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by Kelly Curtis

When planning your wedding, you always see what's on trend. There could be new and emerging unique trends that will truly tell the story of your wedding. So, are you planning a fall wedding? What are the new wedding trends for 2012? Wedding and Party Network has a few fall wedding trends that might be perfect for your wedding.

Where to have your wedding – One popular wedding venue that you may not even think of is hosting your wedding at a ranch. You may think that isn't your style at all. You're not an outdoor kind of girl or even enjoy that style. However, ranches can truly be transformed into something truly amazing. You can bring in a dance floor, elegant table and chairs, beautiful lighting and gorgeous wedding flowers as well to create an amazing setting. However, use the location to your advantage by featuring the beautiful characteristics of the ranch. The 200-year-old wood or the beautiful landscape is definitely enough to create an amazing ambiance.

What to wear – What are the wedding dress trends? Long sleeves and lace are what's on trend. Long sleeves have definitely grown to be a popular style within wedding gowns, especially since Kate Middleton and The Twilight Saga featured it. You can definitely see more coverage, yet add a backless dress for a bit more appeal. Sheer sleeves & backs with details of lace all combined to create an elegant bridal gown.

Watercolor designs – There are various prints that were popular that were bold, bright and colorful. This seasons trend is featuring a more subtle, elegant print, which is watercolor. You can create beautiful designs with watercolor and combine amazing colors.

Panoramic wedding shot – Steer away from the overused effects within wedding photography. Sure, they're unique and fun, but it's definitely great to have some more formal portraits. One that comes to mind is a panoramic wedding shot that captures the entire wedding party, including guests. How fun is that?

Tell your story through video – Video is becoming extremely popular within weddings now. Fun wedding videos are being created with songs that represent their wedding and that show off the most important moments, instead of a 4 hour-long video. Also, couples are sending out fun videos that serve as their save the dates or even wedding invitations. They come up with creative story lines or re-enact their wedding proposal. These are so fun and guests can get a better understanding of the couple and their fun style. So, find a wedding videographer and create your own movie!

When planning your wedding for fall, keep these wedding trends in mind. They may fit with your style or they may not. Whatever your style is, make sure and always show that through your wedding.

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