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Butterfly Release

A butterfly release is a beautiful way to step out into your new life together. Dozens of monarch butterflies fluttering among your guests will pay tribute to the love you share. What better way to celebrate than releasing dozens of dazzling butterflies after you say I do?

A butterfly release in Owensboro, Kentucky will commemorate your wedding in a way that no other gesture can. Making this beautiful moment a reality is as easy as contacting your local vendor. You deserve nothing less than a spectacular experience on your special day.
Owensboro, Kentucky (KY) Butterfly Release Sponsors:
Beautiful Butterflies Make it Memorable!
Local: (866) 359-6265
4052 West Cove Road
Chickamauga, GA 30707

Specialties Include:
  • Painted Lady Butterflies
  • Party Butterflies
  • Live Butterfly Releases
  • Swallowtail Butterfly
  • Wedding Butterflies
  • Live butterflies
  • Monarch Butterflies

Butterfly Release in Owensboro, Kentucky (KY)

Frequently Asked Butterfly Release Questions

What types of butterflies are used in a traditional release?

Monarch and Painted Ladies are the most common butterflies. The Painted Lady Butterflies will tend to fly away after release, while the Monarch Butterflies stay and mingle with the guests. Take the different types into account when your ordering you're butterflies for your Owensboro, Kentucky event.

How do the butterflies come?

If you buy them from a mail order vendor, the butterflies will come in an insulated box for shipping. Inside that box will be a smaller box with the butterflies for mass release, or some companies will put the butterflies in individual envelopes. Again, check with the specific vendors in Owensboro, Kentucky and work with them to find the best method for your release.

Is it okay to release butterflies into the environment?

Yes, butterflies are beneficial to the environment, however, be sure to check that your state or the area you intend to have your party in allows butterflies to be released.

Does weather affect butterflies?

Yes, the butterflies do require certain temperatures, so consult your butterfly suppliers as they will apprise you of all condition butterflies require.

Will I Receive Adult Butterflies or Will I Receive the Chrysalises?

You will receive adult butterflies not the chrysalises. Chrysalises are the pupa of a moth or butterfly enclosed in a protective state. It is the intermediate stage between the larva and the adult.

A butterfly release will be a beautifully memorable and unique experience for any type of event.

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