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by Kelly Curtis

Save the dates are an important step in the wedding planning process. They give your guests a tiny glimpse into what to expect on your wedding day. So, Wedding and Party Network has some unique save the dates that will get your guests truly excited for your wedding.

Tell your story – Depending on whether you have a small or large wedding, there maybe some guests on there that you haven't been in contact with recently. However, they are a must on the invite list. Therefore, it might be fun to tell your story. They have cute timelines where you can tell how you met, major milestones of your relationship and how he proposed. It lets your guests get to know you better. 

Calendar style – Find a cute calendar template and include your wedding photo on it. This is extremely convenient for your guests to hang on their refrigeration and know when your wedding day is according to their calendar. You can come up with some cute designs that match your wedding style as well.

Watch sparks fly – This is n extremely cute save the date to send. Send a box of matches with a beautiful design on the front that says, "Watch sparks fly on your wedding date". However, having sparklers for your wedding send off will be a must if you do this.

Peel and stick – Guests will most definitely remember your wedding date if you send out stickers for your save the date. Of course, they are smaller sticks that fit appropriately in their date book.

Map it out – Send a map of your wedding location. This is great if it's a destination wedding. Your guests can start preparing for their trip to your wedding. You can also do another take on it and circle where you're from, where the groom's from and where you're currently located or where you will be having the wedding. It's up to you, but the map idea is absolutely adorable.

Sending a telegram – Of course, you don't have to send a real telegram, however, it would be super fun if you did. If you are having a vintage inspired wedding, this save the date will be the way to go. Just include some vintage typography and you're set.

Tell it through video – To really get your guests ready for your wedding, send out a video. It can be scripted, photos of you guys throughout the year or go all out and hire a videographer to help you develop a concept. Your guests will love getting their video in the mail and will be more excited than you know for your wedding.

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