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Dove Release

Express Your Sentiment With A White Dove Release

White Dove releases are a wonderful wedding tradition. The beauty and symbolic nature of the doves, also, allows their use at other events such as memorials, graduations, anniversary parties or grand openings. A white dove is a pigeon called a White Rock Dove. Breed for many generations for their ability to fly home from great distances; these doves are referred to as pure white racing homer (commonly know as pure white homing pigeons).

Wildly romantic, the releasing of white doves is a grand symbolic gesture perfect for many occasions. You'll find many great dove providers through Wedding and Party Networks vendor list. Start by choosing your location.
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Important Dove Release Tip

Always choose a provider who uses the White Rock Doves and not Ringneck Dove. Ringneck doves are a domesticated pigeon that do not have the homing instincts of Rock Doves and will unfortunately not make it back to their homes. If you choose to have a dove release at your special occasion take care in selecting a dove provider.

Frequently Asked Questions On Dove Releases

What methods are used to release the Doves?

You can choose to do a clutch release (hand release); the bride and groom each clutch a bird in their hands and then release them into the air to fly off into the sky. You may choose to do a basket release; where single dove or multiple doves (flurry release) are released from a basket. Memorial and funeral services often use the multiple bird release or a single clutch release. If you would like other types or styles of release, please consult your dove release handler, as they are willing to accommodate most release styles.

How do the Doves get to my location?

A handler brings the doves to your location. The handler will also be the one who has the basket; if you chose to release the doves in that fashion. If you choose the hatch methods, the handler will help you with the proper way to clutch them in your hands, as not to harm them.

Is it okay to release the Doves at night?

No, doves need time to return to their perches (home) and also do not see well in the dark. It is best to consult with your Dove handler on the appropriate time for dove releases in your area.

Are the Doves harmed in any way?

No, the doves are well taken care of and are trained to return to their homes.

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