and violet.

Ranunculus Seasonal Availability: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Dec

Stephanotis Wedding Bouquet

Popular in the 80's and back again; stephanotis is a great way to add delicate charm to your wedding bouquet.  It's name means "Happiness in Marriage," and how can you go wrong with that? Stephanotis comes in classic white and is commonly accented with small jewels in the centers.

Stephanotis is a very delicate flower with a slight, lovely fragrance. However, because of its delicacy it doesn't last as long as other wedding flowers. Handle with care to avoid bruising.

Stephanotis Seasonal Availability: year round

Carnation Wedding Bouquet

The carnation is one of the most popular flowers in the world. They come in a very diverse array of colors, including variegated. The carnation skyrocketed in popularity in early 2000's when new colors of blues and deep purples were artificially created. Many brides love carnations for their wonderful, light smell.

Carnations are a hardy flower and will last long after your big day.

Carnation Seasonal Availability: year round

Lily Wedding Bouquet

Lilies are available in a large variety of styles and colors, truly making it a favorite wedding flower. Brides can stick with the bold and beautiful 'Stargazer' lilies, or go to something more tropical with the Gloriosa superba. Lilies are hardy and are sure to look stunning throughout your entire wedding day and much more!

Lily Seasonal Availability: year round

Peony Wedding Bouquet

The most outstanding quality of the peony is it's massive size. Peonies are a popular garden flower and just scream "SPRING!" making this the best option for any spring wedding. Peony colors range from white to reds and some yellows.

Peony Seasonal Availability: May, June

Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet

Hydrangeas are a definite favorite for bridal bouquets. It's unique, pastel colors and soft, intricate textures make it easy to incorporate in any style of wedding bouquet! Hydrangea flowers come in many shades of blue, pink and white.

Hydrangea Seasonal Availability: year round

Whatever you choose, use Wedding And Party Network to find your local, wedding florist in your area.

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    Carnation Wedding Bouquet LOOKS AMAZING!!…Oh God…i love them!